Do you self-sabotage?

I scanned the member requests in my Sassy Successful Facebook Group and there was…

…someone who wanted to figure how she could leave her 9-5

…a few coaches who wanted to get more paying clients

….a marketing consultant who wanted to leverage her business

These were all very normal.

But the next one set off sirens and flashing warning lights.

The person asked…

“How do I see growth in my business without investing in a program?”

I was stunned.

It would be like saying “How can I get to Tahiti without paying for a plane ticket?”

Why would you want to?

It will be long and painful.

It would be *dangerous* and scary.

And there would be a high probability you wouldn’t make it across the ocean.

It reminded me of Tony Robbins saying,

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.”

Let’s take her question for an example:

“How do I see growth in my business without investing in a program?”

The question assumes that investing in a program is not possible or that it’s not the right step.

But what if we tweaked the question and removed the “…without” section?

It would read “How do I see growth in my business?”

This question is no longer phrased around lack but instead is phrased around possibility.

It feels a lot more open to “how” without slamming the door on a path that could be the fastest and easiest way to get the desired result.

Just like the Tahiti question, it’s positioned from a place of lack and having to go without versus the possibility of how it could happen.

We live in an era where the barrier to entry for starting an online business is very low. What does that mean?

For a couple hundred bucks and a shoe string budget, you can literally start an online business. Because of this, it appeals to the masses who are buying into the freedom based laptop lifestyle.

It’s not like starting a brick and mortar business where you’ve gotta buy inventory, have a store front and have to actually physically be there or pay somebody to be.

We are spoiled in this digital era of opportunity, but let’s face it, there is much more to building an online coaching business than just to open the virtual doors to say “I’m open!”

When I first got started, I thought I could do it all on my own, and to be honest part of the reason why I invested with my first coach was to feel like I was being authentic. I wanted to have the experience of being coached and investing in myself.

I didn’t feel right about offering coaching without investing in coaching for myself. How could that be kosher?

Yes, pay me for coaching…but I’m not willing to pay for coaching myself.


Yeah. That’s a recipe for attracting non committal clients and I can’t afford it’s!

Even though I did eventually invest in a coach, I had first consumed the mother load of freebies and

…consumed piles of PDFs

…watched webinar after webinar

…signed up for free calls like they were going out of style

But with all these bite size tactics, dozens of different “I have the answer” promises, my brain spun in overwhelm and kept me stagnant with so many half dug holes and projects still searching for the glue to piece it all together.

Consuming all these how to’s satisfied my craving for growth and learning, and to be honest, kept me safe from the real work.

It wasn’t until I took a big leap of faith and invested in myself in coaching and a program that I gained clarity on what the heck I was meant to be doing.

So, yeah, it’s possible to piece together a bundle of resources and see some growth in your business, but if you can streamline your to do list, shorten your learning curve and fast track your business growth, why would you ever want to go without help, direction and accountability.

Why would you want to keep working on it when you could be living on your own terms?

Why fight for your limitations when you can take a stand for your desires?

Why block yourself from the easiest and fastest path when you can be open and get on the fast track path to the least resistance?

Why consume when you can create?

With this in mind, what is the question that is top of mind for you right now?

Is it framed from limitation? Or is it open to possibility and expansion?

Because when you ask better questions you will get better answers.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.

If you’re asking yourself:

Why hasn’t this happened for me yet?

Why does this always happen to me?

Why is it working for her and not me?

What am I missing?

Think about flipping the script to…

My time is now.

(You can even insert one of my favourite prayers from the Course in Miracles, “Where would You have me go? What would You have me do? What would You have me say, and to whom?”)

What can I do today to move me forward?

I create my reality and today I choose ___________.

What we envy in others, we withhold from ourselves. So if you catch yourself asking questions like “Why is it working for her and not me?”

Notice that you are withholding that from yourself. Bless them. Celebrate in their success. Consider it to be evidence of what is possible for you.

Pay attention to their success stories. Nobody at the top got there on their own.

As you learn to ask better questions and step into a place of possibility, you’ll get better answers.

When you get better answers, take action on them and give freely with your talents you’ll see a shift in your current reality.

Tell me, what is a new empowering question you will ask yourself each day? Post it in the comments and let me know what it is.

The question I ask myself while journaling every morning is “How can I serve?

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