6 weeks to leading a kick-ass facebook group with Christina Jandali

How hosting a free Facebook Group can create a raving fan base and a flood of sales

Even if nobody knows your name - yet!

Does any of this apply to you?

  • Are you ready to make an impact and build a community of raving fans, but it's not playing out as you expected?
  • Is your Facebook group a ghost town?
  • Do you want to start a FB group, but don't know where to begin?
  • Is your current FB group not taking off as quickly as you'd hoped?
  • Do you feel like having a newsletter alone isn't engaging enough to improve your sales?

In the beginning, I felt nervous about starting a group. Honestly, I assumed that I'd have to be posting in it 24/7 to get any traction. But after watching other women create epic communities on Facebook, I knew I had to try.

Maybe you're doubtful about how much value you can add...

Or maybe, if you're like me, you've been posting like CRAZY in other people's FB groups, wondering where you can possibly find the time to create one of your own.

So let me ask you this...

What if you could launch your Facebook group and fill it full of dream clients that can't WAIT to buy from you? What if I told you that you don't need to give up the rest of your life to do it?

When I finally decided to start my own group, I really thought that I was saying "goodbye!" to my nights and weekends. I did a boatload of research to make sure that I did it right from the get-go. The last thing I wanted to do was just add people without anything to back it up.

I'd seen so many people start groups that were ghost towns, and I wanted mine to not only become a profitable money maker, but a place for female entrepreneurs to feel heard and supported.

Guess what? It worked.

 This is what my first month looked like, after launching my own Facebook Group:


Members in my Facebook group


Monthly income

(3x previous month)


Cold traffic conversions


raised hands

(with no ad spend)

In less than 4 months my group grew from 0 to almost 3000 members (and is now well over 8000!)

Want to know how I did it?

Then step right this way into...

6 weeks to leading a kick-ass Facebook group

Get ready to rock!

I spent countless days and a heck of a lot of money trying to figure out the perfect formula for Facebook group success, so that I could launch with a bang. Now I'm here to help YOU compress your timeline so you can save yourself the headache of trying to piece it all together yourself.

Rather than trying to absorb everything and make sense of all the information out there, I'm breaking it down for you into daily, actionable task lists.

By the end of 6 weeks, you'll not only have a FB group full of raving fans, but you'll be selling out your program with ease!

A different kind of before and after...

Before Program:

$20k and 6 months invested into biz with $0 income

After Program:

Signed first paying clients, ran profitable challenge and grew FB group from 200 - 700+ members

Hosting my own Facebook Group has helped me create the community I wanted to create and given me an opportunity to learn exactly what my community needs.

After a failed launch attempt on my own that resulted in zero sales and just a bill for Facebook ads I joined the program and followed Christina's system and made $1,580 in sales.

Since then most of my clients for my online programs have come directly from my Facebook group with a higher conversion rate than my email list even though it's smaller.

I love being the leader of such an amazing tribe.

Ariana Fotinakis

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

Introducing the

7-Step YES Ladder Framework

Program Breakdown

Week 1

- Captivate -

Set the Stage and Get in the Game

  • Get crystal clear clarity on exactly what you want (Hint: This might surprise you): What’s the difference between standing out and blending in online?
  • Build the foundation for a profitable and engaged FB group full of raving fans and paying clients (no more deserted ghost town)
  • How to create mind blowing content in minutes: These little-known content creation hacks will have you pumping out posts your audience will adore, even if you only have a few minutes to spare
  • Instant Expert Formula: You’re the boss, so get out of student mode and into expert status — even if your current list size is zero, nobody knows who you are, and you don’t have much of a community
Week 2

- Validate -

Create Your Sell Out Offer (Free and Paid)

  • Learn the top 3 mistakes keeping you from making more sales and how to avoid them, so you can stop leaving money on the table (sadly, most people skip this part without realizing it)
  • Blast away the distractions, exhaustion and overwhelm that are keeping you stuck and spinning your wheels. Learn how to maintain consistency and focus, so you don’t get off track or waste hours per day doing the wrong things that won’t grow your bank account or your FB group. Finally, a failproof way to stay on track and maximize your profits!
  • Get the complete YES Ladder Framework designed to capture leads and double your sales (this is how I got 400 leads in 24 hours with zero ad spend)
  • Map Out Your Two Must-Have Offers that your people actually want to buy (gone are the days of trying to convince them of the value! Enter the days of owning your worth, attracting dream clients you’d love to work with and hitting income goals you’ve never achieved before)
  • Nail down the trigger words your ideal clients can’t resist so they automatically think of you when they’re ready to buy
  • How to get other successful people to donate to-die-for prizes for your challenge that will have your audience jumping for joy and playing to win
Week 3

