I got scared!

You could hear a pin drop in the room. I sat there, eyes closed, bringing myself through a visualization of my future life.

I jumped to a scene in my mind…. standing centre stage in a stadium chocked full of attendees there to see me.

It was my event, and people stood up as a sign of gratitude, announcing they were part of my 1000 millionaires project, a declaration I made earlier this year of what I am on a mission to create in the world.

To the left I saw a sign being held up by a woman wearing pigtail brunette braids…

#1/1000 millionaires
Straight ahead I saw a woman with flowing blonde locks…

#5/1000 millionaires
To the right I saw a man with two kids…

#99/1000 millionaires
My immediate thought was This is crazy. This is too big. That’s not the right vision for me. Who do you think you are?

I stopped. I jumped to another scene. I took a deep breathe. Oh this felt safer but that spark of excitement dissolved.

It hit me.

Wow, Christina, you just talked yourself out of a vision that was created by you because it is meant for you.

Who are you not to step into this vision…
Who are you not to become what you are called to do?

And yet when I started writing this email to you, I began deleting what I had written.

Should I share this?

What will people think?
What if I don’t create that vision?

Then I smiled, and tears started welling up in my eyes.

I get to share with you a vision that scares the heck out of me.
I get to be vulnerable and not have a clue on how I will get there… yet.
I get to become the woman who will create this.

Now that is powerful.

What about you…

Do you have a big vision that scares you?

Or maybe you’re telling yourself you don’t know what it is? … I’ve been there too!

Don’t ignore it.
Don’t discount it.
Don’t manipulate it.
Just be with it.

You don’t need to know how, but you do need to trust in yourself and know that you are fully supported to create this. Faith, my friend!

This vision wasn’t planted by chance.

It called to you.

It’s been bubbling up inside you for days, months or years, seeking expression. Seeking to be heard.

You get to create that.


By surrounding yourself with colleagues and mentors who believe in you and your vision.

Being open to seeing the opportunities in front of you right now…because they are. You are always at the doorway of opportunity. You just need to make your move, take that action towards your vision, no matter how small.

Be willing to fall down knowing it won’t stop you, ever!

Sitting in gratitude for it already being done.

Asking yourself at every decision and opportunity… how would Christina 2.0 think, act and behave in this moment?

If successfully achieving your big hairy scary vision was inevitable, what would you be willing to do today, knowing that tomorrow it is done?

Within just a few weeks of visualizing my big vision, guess what happened?

I had three speaking opportunities come my way out of the blue.

I had several people share with me how I supported them with their business growth or finances and they were on their way to being one of my thousand millionaires.

What about you?

Are you going to be one of my thousand millionaires? Hit reply if you are! But only if you are 100% committed to becoming a millionaire.

What is a millionaire? It could be based on income but my vision is about helping 1000 people create a net worth of 7 figures+. Wealth is not just about income, it’s about freedom and the impact you can have as a result.

You don’t need to know how. You don’t need to know when. You just need to know in your heart that being a millionaire calls to you. Pulls you. Moves you.

I want to create this with you. I will add your name to my vision board if that’s you. Even better, you can send me a picture!

Oh, this is going to be so fun!

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