Does Size Matter?


You created a Facebook group… Great!

Now you’re looking at your member count daily, wondering why it isn’t going up.

In this blogpost, I’m going to let you know the 4 pivotal things that make or break your Facebook Group growth.

Let’s dive in!

#1 – The right name

You literally have a few seconds for someone to decide if they will click to join your group or not. Be smart. Choose a name that is clear, specific and relatable to your right person.

Do not use fancy, frilly language or a play on words. You’ll lose them to someone who is clear, concise, and memorable.

You can change your Facebook group name once every 30 days – but don’t be changing it constantly! You don’t want people to forget how to find you.

#2 – It starts with hello

The first 5 minutes of someone joining your group will determine if they will 

a) break the ice and engage with you
b) come back again and
c) whether you are someone they would consider buying from.

Creating a clear, simple onboarding process for your new members will set you up to create buyers

#3 – The right traffic

There are only three forms of traffic. 



Joint Venture

New coaches often get started with free traffic, which requires a lot of time, effort and energy. 

This relies on the algorithm gods to be in your favour and some hope and prayer along the way. Long term this can be fruitful, but most give up before they breakthrough.

Struggling coaches get into paid ads too soon and end up with no clients, no conversions and a big pile of debt.

Result driven coaches go after joint venture traffic and gain access to already established high quality and relevant audiences. 

This can provide rapid growth without a huge expense. (Win-win!)

#4 – The right content

Guess what? You do not need to post 3x per day! Wahoo.

You do not need to spend hours creating content week after week.

And you do not need to hack the algorithms.

If fact, when done correctly, you only need to spend 15-30min a week on content.

Because your people don’t want more information. They want help and direction.

So when you create the perfect content for the “right” person you inch that person towards a buying decision…without being pushy or salesy.

They aren’t engaging with you over some mindless topic like what Netflix show they are binge watching right now. 

Instead they are engaging with you because you’ve create a highly engaged audience of the right people. You’re deepening your relevancy and intimacy with them and truly helping the people you come in contact with in a simple, doable way that feels good.

P.S. Wanna know how to put all the pieces together? I’ll be talking about how you can find your RIGHT people in my upcoming Engage Your Group series.

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