90 Days to Getting Booked and Getting Paid

Ready for steady income, a fully booked client docket and a reputation as the go-to girl in your industry?

Good. because we’re about to make it happen.

Maybe right now you...

  • Feel stuck on who your ideal clients are
  • Have no idea where to find them
  • Trip over getting people to hire you (Sales funnels? Discovery call conversion rates? Pitching? No thanks!)
  • Are dizzy with information overload and DIY drama
  • Have invested mega moolah in solutions and still aren’t bringing in consistent clients (Ugh, money down the drain again)

Then your big business dreams of getting paid well, loving what you do (and who you work with!) and being fully booked probably seem like mission impossible right now.

I want to let you in on a little secret...

They're not secrets. In fact...

You can have everything you want.

The clients. The cash. The confidence. The fame.

You’re already on the right track. The recipe is simple: a few tweaks to what you’re already doing, a makeover in your marketing and mindset, and the support of a coach and community who are here to pull you forward—and FAST.


90 Days to Getting Booked and Getting Paid

Remember when you were first hit with the inspiration to start a new business? Or maybe it’s just hit you now. That feeling of being so full of excitement for your future with a desire to:

  • Live your passion
  • Make good money doing what you love and getting paid what you’re worth
  • Make a difference and share your message with the world
  • Have time and freedom to live your life by your design

The problem is, somewhere along the way those dreams fell off the map.

It turned out to be harder to earn consistent cash than you expected. Your bank account got so scary you don’t dare open your statements anymore, and all of the marketing trainings that were supposed to fix the issue and bring you a steady stream of clients have felt yucky, sleazy, confusing or just plain didn’t work. I want to bring you back, sister. Back to possibility and joi de vivre and to hell yes! I want to remind you of why you began your business in the first place—the freedom, the desire, the money, the impact. Then I want to set you up to actually ACHIEVE IT ALL. And we’re going to do it in 90 days.

You’ve already invested so much into your business - time, money and energy.

Or do you want to make a commitment to yourself (and your business) to get the REAL help you need to kick the corporate grind to the curb forever and succeed as the sassy, successful entrepreneur you were born to be?

Hands up if you...

  • Want to get your hands on a proven system that shows you how to build a successful, profitable and fun business that actually brings in consistent clients.
  • Want to take action, but you feel stuck. You’re overloaded with too much information and you don’t know what to do next, let alone in which order. It’s time for the step-by-step.
  • Are ready to get crystal clear on who you are, what problem you solve and why your ideal clients should choose you over anyone else (and they should).
  • Are DRIVEN. You’ll do what it takes to throw off those chains that bind you to your day job, so you can finally live a life you can be proud of.
  • You’re new to business, transitioning out of a successful corporate career and you want to make sure you can replace your full-time income quickly—without having to sacrifice the creature comforts you want.
  • Or you’ve been in business for a while and you’re good at what you do, but aren’t sure how to increase your revenue without doubling your workload. You want to scale up, not stress out.

Business doesn't have to mean busy-ness...

When you know exactly what to do and how to do it (Don’t worry, I’ll show you the step-by-step in 90 Days To Getting Booked & Getting Paid), you get to set up a business AND a lifestyle you love.

Today I run a thriving coaching practice with clients I’m crazy about. My business fully supports my lifestyle. I have the freedom to travel when I want, I have plenty of "me ­time," and I still get to spend my days with my two toddlers and husband because I can work from anywhere.

I want to create the same for you. Whatever you’re dreaming of—the mission, the paydays, the freedom—it really is possible. And you can get those big-time results without the big-time effort.

You see, I’ve been where you are now.

I remember just a little over a year ago, I was beaming with excitement about launching my coaching practice. I remember thinking when I started my business, “Build it and they will come.”

Boy was I wrong...

The idea that you can create a business and suddenly clients will be lining up at your door is complete BS! For a while, I searched for the one thing ingredient that I was missing, that one thing that would make all of the difference.

