Afraid of disappointment? You gotta read this…

Why do we make excuses? It keeps us safe.

Excuses keep us from failing and not meeting our goals…

Have you ever been told to “lower your expectations so you would lessen the disappointment”?

The truth is, when you switch that perspective and make it a reality, you won’t be giving it your all.

You expect failure, so you don’t give your 100%.

After all, why should you? Since it wouldn’t amount to anything.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

No amount of time management principles or productivity hacks will make you hit 100% of your goals until you get raw and honest with yourself.

When you peel back the layers of your excuses, you realize that most of it boils down to three things.

  1. A lack of belief in yourself
  2. A lack of commitment to your goals
  3. A lack of decision to be successful.

And they may stem from a fear of failure, fear of success, guilt around admitting your true desires, and definitely along with a boatload of old beliefs and patterns.

So how do you really find out what’s going on?

Write out your goals.

List them one by one, and then next to it – write out every single excuse or doubt as to why you can’t achieve it.

Acknowledge your negative thoughts and doubts. Don’t judge yourself, just get curious.
Next, say it out loud.

One by one, go through your list of negative beliefs and choose to let them go.

“I let go of… fear”
“I let go of… indecision”
“I let go of… anxiety”

Then, replace each one with a more empowering thought.

Write it out and say it out loud. Whatever is opposing your negative belief.

“I am confident and powerful.”
“I am trusting the process.”
“I am resourceful to the core.”

Lastly, record on your phone the list of new empowering beliefs and listen to it daily.

Listen to it every morning when you get up, every night before bed. Listen to it when you have a doubt start to creep in.

The truth is, you can create your successful biz and a successful life.

What’s stopping you isn’t the physical circumstance. It starts with your belief.

So how are you showing up this week? Let me know!


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