- Activate -

Your Client-Generating Challenge Blueprint

  • Nail down your irresistible challenge topic and get in your ideal client’s head with the Challenge Naming Blueprint (a captivating name is one of the best ways to increase conversions!)
  • Get the 11-Step Checklist for a profitable challenge that will have your group members begging to sign up, share it, and show up live to engage each and every day
  • Proven step-by-step process to map out the perfect length, steps and hashtags needed to make your challenge unforgettable (no more guesswork, dropping thousands on Facebook ads that may or may work, or feeling like you’re teaching to a room of one)
Week 4

- Fascinate -

Megaphone Marketing: Get the word out!

  • Simple Get Seen Formula to build your list and grow your group FAST even if you’re just starting out, you’re afraid of posting or doing FB live, and you’re not sure what to say
  • Uncover your unique selling factor and what sets you apart from the crowd so you can finally answer the question “Why hire me over everyone else?” with confidence
  • 13 No-cost places to promote your group with ease that won’t break your bank account (Small budget? You’ve got nothing to worry about)
  • How to pack your challenge with ready-to-invest dream clients who have been waiting for you all their lives
  • The No-Slow Engagement Boost: These simple and often overlooked hacks will keep new, eager people signing up for your challenge — even after it starts — and build unstoppable momentum that leads your audience all the way to the final day and into any offer you make at the end.
Week 5

- Accelerate -

Host your Stand Out Challenge
& Activate your Group Members

  • Tried & Tested Templates for your daily Challenge Prompts: Exactly what to include and what to leave out to show off your expertise, increase your like/know and trust factor, and give massive value
  • From Stranger to the Sale: How to get your challengers to market on your behalf, fill up your FB group and build that raving fan base of potential buyers
  • How to seed your offer and get the exact copy that will guarantee your offer is sell-out worthy (This step alone can often lead to cash coming in before you even announce it!)
  • Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to keep challengers engaged, motivated and getting the best results possible (thanks to you!)
  • The No-Brainer method for tracking points and increasing activity
Week 6

- Generate -

Monetize, baby! Cash in & Sell Out Your Offer

  • Perfect Pitch Formula: Learn how to convert fans into paying clients without being spammy
  • Crafting your Winning Webinar for quick and easy sales that come in a totally leveraged way
  • Take-It-And-Go Promotional Schedule to skyrocket your FB group and list growth, completely sidestep online marketing overwhelm, give exceptional value to your audience and get paying clients
  • 5 Step check-in to set up your re-launch for ever greater profits, so you can rinse, repeat and scale
  • Increase sales and profits with your no-sweat downsell and “OMG YES” upsells that will turn one sale into several

The best part of having a course focused on implementing is you won’t be left behind. You’re going to stay motivated and accountable and get things done.

Is this the right program for you?

  • You want to finish the program with a community filled with ideal clients AND money in the bank to reflect your hard work.
  • This is for you if you’re done with mediocre. Forget wondering why other people are making it while you watch from the sidelines.
  • You’re someone who wants results and wants them now and you’re willing to get things done.
  • You want to be that overnight success story. You want to be the one posting about your epic months.

This is NOT for you if you’re ho hum about your business.


Regular Program

  • 6 Newly updated training modules
  • The Leading a Kick Ass FB Group Method
  • Scripts, checklists and templates to keep it simple to get up and running
  • Implementation Week for an extra layer of support
  • Private Facebook Group that is highly engaged and supportive with lifetime access
  • Leading a Kick Ass FB Group membership site
  • 6 Weekly Q&A support calls
  • Lifetime Access to Leading a Kick Ass FB Group content


6 monthly payments of $197
(That's only $6.50 per day!)

12 monthly payments of $99
(That's only $3.25 per day!)


VIP Track (Only 10 spots)

  • EVERYTHING included in the Regular Program Track...
  • PLUS: Unlimited and exclusive email access during the program (HURRY! Available to first 5 signups ONLY!)
  • PLUS: 3 x 30 minute private 1:1 coaching sessions with Christina to bust away any blocks or challenges and get a customized execution plan to propel you forward to maximize profits from your Facebook group (Value $3,000)
  • PLUS: 1 Ticket to a VIP Mastermind Event in sunny California (value $2,000)
  • PLUS: Plug and play templates for all your graphics including Facebook Group banner, FB Promo Post, FB Daily Prompts (Value $1,000)


2 monthly payments of $1,725

3 monthly payments of $1,150


Why Go VIP?