I searched for help online for sales and marketing...

... downloaded freebie after freebie, listened to every webinar, participated in tele­summits and did a few courses that promised to skyrocket my income, but I was still stuck, more confused than ever on what I needed to do next.

Even worse, I had spent a whole bunch of money without seeing the results. It was starting to look like I’d be stuck in a corporate career forever.

It was different than that corporate world I was used to.

As the CEO of my practice, everything was on my shoulders. I had so many decisions to make and things pulling on my time, I found it difficult to know exactly what to do next and to stay focused. I kept myself consumed with the busy work that feels like progress but doesn’t bring you income.

I remember one morning sitting at the kitchen table and sipping my coffee as I looked over the goals I had set for my business. I had hardly made a dent in the numbers, but it felt like I was working all the time! What gives?

It was then that I made a decision to commit fully, with both feet and my checkbook pointed squarely in the direction where I wanted to go. I couldn’t just expect my business to create itself, and I couldn’t wait for people to find me and to hire me. I needed a plan, and stat.

I searched for the missing piece that all of these other experts seemed to have found.

I locked myself up and studied every mentor, every success story, every program and all the material that I could get my hands on. I looked back at my own successes from my 15 years building multi-million dollar empires for myself and my clients. And I finally pieced together a formula that could be repeated.

I Got Clear on My Ideal Clients

They were right in front of me all along. I uncovered hidden beliefs that were sabotaging my success. I started playing big and connected with the right people. My messaging became compelling (now that I clearly understood what my people were looking for), and I found a way of inviting people to work with me that felt more like serving than selling.

I finally got it —a system that gets RESULTS.​ And it was so simple!

I went from a confused, disappointed, and frustrated coach (with a lack of clarity and almost no results) to attracting high-value clients willing to pay me what I was worth. My cash flow got consistent, and I knew exactly what to do in which order to get more clients and create more income.

In 90 Days To Getting Booked and Getting Paid, I share the exact steps I take my 1:1 clients through to exponentially grow their businesses. It’s the same proven method I’ve used to create my own successful coaching practice and the strategies behind growing my wealth into the millions.

You'll be surprised at how easy it can be to earn your first or next $3k, $5k or even $10k doing what you love...if you know the formula the experts use to get WEALTHY.

The secret behind the success:

Commitment ​+ Action +​ Relationships =
Expert Levels of Income & Status

The simple truth is, without making a decision and taking action, you won’t gain clarity. Clarity is the key behind any successful business.

7 Steps Clarity System:

Clarity on your DECISIONS

O​verthinking is a decision too. It’s a decision to not put yourself on the line. To NOT be committed 100% to your vision. To think of your business more like a hobby or an experiment, so you have an excuse if you fail. Instead, decide to succeed, no matter what.

Clarity on your IDEAL CLIENT

This is a big one! If you cast a wide net trying to attract everyone because you don’t really know who your ideal clients are, where to find them,​ and even more importantly how to get them excited to say “​yes” to working with you, your business will never get out of the gate. It’s time to finally attract the clients you love working with, who see massive results from your work together and who will refer more ideal clients just like them.


N​o more ‘​trial and error’ i​n your business. No more​ s​pinning your wheels, doing work that keeps you busy but doesn’t pay the bills. Setting up a website, soaking up all of the freebies and visualizing your future will not create the income you desire. Finally have a s​imple marketing system a​nd know exactly what to do when and in which order so you have people knocking at your door to come work with you will move you forward.

Clarity on your EXPERIENCE

G​etting more certifications is not what will bring in clients. Doing free work or underpaid work isn’t going to get you more clients. You have to package up all of your experience so it is relevant to who you want to work with, and you have to own that you are enough.

Are you inviting the right people to work with you? Or are you waiting for them to magically take the next step? Learn to embrace your value, get excited about your work and be fully confident in the transformation you provide—and clearly articulate what you do in a compelling way.


