How much you say to yourself Matters?!

I just turned on the ignition after finally getting the kids packed into the car about to head out for Christmas shopping and my husband says,

“You need a new battery.”

I ask how in the world he knows that, and he goes on to explain the car is turning over slower than normal.

Sounded fine to me, but ok.

A couple weeks go by, and I still haven’t done anything about it. So bless my husband, he books my car into Mercedes to have the battery changed.

As much as I appreciate that he doesn’t want me to be stranded, I asked why we couldn’t just book the car in somewhere local and not have to drive the 40 minutes to the dealership.

My husband answers, “The battery is under the seat, they have to take the seat out to change the battery.”

I quietly say under my breath, “Got it. I’m sure a local place could manage, but ok.”

To make a long story short I go to the dealership, they tell me they need to run some diagnostics and some yada yada jibberish and it will cost $300 and then they’ll know what’s wrong so we can go from there.

I sign the paper and leave.

As soon as I get in the courtesy car, I call my husband.

Annoyed that if we already know what the problem is, why do we need to run diagnostics.

In the end, after keeping the car overnight, they come to the conclusion that the battery needed changing.

$868 later, my battery is changed. 2 trips to the dealer. 1 lineup for dropping off. 1 lineup for picking up. 1 lineup for paying.

My first reaction was to feel annoyed at the dealer, then at my husband until I looked inward and realized…

I was annoyed with myself.

For not staying “No!” to going to the dealer

For not saying “No!” to running diagnostics

And instead following along with other people’s plans.

It was me that I was disappointed with.

It was me that wasn’t standing for what I wanted.

It was me that wasted my time, money and energy.

I am 100% responsible for my life, my business, my results 100% of the time.

It got me thinking about when I started my business, and I thought somebody was going to give me THE answer.

Save me and show me the way.

Stamp me as being deemed worthy of “expert status”

I waited to be led by those I looked up to.

But it wasn’t until I took 100% responsibility for everything.

The no’s and the yeses.

The wins and the lessons.

That I had the power to be the creator of it all.

Courses and mentors are tools to fast track your journey.

But ultimately it is YOU that must walk the road.

Do the work, even when you’re scared or don’t feel like it.

Experience it all, the ups and the downs and grow into the person who has what you desire.

As I massively s-t-r-e-t-c-h myself into 2019, a little voice in the back of my head says,

“Can I make it?”

But when I check in with myself and my coaches, I realize it’s faulty thinking.

The better questions are,

“Who am I now?”

…the creator of my current reality and results


“Who do I get to become this year to have what I want?”

I get to get excited about the game I get to play.

The game I will offer others to play who come with me.

And when I check in with my quarterly results, I get to ask myself the question,

“Did I become that person yet?”

And my results will show me the answer.

Let me ask you…

Who do you get to become to have (insert your desired outcome).

What three characteristics does the woman (or man) who has your ideal life and business have? Who are they?

And are you BEing that each and every day?

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