To get an opportunity to work with me 1:1 and deep dive into your business will be the best investment ever!

My private coaching comes with a 5-figure price tag. And you’re being given the chance of a lifetime to get my eyes on your business privately with an opportunity to ask me anything you want and get clear and specific answers tailored to your business.

Imagine having a mentor in your back pocket who knows exactly why you’re stuck and how to fix it. You’ll be on the fast track to money in the bank with a community, message and movement that is impacting thousands and getting you recognized as the leader that you are!

Ah-mazing, right?!

Want my exact proven blueprint to a fully booked docket and sold out programs?

To pull out every stop and make sure you’ll succeed in this program, I'm giving you over $5,000 worth of bonuses.




Create WOW! Graphics

with Laura Patricelli

Valued at $397

  • 5 easy ways to make your graphics REALLY POP
  • How to use Canva without wasting hours fiddling with fonts
  • Simple, effective ways to use Photoshop (without the confusion!)
  • AND 1:1 assessment of your current branding & promotional graphics

- BONUS #1 -

Challenge Toolkit

Valued at $1,497

  • How to seamlessly lead followers and lurkers into buyers without being salesy and slimy.
  • You could spend thousand on coaches, copywriters and other experts or get my best converting email sequence and templates to host your own profitable challenge.
  • Get a timeline checklist to keep you on track.
  • Proven template swipe files for your sales emails and posts so you don’t sit for hours watching your cursor blink or get lost on Facebook because you don’t know what to write

- BONUS #2 -

Sample FB Posts & Ads

Valued at $597

  • Get my best converting Facebook posts and ads that will save you from investing thousands of dollars on Facebook ads experts and coaches. Simply model a system that works.
  • What never to post if you actually want people to buy from you.
  • Why everything you’ve learned about Facebook groups is dead wrong and what you should do instead.

- BONUS #3 -

Niche Clarity Code

Valued at $497

  • Use the Clarity Code to nail your niche, fine-tune your positioning, and set yourself up for your own definition of success
  • Set yourself up for success from the start by getting clear on your ideal client and what motivates them.
  • What never to do if you want to attract high end clients with ease.
  • The one thing you need to know about your tribe if you want to build a raving fan base.




Let me pull back the curtain...

I tell you exactly how I did it, step-by-step.

Just think: No more guesswork.

Be CONFIDENT knowing where to focus your time. Attract your ideal clients so you can fill your programs with ease.

Two amazing investment options

Regular Track:

6 monthly payments of $197
(That's only $6.50 per day!)

12 monthly payments of $99
(That's only $3.25 per day!)


VIP Track

2 monthly payments of $1,725

3 monthly payments of $1,150


Here's what program participants have to say...

Aaaamazing. I had some moving parts but now going through the work I realize where I need to fill in the blanks as well as make some tweaks to be more clear or consistent - I wouldn’t have made some of the realizations without going through the workbooks or listening to the calls.

The amount of TIME this is going to save me is worth it's weight in GOLD.

Nicole Lautenberg

Performance Coach

When I first started my Facebook group I didn't have a clear direction for my group or clear niche for my coaching practice for that matter.

My initial enthusiasm started to wane when I experienced a lack of engagement in my group. Following Christina's framework I created my first challenge with 75 people and enrolled 7 clients into my new program and made $4,985.

Having a Facebook group has been a key component to attracting clients and nurturing relationships.

Kadidja Yansane

Women's Business Coach

More facebook testimonials for Christina

In just a few months after starting my Facebook group from scratch I was able to host two challenges that resulted $13k in sales EACH.

Now my group is hopping with engagement and has consistently allowed me to stay fully booked and create a wait list for my 1:1 allowing me to bring in multiple $20k+ months.

Susan McVea

Sales Coach

I started my Facebook group end of Feb 2016, now called 'Let's Talk Relationships & Life.' I am a coach, counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Relationships especially women and couples.

ALL of my one on one coaching/hypnotherapy business has come from my group.

Now I'm fully booked and have a waitlist of clients. My Facebook group has been an invaluable tool for me.

Louise Armstrong

Relationship Coach, Counselor & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Win of the week! Got 2 new clients yesterday who brought in $100k of new money for me to manage. This is a pretty  big sale for me, and I don't know if I would have pursued the business if it weren't for this course.