Spending your time with people who don’t support your vision and who don’t push you to grow will keep you from reaching your potential. Going after clients that will never recognize your value or pay you what you are worth will keep a lid on your earning ceiling. Learn to surround yourself with the people who can take you higher.

Clarity on what it means to be the GO-TO-EXPERT

Timidly showing up at networking events, playing on social media and never actually inviting people to work with you isn’t going to cut it. Get comfortable with being fully visible by eliminating what’s keeping you stuck.

Clarity on INCOME

This is a big one. If you don't know exactly how much you want to make and have a specific day-­to-­day plan to get you there, it’s not going to happen. Structure creates freedom in knowing exactly what you need to do to earn the income you deserve. B​ring in a high consistent monthly income, while working less than ever!

Some of my Success Stories

Christina was instrumental in my success. She helped me get very clear on where I wanted to go and specifically how to get there. My business has taken off and I now get to work with clients that I love. I grew my revenue 2.5x in 90 days of us working together.

Rachel Cornell

4 Cor Fitness

Christina has given me vital business advice that has catapulted me to transition from my brick and mortar business and corporate background into the online world.  I now have a thriving love coaching business, filled my first group program and am serving women all of the world--doing what matters most."

Maria Liu

Love Success Formula

Have you ever said to yourself

"As soon as ____, then I will ____"?

You know, as soon as I make money, I will invest in a mentor.

As soon as I get clients, I will invest in my business.

As soon as I am successful, I will be happy.

Guess what?

"As soon as" will never happen if you’re not willing to invest in yourself, trust in a proven process and do the work now, before you know it, it will be one year from today, then three years from today and your life and business will still be exactly the same as they are right now.

It’s time to build the foundations and structures in your business that will get you up and earning money. Before I tell you what you will get from my “90 Days to Getting Booked and Getting Paid” home training program.

Let me share with you why this is different:

  • It’s not ALL about strategy and how to’s. You can continue to learn the how to’s, but without complete clarity you’ll stay stuck.
  • This is not a silver­ bullet, or a get rich quick solution. It’s a proven step-­by-­step plan to create a profitable business that fully aligns with who you are and what you want to offer. But you need to be willing to do the work.
  • It’s a program designed to uncover what feels right for you.
  • Success is an inside job. You will master your psychology.
  • It’s not about being salesy, it’s about about believing in yourself and what you offer.

HOW LONG have you been walking around with your gifts still inside you, just waiting to be unleashed?

This program was created to connect the dots of possibility, with clarity and actionable strategy. But, it’s starts with a decision. It’s only when you are fully committed to your decision that you take the necessary action to gain clarity. Remember, clarity doesn’t always come first. If you wait for clarity, your some day will never come.

Like the saying goes, when you are ready, the teacher will appear. Because you are here now, I know you are ready for the right mentor and the right program. This is your time to get discovered, get known and effectively position yourself as the go­-to expert in your field.

What would it be like to​ have all of the clients you want—heck even have a waiting list AND earn the income you deserve?

What would it be like to h​ave a customized, clear, proven plan to create the business and financial freedom you’ve been waiting for?

What would it feel like to build the lifestyle you set out to create after leaving your 9-5?

As long as you’re willing to do what it takes, it really IS possible to get those results without all the struggle.

Here are some of the "Aha's!" you can expect:

Money likes decision making.

Decisions can be difficult if you don’t clear out limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. No more working too hard and not seeing the financial results you deserve. No more being overloaded with how­-to’s and strategies. N​o more feeling stuck.

It’s more than the mechanics. You will learn a proven system so that you know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. If you find yourself experiencing... Avoidance. Procrastination. ­ Self­ Doubt. ­ Distractions. ­ And Inconsistent & Unreliable Results. They are just symptoms of lack of decision-making.

It’s time to make the decision to succeed. Let me help you uncover what is keeping you stuck so you can fully commit to your vision and create a business and life you’re proud of.

