How to get paid what you’re worth

“Love what you do, get paid what you’re worth and still have time for the rest of your life.”

I am committed to help YOU live and breath those words.

Maybe you haven’t been recognized for your good work.

Or you have but you’ve become a slave to your business.

Freedom…what freedom?

Have you ever felt like you’re chasing clients down and opportunities like you’re always having to convince others of the value you add?

Or maybe you’ve been afraid to put yourself out there.

What if you get rejected?

What if you fail?

Who are you to be seen as the expert?

Have you been disappointed with your sales numbers or lack of sales and questioned if this business thing is right for you?

You are not alone. 

I know you have that longing within you to be somebody great and to do something BIG…but you aren’t sure exactly how.

I bet you’ve done some pretty cool things in your life, career or business when you look back and have celebrated some noteworthy successes.

Here’s the thing…

You can take all that you love to do – your passion, your hobby, your FUN and bundle it together with your experience both personal and professional and turn it into a money maker online.

You can take a business that has been more like a hobby and turn it into something great.

You can create an impact, give real value and have the freedom to work when you want, from wherever in the world you want and exactly how you want.

After supporting hundreds of online coaches and business owners and creating a multi six-figure coaching practice I’ve realized a thing or two that I want to share with you.

But where I am now is nothing compared to where I started.

For me it all started when I looked into my daughter’s eyes the day that she was born and I burst into tears. I was so full of joy, but I looked at her and wanted the best the world had to offer for her.

I didn’t want her to be where I was, settling for a life that checked all the boxes…

Successful career…


Money in the bank…

Loving husband…

And a new baby…

But with a feeling that something was still missing. 

I wasn’t brimming with joy.

It’s like I was waiting for someone to give me an opportunity of a lifetime, but I sat passively…waiting.

And that’s not what I wanted for her.

I wanted her to feel free to follow her passion and unapologetically go after what she wanted.

I didn’t want her to settle for a life that didn’t excite her. I wanted her to be happy.

It was in that moment I felt it was my duty as her mom to lead by example.

I had no idea what that meant, but I knew that I would become the woman and the mom that would inspire her to lead her own path of joy.

So I set out to figure out what the heck I was meant to do.

I gradually collected business cards at networking events and started an itty bitty list. I wrote a newsletter twice a month and I remember being surprised getting a glimpse that people started to see me as an expert since I started writing my newsletter.

I remember only having about 15 people on my list which included my husband and checking my stats minute by minute after sending out an email to see who would open it. Heck, I even called my husband to tell him to open his to improve my stats!

* Big sigh * We all start somewhere. 

The important thing is to get started, even if you don’t have it all figured out yet.

I thought I had to blog because everyone said so, but with no idea how to build a website I posted my first blog on a free blogging site. I was so unsure of my message, that I deleted it minutes later!

I realized I had to do something different because at this snail’s pace I was on, I was never going to create the impact I wanted.

So I pulled together the idea of hosting a multi-speaker event (It’s one of the tips I mention in this blog post).

Suddenly within a few months, I had hundreds of subscribers and activity on my Facebook page because of all the value and personal attention I was giving. I was able to leverage the expertise of others and I was finally starting to be put on the map.

But at this point, I still hadn’t mastered the sales part yet at all!

I remember announcing my cart was open and heard nothing but crickets.

I waited….and waited.

One came in.

Woo hoo! I thought I was on to something! “I can do this again.”

But then I waited some more, checking my stats hoping it would change.

I expected the sales to rush in….

But I was still scared of selling.

Scared to ask for the sale.

It felt so personal when I was selling me. I didn’t want to seem slimy or sleazy or cocky. You know that used car salesman visual. Nope. Didn’t want that to be me.

So instead I hoped the sales would just flood in. When they didn’t, I knew I had to find a different approach.

I had already added so much value and I had a hard time believing nobody was going to buy my program.

And I felt disappointed that my sales weren’t higher.

It’s the first time I realized that I missed the mark on demonstrating the transformation of my program and wasn’t hitting on their emotional buying triggers.

I wasn’t clearly showing them how they could solve their problem (although I thought I had).

I hadn’t led them to want to buy.

The community feel was hard to keep up after the expert series ended, because the community was only responses to posts on my personal Facebook page.

It was several months later that I realized hosting my own Facebook group would allow me to…

  • Pull together my audience
  • Demonstrate my value
  • Showcase the transformation that was possible for my ideal clients
  • Give a safe place for my community to connect and ask for help
  • Be able to sell by being of service, not by being salesy, and seamlessly leading my people to want to buy.

When I focused on community building, adding value that led to my offer and emotionally connecting to my audience…things started to shift.

I’ll explain more tomorrow. But for now, I just want you to sit with this and go check out the blog post here on how to get your first 1000 Facebook Group members.

How to Get Your First 1000 Facebook Group Members

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