Are you a mom juggling building a business – Part 2



So last time, I talked about the softer issues. Today is all about the actions you can take.

Here goes…

1. Start with your weekly calendar – block times out for sleeping, family time, job (if you still have one), self-care, meals and any other times you are unavailable to work. Then works backwards to see how much time you have available for your business. (Truth: a few short hours a week will not build a sustainable business)

2. Decide if you will either get up early or stay up late to have quiet time to work. Especially if your kids are home during the day. You must have some quiet time to focus on your business every day, that is free of distraction.
Try to get a babysitter for a few hours a week to start. (I started with 2 daycare days per week)

3. When you are starting out 80% of your time should be spent on revenue generating activities. What does that mean exactly? Activities that could lead to Discovery Calls booked or sales. I would take this a step further than automation, funnels, posts and sales pages if you’re just starting out. This could be outreach, fb messanger, connection calls, free assessments or other ways of having a one to one conversation that could lead to a discovery calls. Only 20% of your time should be spent on admin, graphics, servicing clients, etc. (this will adapt as your business grows)

4. Work no more than 1 hour before taking a break. A break means walking away from what you are doing, stretching your legs, going for a walk (even if it’s just around the block), having a snack or a drink.

5. For tasks that you dread but know you have to do, try doing them in 15minute increments. Set a timer.

6. If your kids are home during the day, then make a schedule like this…. work – break/play with them. Plan out the day as if they’re in a daycare program. Work 9am – Circle time 9:30 – Work 10am – Crafts Corner 11am – you get the idea. If your kids are old enough to understand, explain to them that mommy will work for ‘x’ minutes and they you will do ‘x’ with them.

7. When you’re with them, give them your full attention. They will learn that they get rewarded after you do work. If they are still young enough to nap, take full advantage of that time. Have a clear intention of what you will do and get it done. Don’t let yourself be distracted during nap time. It’s precious and it doesn’t last forever!

8. Stay present in everything you do.

9. Those activities that need to get done but you never seem to get to. If they stay on your list more than a week or two, you should probably drop it off your list.

10. Stop multitasking. One thing at a time until completion or break.

11. Say “no” if you want to say “no.” Don’t try and be the hero and do everything. Nobody will be happy, including you.

When you go about your day with intention and are fully present during “play time,” your kids won’t be dying for your attention. They’ll know they get all of you during “play time” and that “business time” doesn’t last all day.

The worst mistake I made was trying to multi-task. Trying to do it all at once. I got frustrated with my lack of getting things done and frustrated every time my kids interrupted me. When I segmented my time and got up a couple of hours before anyone else, everyone was happier.

When I got honest with myself, that I was a better mom when I had time for me and my business, the guilt faded.

My REAL Truth: I realized that if I played the martyr of doing it all and believed that I was sacrificing my desires for my kids, that it would only build resentment over time and that was not fair to anyone.

When it comes down to it. My family comes first. Always.

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t have it all. Believe you can and you will make it all work. It’s not always easy, but it’s possible. And it does get easier.

When you’re able to get some extra support around the house, do it. Whether it’s someone to help with cleaning a few hours a month or meal prep, laundry or babysitting. Start where you can.

It’s been 1 year since I hired my nanny and I honestly don’t know why I hesitated for so long. It’s the best decision I ever made. Before having a nanny, it forced me to get focused with the time I did have.

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