  • Your ideal clients will finally get your value ​because you will fully believe in yourself, believe in what you are offering and you’ll have the confidence to really get out there and be seen.
  • You’ll pack up your old beliefs (​fear, doubt, unease and uncertainty) that are keeping you small and replace them with a brand spankin’ new mindset that will help you go big instead—and stay there.
  • You will step into your full strength and feel confident about the transformation you give your clients, which will help you promote yourself and make more sales.
  • You’ll get cozy with money.​ Finally charge what you are worth and feel comfortable asking for the sale. Money is simply a vehicle. And investing money in you is a reflection of your clients’ commitment. When someone buys your service, she is committing to her own results.

Simple Truth:​ Financial Investment =
Higher Commitment to your decision.

Enrolling in a deeper training = bigger transformation. Shift out of scarcity mindset and shift into Inspired Action,­ the key to “effortless” wealth creation. When you know this, you are more comfortable charging your worth and selling your services.

Money likes clarity.

Uncover once and for all who your perfect match client is, what they want and where to find them so you can stand out from your competition and be the obvious “go-­to” person in your industry. No more trying to be all things to all people.

Know that you are serving just the right people, who will happily pay you what you’re worth.

Money likes specificity.

"The amount of money someone is willing to pay you will be in direct proportion to the amount of confidence they have in your ability to get them results." ~Diego Rodriquez

If you struggle to articulate the value you bring in a compelling way, you will not attract the right clients or build the right strategic partner relationships that will build your business and pay your bills. You’ll learn to clearly communicate your value and the results you offer to the people who need you most.

Instead of the ones who need to be talked into working with you, you'll find the prospects who are already "hot to buy” your programs. The ones who love everything you make and can’t wait to give you their money, because they know you’re the one to help them.

  • Finally get the exact right words to captivate the attention of your people. Elicit the “I want that” response when you say what you do.
  • Know exactly how to connect with the right strategic partners and get a proven plan to make networking effective.
  • Follow a template for your outreach strategy and referral generation. Set up a follow-­up system to keep in touch with your contacts.

Money likes reciprocity.

The key to creating a consistent income is creating irresistible offers that your people actually want to buy.

By now you will fully understand what the gap is for your clients and how your services help them close it, so it’s e​asy to enroll t​hem in your programs. You’ll attract people by actually HELPING them out of the gate, which leads seamlessly to enrolling them into your bigger packages. They’ll be so grateful for the free value you’re providing, they’ll be lined up to pay you for more good stuff.

You’ll learn how to package your signature programs and how to conduct the market research that will validate your best ideas and nail your sales the first time.

It will no longer be about what everyone else is doing in your field and how you measure up. You’ll be confidently standing out with your unique value and perfect solutions that are just the right fit for your ideal clients.

No more discounting o​r working for free. You will be charging what you are worth because your ideal clients get your value.

You’ll eliminate trading time for dollars by focusing on the results you provide. The transformation you offer goes beyond the obvious tangible benefits. You’ll dig deeper and learn how to highlight this in your offering.

By the end you will brand your process and turn it into a package​ you can implement immediately—one that is p​riced for profitability. ​

Money likes confidence.

“Build it and they will come” is a myth. You need to invite people to work with you. You’ll learn an easier way to connect authentically with clients who would love to work with you.

Learn exactly what to say so that you get the “Yes” on your discovery calls and enroll a high percentage of prospects into high-paying clients.

You’re the bridge between where your clients are now and where they want to go. I’ll give you scripts that will walk you through the entire Enrollment Conversation from beginning to end, in a way that feels of service.

  • Find out where they want to be
  • Find out where they are now
  • Ask questions to lead them toward the right steps they need to take
  • Help them formulate a plan based on their answers
  • Find out why people buy and how you can use this to make more sales and help more people
  • Learn why you should make an offer (the answer might surprise you
  • Find out three easy ways to add urgency to your offer, so your prospect can’t wait to invest NOW.
  • Discover the #1 thing that keeps people from saying yes to you & how you can neutralize it fast.(It comes up for almost every single buyer.)
  • Learn how to end all of your communications with an invite

Money likes effective systems.