Laura S.

Independent Consultant

Want to make sure Leading a Kickass
Facebook Group LIVE is for you?

Here are the answers to the questions I’m most often asked

What if I don’t have an existing list or group? I feel like I’m starting from square 0.

You don’t need a big community or huge list to lead a profitable and engaged FB group. In fact, the strategies you’ll learn in this program will teach you exactly how to do that, whether your current community is deserted or you’ve got thousands of people already following you.

I’m not sure what my business is. Will this work for me?

If you’ve got a brain, you’ve got ideas people are willing to pay for. The pre-course workbook bonuses will help gain clarity on your business idea. We kick off by identifying the program by identifying who you are, what you can sell, and who is thrilled to pay you for it — even if you’ve never made a dollar in business.  

My market is a little different. Do Facebook groups work if I don’t serve other entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! Former successful students have been in industries as far and wide as health and fitness, life coaching, finance, self-love, real estate, copywriting, graphic design, consulting and more. Every business needs customers, and every customer loves receiving value, like the value you’re going to provide inside your FB group.

What if I can’t make it to the live calls?

I get it, sometimes life gets in the way! Each and every call will be recorded and transcribed so you can go back and listen to them later or catch up if you fall behind.

I’m pressed for time. How much work will be involved?

In my experience as a full-time business owner, mother to 2 small children, wife and daughter, I’ve learned the fastest path to success.

Everything I’m teaching you is designed to work on the tightest of schedules. You’ll receive time-saving templates, checklists, and hacks for infinite growth in a short amount of time. That being said, you still have to do the work if you want to see the results!

I’m embarrassed to be on video. Do I have to Facebook Live every day to be successful?

Facebook Live is becoming a popular and profitable way to share your message, but it’s not the only way. You’ll learn how to do it and do it well, but you’ll also be creating other forms of content that won’t require you to be on camera.

I don’t know what to post about. Will this program help me with ideas?

Yes, you’ll receive swipe files and examples of posts that work across industries and markets, as well as information on how to pump out a ton of captivating content in a short amount of time.

Will this help me get high-end clients?

When it comes down to it, that’s EXACTLY what this program is about: finding your tribe, nurturing them with mega-value, and turning them into paying ideal clients. This program will help you sell info products, programs and services to a range of perfect clients at all levels — and attract even more of them into your group, so you can build a lifetime-long relationship.

The first month I launched my FB group, my income more than tripled from just under $10K to $30K. And that was just in month one. Over the entire span of my FB group, it’s brought in dozens of high-end clients, hundreds of buyers and more cash than I can count, and using the strategies you’ll learn in this program, it will continue to do so. Those are the results I want for you too.

If I implement the course and still don't get results, can I get my money back?

You have a full 30 days to participate in the full program, show up for the calls, do the work and implement. If you are not happy with the program, then you have 30 days after your purchase date to email help@deliveryourgenius.com, show us your completed coursework and we will issue you a full refund.

Why do we ask for your completed work? Because this program will work if you do the work. We want people in the program who are fully committed to their own success and implementation and participation is a key part of that. There is no refund for non-­participation.

A letter from Christina…


If you're tired of watching other women succeed while you're on the sidelines...

If you're tired of waiting for the right time or for permission to go for your dream (you know, that BIG THING you're here to create)

And if you're especially tired of not being able to focus and not knowing what to do first (or second or third)...

I get it.

Things just aren’t happening as fast as you wanted, if at all.


I am on a mission to help you - the entrepreneur, coach, service-based professional ready to embrace your own business dreams and create a kick ass community full of raving fans that can’t wait to buy from you and believe in your mission.

A mentor once told me that “success presents itself in the form of opportunity, but it’s up to you to take that opportunity.”

So here I am standing in the doorway waiting for you to jump. Knowing that you can have everything you want — especially when I will be here to support you and lay out the step-by-step plan that’ll lead you the frontlines.

But it starts with a decision, and you’re the only one who can make it.

Is it your time to make headlines and be my next success story?

Thought so.

Let’s do this.


My guarantee to you:

You have a full 30 days to participate in the full program, show up for the calls, do the work and implement. If you are not happy with the program, then you have 30 days after your purchase date to email help@deliveryourgenius.com, show us your completed coursework and we will issue you a full refund.

Why do we ask for your completed work? Because this program will work if you do the work. We want people in the program who are fully committed to their own success and implementation and participation is a key part of that. There is no refund for non-­participation.