Do you have a plan?

Do you have a plan? Are you sticking with it

Today, Im in beautiful Palm Springs, CA with a select few high achieving Sassy Ladies for my Boutique Style Event. The whole purpose is to kick start 2017 and help them make this the year they sayI DID IT!”

So whats your plan?

This week, in the Sassy Successful Entreprenuers Facebook group, I talked about three plans in place in order to be getting booked and getting paid with clients consistently.

Without all three you wont see clients coming in. Youll be sitting there, waiting for your big break.

Here they are again in case you missed them:


 ⭕️ STEP 1: You need to know who you are speaking to. Who are you helping. Be specific. How old are they? What are they interested in? What are they looking for?

 ⭕️ STEP 2: What specific problem are you helping them solve. What is keeping them up at night? What are they secretly scared of? They are going to have lots of problems. Just pick one if you want to get into focus for them. Be specific.

You already have SOMETHING other people are willing to pay for. You just need to get clear on what it is.

Interview people. Ask questions. Scour forums like,, and read related book reviews on to gain clarity.

This does not limit you. Once you bring clients on you can help them with all the other problems, but initially you need to focus on one, to get into focus for your people in the first place.

 ⭕️ STEP 3: What do they want most? What do they want more than anything. Why? How will they feel once they get it?

 ⭕️ STEP 4: Now youve got that you need a message that is consistent based around the problem, desires the specific group of people you want to help. Infuse you, your story and your personality in it. This is what sets you apart.

 ⭕️ STEP 5: Then you need a visibility strategy to share your expertise and to get seen in front of those people. (I have a get seen marketing and visibility challenge coming!)

Know where you need to show up, how to show up. Be consistent. Trust is built with consistency. Where will you post, add value, engage, comment. Where are your ideal clients spending time. Where do they look for advice, support? What type of content do they respond to the most? Do they like video, lifestream, audio, pdf?

—> Create and deliver content like its showtime!

Which step will you focus on today?

PLAN #2 = SALESgiving people a way to get more HELP and support.

You can have the best service in the world and the best marketing but if cant demonstrate your value to the people who NEED and are LOOKING for what youre offering then you wont have a business. Youll have an expensive hobby.

I know you want to be the best coach or service provider you can be, create that IMPACT, but guess what? You have to learn to SELL!

Its not slimy or being pushy. Its being of service. You are doing a disservice to not engage people to commit to getting the help they need.

Money is an exchange for the for value you provide. Your services are in exchange for money. Thats not a bad thing. Heck, its what will let you scale and grow your business and HELP MORE PEOPLE.

Its a ripple effect. You help others. They help others. That is true IMPACT!

Whether thats a free pitch free coaching call, outcome driven assessment or FB messenger mini coaching session.

Follow up with everyone from step one. Follow up with people who have engaged on your content.

Dont forget to specifically offer the discovery call in your 1:1 conversation in addition to your 1:many. ASK if you want to receive. LEAD by showing the way.

Does your package clearly speak to the one problem your ideal client is desperate to solve? Will it give her everything she needs to move forward and overcome that challenge and move freely towards what she wants most? Do you have a sales page to explain your offer in detail so when she reads it, she immediately gets what you can do for her?

 ⭕️ STEP 5: FOLLOW A DISCOVERY CALL PROCESS. You can get mine here.


Long term sustainable business focus on the lifetime value of a customer.

That means over the length of the relationship with your company what is the total value of that customer.

Where many businesses fail is thinking too shortterm. Wanting to make a quick sale then moving on.

You are different. You want repeat business. You want to continue the relationship and keep delivering solutions because it is WAY EASIER to sell to an existing customer than it is to get a brand new one.

Forget playing small. Think like a high level coach. Time to think bigger picture, like the CEO of a successful company.

Sales is about building relationships. Follow up with your sales calls. Show genuine interest. Recognize and appreciate them. Help them see how they are keeping themselves stuck. How else you can be support of them. Demonstrate the results you can get for them. Think of Nos as delayed Yeses.

Feast and famine cycles come from marketing to death to get clients, then landing the clients and working on delivering your service, while letting your marketing slide.

You want to consistently be marketing even when you dont have room for more clients. Build your pipeline, have wait lists, come up with new offers, but always be marketing yourself otherwise your well will run dry.

You can automate this process with sales funnels as you begin to leverage your time. In the beginning, it will be more about your outreach.

Are you consistently filling your pipeline?

What are your income goals? How will you hit them? How many packages will you sell? How will you stay on track and accountable? How will you shift your system based on your results or lack thereof?

How will you help your clients next? What will you offer as an upsell, downsell? This is how I turned how I turned $1,773 (front end offer) into $17,194 (backend sales).

Who do you need to have on board to hit your goals? Team members? Coaches? Mentors? Collaborators? Always be building relationships with key players. Always be learning from others who are ahead of you. Everyday ask yourself what you will ask for help with that day. Every. Single. Day. Dont be shy.

Where are you getting stuck with leveraging your business? Id love to hear from you! Comment below. 

P.S. We’re already having an AMAZING time here in Palm Springs! If you’re ready to turn your plan into action, contact us and ask to be put on the VIP list for our next event in May! 

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