Here’s the bottom line. You will either tire yourself out always creating new products and trying to sell to a stagnant group of prospects, or you’re going to get creative and learn how to innovate and expand your reach so that fresh new prospective clients who need you, find you. I​t’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Know exactly what steps you need to take to create the cash flow you desire. No more overwhelm, inconsistent action or disappointing income.

You’ll know exactly what you will be offering each month and break it down into specific daily actions items that will get you booked. Finally have consistency in your cash flow.

Automation is your friend. Learn to set up systems where you can, so you can save your time for something else. You’ll get all of the free and low costs tools I use to effectively run my business.

Have established processes for your business, so your clients experience a “wow” experience. From onboarding new clients, wh​at to include in your welcome package, your application process, and client service, we’ll have you running like a well-oiled (and profitable) machine.

Money likes accountability.

It can be so isolating as an entrepreneur. It’s time to have a supportive community and a group that will hold you accountable and give you that kick in the butt when you need it. Share your wins with others who will be as excited as you are. Get feedback on your challenges from like-­minded individuals who get it.


Ask yourself now.

What is it that you really want?

What are you waiting for?

Let's Recap What You Will Learn:

1. Decisions ­
Get unstuck and finally confidently move forward towards your freedom based business.

2. Clarity
Finally nail down who your ideal client is and where to find them. No more guesswork. Find the people who WANT want you have to offer and are thrilled to pay for it.

3. Step-by-step Action Plan
T​ake the next right steps (in the right order) to push you closer to your income goal. Stay focused by knowing exactly what you need to do each day to get paying clients. No more flailing about trying to figure out what to focus on.

4. Relationships
Connect with your audience and know how to speak their language.

5. Messaging ­
Finally discover the exact words to magnetize your ideal client. Have clarity on your unique value and what sets you apart from the crowd so you can fill your challenges, webinars, teleclasses and get more engagement on your social media posts.

6. Making Sales & Compelling Offers
Enroll new clients ­seamlessly and confidently by creating irresistible offers people want to buy NOW. Learn how to conduct authentic sales without the sleaze, so you can get paid your worth. No more discounting or working for free. Your clients will know exactly what you can do for them.

7. Systems & Planning
Give your cash a flow to follow. Create predicable income streams to support you, your family and your lifestyle. Know when to outsource, where to allocated resources and how to prioritize your time for maximum results. Say goodbye to working till 3am.

8. Community & Accountability
Be part of a community of high achieving women. Stay connected with like­-minded entrepreneurs who fully support you. Get accountability from the structure of a program that keeps you on track.

What's included in the program?

As a program participant, you'll receive...

  • 12 training modules and workbooks
  • Weekly ​Q&A ​call recordings​ to learn from real life coaching​ examples
  • Business Building checklists, diagrams & worksheets to keep you on track
  • Done-­for­-you scripts and templates that you can model and/or use in your own business
  • Private Facebook Group (coming soon!)

I set an intention 6 weeks ago that it was time to show up in my biz, stop waiting for the right time, and create results so I hired Christina - I went from an empty calendar to 12 appointments booked in 3 days.

I’m getting published on Huffington post, signed my first male client, spoke for a corporate training, launched a new group program, got booked on a podcast show and will be an expert speaker for an online summit. Thank you Christina!

Keri Stanley

Re-creation Coach

Facebook testimonial 02

How much does it cost?

Get the program for $997

6 x $197 Monthly installment plan is also available!

Before I worked with Christina, I was in a whirlwind of information overload. Too much knowledge and not enough action! I needed help FAST

In 90 Days, Christina has helped me to TRIPLE my one on one clientele and now I have the foundations in place to keep the success strategies I have learned on REPEAT! Thank you, Christina!

Cicely Victoria

Empowerment Coach

Course Breakdown

- WEEK 1 -

Fast Start & Introduction

- WEEK 2 -

Money Mindset Makeover

  • Uncover your money story. How were you raised to view money and how is it stopping you from getting more
  • What do you need to let go of that has put a cap on your earning ceiling. (this may surprise you)
  • Get out of feeling financially tight and be clear on where money is coming in and going out
  • Get cozy and learn how to really 'make friends' with money

- WEEK 3 -

Confidence & Mindset

  • Break free of negative self-talk and build your self-esteem and self-love
  • No more jealousy or 'comparisonitis' to what others are doing
  • Get out of a constant state of uncertainty (certification trap) and build a successful woman mindset
  • What thoughts are stopping you from getting rich today and how to shift them
  • Where are you staying the worker bee rather than the CEO of your business and life
  • Increase your overall happiness

- WEEK 4 -

Uncover your Unique Genius

- WEEK 5 -

Identify & Connect with your Ideal Client

  • Who the heck are you meant to work with and where do you find them
  • No more guess work, finally nail down who your ideal clients. The ones who can't wait to work with you and WANT what you have to offer
  • Learn how to conduct market research, so you know the exact trigger words that peak the curiosity of your ideal client. Watch the magic happen here!
  • Start attracting your ideal clients with ease

- WEEK 6 -

Create Programs & Offerings that Sell

  • Define your unique factor (your USP)
  • Create irresistible programs & offerings that your ideal client can’t wait to pull out her credit card for and tell all of her friends about it
  • Define and brand your process, so your clients know exactly what you can do for them in your own unique way
  • Get paid you're worth, no more discounting or working for free (those days are done!)

- WEEK 7 -

Create Quality Content for your Tribe

  • You’ve heard it content is king, but what the heck do you talk about and write about. Let’s figure this out once and for all and create six months worth of content
  • Speak to your ideal client
  • Create messaging that magnetizes
  • It’s time to get visible - yes, it’s time to put yourself out there
  • Get the inside scoop on getting featured on sites like HuffPost and Evercoach

- WEEK 8 -

Create Relationships & Outreach

  • It’s time to build connections
  • Get Social. Know exactly how to get clients on Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Connect with the right people
  • Build and leverage strategic partnerships (magic happens here)
  • Create your community - Multi-speaker events, Facebook groups

- WEEK 9 -

List Building Basics

  • Why freebies are so important and how to create one that pretty much sells your stuff for you
  • Create your own compelling free offer
  • Host your own Challenge
  • Want to get published? Guest posting secrets
  • Guest Expert: Facebook Ads Training with Kamila Gornia
  • Learn the fastest free and low cost ways of building your list

- WEEK 10 -

Website, Systems, and Automation

  • T​ake away the confusion and busy work by setting up systems
  • Set up your landing page
  • What do you really need on your website
  • No more website shame
  • Have your website do the work of fill your schedule with discovery calls
  • Guest Expert: Web Design Q&A with Laura Patricelli

- WEEK 11 -

Sales, Sales, Sales

  • Time to cash in and bring in the income
  • Master the sales conversation and confidently enrol new clients with ease
  • Getting over your fear of being "salesey"
  • How to sell with service in a genuine ick-free way
  • Know your numbers

- WEEK 12 -

Your Cash Plan & Sales Funnels

  • Get access to my best converting sales funnel
  • Sales Funnel (attract your client base and create passive income)
  • Sell one to many: webinars, tele-classes, speaking
  • Bringing in the big bucks with something that's totally you
  • Guest Expert: 6-Figure Copywriting Masterclass with Lauren Vanessa Zink


It's time to check in and see how far you've come.

Heck, you've been climbing a mountain, celebrate your success!

Take a deep breath, then let's map out your next steps.

Extra Bonus Materials

- BONUS #1 -

Group Coaching Session

For the first ten people who join the 90 Days To Getting Booked & Getting Paid ​Program ​receive a ​G​roup Virtual Accountability and Implementation session with me where we check in on our progress and you get live ​laser ​coaching

Valued at $497

- BONUS #2 -

Facebook Advertising
Secrets & Training

Access my best converting Facebook ads and a step-by-step walk through to get your ads set up.

Valued at $597

- BONUS #3 -

Host your Own Challenge Toolkit

H​osting a challenge is one of the most effective ways of building your list and getting paying clients that can’t wait to hire you. Find out exactly how to do it  - get ​my exact ​email sequence, templates, and timeline checklist.

Valued at $997

- BONUS #4 -

It's time to hit the stage

Learn how to get booked with speaking gigs, write your speakers bio and craft a signature talk.

Valued at $397

- BONUS #5 -

Free Downloadable Recordings

Taken f​rom the​ Deliver Your Genius Training Series. Ten six-figure entrepreneurs share their out of the box strategies to stand out from the competition. This is a great way to see behind the scenes of hosting your own speakers series.

Valued at $97

That's over $2,500 in bonuses!

She helped me further focus my offering, identify ways to connect with clients and together we develop strategies that will expand my business in the short term. I'm very grateful for having had this time with her and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a great coach!

Andra Popescu

Success Coach at FreeAndSuccessful.com

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Investment Options

Buy the program for a single payment of $997


6 x $197 Monthly installment plan

Yes! I a ready to get fully booked

By purchasing this program, you agree to our Terms of Purchase

Christina helped me get out of the shadows and articulate my value so I could gain visibility with confidence. I have more confidence than I have ever had because I do a better job of managing my "I am not good enough" fears (that are so common).

Pepper A. Black

Berkeley Mediation & Restorative Practices

Win of the week! Got 2 new clients yesterday who brought in $100k of new money for me to manage. This is a pretty  big sale for me, and I don't know if I would have pursued the business if it weren't for this course.

Laura S.

Independent Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes, all of the trainings, modules, workbooks and worksheets are yours to keep forever. We are continuing to strive to update and improve the program and you are granted lifetime access to all updates of course material.

What if I am just starting out, and I’m not totally clear on my business and brand yet? Should I still sign up?

Absolutely! In fact it’s probably the best time to sign up. What better way to figure out what you want to offer that people are willing to pay for so you can set up your business for success from the beginning.

Most entrepreneurs have it backwards, creating a website and getting marketing material designed before they really understand how they want to be seen, who they want to help and how they can stand out from the crowd. This program will help you step onto the scene fully prepared and walk you through step-by-step in the right order to make money on demand.

How is this program different from others? Will I feel supported?

It’s hard to compare, as this program combines both the mindset and business strategy. It includes the exact same steps I took to hit my first $3k, $5k and $10k+ months. This program is centred around supporting you.

There will be a private Facebook Group opening up to support you. No questions left unanswered. No fumbling about. Get in. Get it done. Make money.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions in the Facebook group. You will be supported by a coach who GETS WHO YOU ARE, what you want, what you need, and who is 100% committed to supporting you to experience the success you deserve ­now.

I’m not sure I can afford this now. Will you be offering it again?

You’re getting behind the scenes access to a high-level coach for only $197 a month or $997 pay in full. What would it be worth to earn your first or next $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 month? Would you pay $997 to make $10,000? This program costs less than $7 a day. I likely won’t be offering this exact program at this price point again.

I'm not a coach. Is this program for me?

Yes! I've had women from other industries take this course with great success. As long as you're an online service-based entrepreneur, such as graphic or web designers, virtual assistants, naturopaths, fitness experts, copywriters, social media experts, then you can use the information to take your businesses to the next level.

I just started my business. Can I take this program? 

Absolutely! It’s a great time to get pointed in the right direction and know exactly what you need at the beginning to build your business foundation and momentum toward your dreams, not somebody else’s.

How much time do I need to complete the coursework?

I would plan to spend 3-5 hours on the coursework per week if you want to complete the program in 90 days. Please note this time doesn’t include reading the recommended reading list I provide in the program. I built my business alongside a job while having two toddlers in tow, so I keep you focused on only the “must do” activities - so you can stay focused and on track.

What's included in the weekly course material?

Workbooks, templates, checklists and worksheets - to build the wealth you desire in your business. Additional video support for Facebook ads and some of the more techy stuff.

When does the program start? 

The program starts as soon as you enter your payment information. You will be granted access to the first four weeks of course material instantly. Then every 30 days you will be released the following four weeks of content until all 12 modules are released after 60 days.

We understand there can be a desire to skip ahead, but the framework for the program was intentionally designed to be done step-by-step. That’s where the best results happen. It’s proven.

Will I have access to coaching calls?

Yes, you have access to pre-recorded coaching calls where you can listen to real live examples of other coaches and business owners getting coached. This has been a truly transformational benefit for listeners for participants. Listen while you’re at the gym, cooking, driving or out for a walk. You’ll be sure to take away some powerful insights and actionable steps for yourself.

What additional investments will I need to make in order to implement what I learn in this program?

Great question. One of the benefits of an online business is there is very little overhead. When I first started I didn't have a website, I did most of my own graphics, copy and ads. Yes, it took my time, but I wanted to learn and I knew it would allow be to outsource when the money started coming in.

I will teach you how to start with a lean budget and build a profitable business. You will need to have an autoresponder ​and lead page generator. Additionally ads will allow you to grow our business at a much faster pace, but are not necessary to make your first $3, $5k even $10k.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in six monthly installments of $197.

Am I guaranteed to get fully booked?

As you can imagine, there are no guarantees when it comes to the results of programs like this. But previous participants have had incredible results. I’m going to teach you exactly what I did to go from nothing to my first $3k, $5k and $10k+ months.

It’s possible for you too, if you’re committed and willing to do the work.

What kind of results can I get from the program?

The people who are the most committed are the ones who end up having the best results. What’s possible with 90 Days To Getting Booked & Getting Paid? It’s easier for me to show you than tell you. Take a peek at what some of my past clients say:

“I went from investing almost $20k in other programs and coaching over six months with no real results. By following Christina’s program I got my first paying clients.” - Sara

“I stopped playing small and tripled my prices. Christina gets you results.” - Sabrina

“I had a $15k day! I can’t believe it.” - Nadia

“Christina was instrumental in my success. She helped me get very clear on where I wanted to go and specifically how to get there. My business has taken off and I now get to work with clients that I love. I grew my revenue 2.5x in 90 days of us working together.” - Rachel

“Christina has given me vital business advice that has catapulted me to transition from my brick and mortar business and corporate background into the online world.  I now have a thriving love coaching business, filled my first group program and am serving women all of the world--doing what matters most." - Maria

“I set an intention 6 weeks ago that it was time to show up in my biz, stop waiting for the right time, and create results so I hired Christina - I went from an empty calendar to 12 appointments booked in 3 days. I’m getting published on Huffington post, signed my first male client, spoke for a corporate training, launched a new group program, got booked on a podcast show and will be an expert speaker for an online summit. Thank you Christina!” - Keri

“Christina helped me streamline my business and focus on what I do best. She helped me navigate the complexities of running a business to propel my income into the mid 7-­figures.” - Jerry

“Christina helped me further focus my offering, identify ways to connect with clients and together we develop strategies that will expand my business in the short term. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a great coach!” - Andra

“Christina helped me get out of the shadows and articulate my value so I could gain visibility with confidence. I have more confidence than I have ever had because I do a better job of managing my "I am not good enough" fears (that are so common).” - Pepper

“Win of the week! Got 2 new clients yesterday who brought in $100k of new money for me to manage. This is a pretty  big sale for me, and I don't know if I would have pursued the business if it weren't for this course.” - Laura

If you want results like these, you can have them too. First you need to make a commitment to do what it takes to achieve them. That’s exactly what I’ll be showing you in 90 Days To Getting Booked & Getting Paid.

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