Are you a mom juggling building a business?

ARE YOU A MOM JUGGLING BUILDING A BUSINESS, maybe even a job or another business AND a household?

It’s a lot to take on. It’s not for the faint of heart.

At times it’s easy to feel GUILTY for not being fully present in your business and not being fully PRESENT with your kids. It’s TIRING being pulled in so many directions and OVERWHELMING trying to make it all work. At times you question why you’re doing this to yourself.

Can you relate…

When the kids are home and you’re trying to do work and every two minutes comes another INTERRUPTION. What should take five minutes, takes hours. You feel like pulling your hair out.

Maybe you have moments where YOU DON’T TAKE ACTION on the very actions that you know are needed in order to see the financial results you deserve. Yet you’re still busting your butt doing BUSY WORK.

Or maybe you tell yourself that your family is a priority and that your business should take the back burner, yet you can’t help but feel like you need to be plugged in at all times and find yourself constantly checking your phone.

You tell yourself that you DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO IT ALL.

When you’re feeling guilty having someone else looking after your kids or feeling tired with too much on your mind because you’re constantly plugged in, there’s no wiggle room. Everything needs to be planned out and scheduled but there always seems to be CURVE BALLS thrown into the mix.

WHAT IF… those feelings and excuses are the very things keeping you stuck…spinning your wheels.


I’m not going to lie, I was stuck in excuses…for a long while.

When I put my big girl pants on and started digging into them, I realized they went much deeper than the obvious.

What was really happening? MY EXCUSES KEPT ME SAFE. They kept me from failing, because I wasn’t really giving it my all. So failure and less-than-stellar results were simply a reflection of my circumstances – not me.

I could load you up with time management principles that have been effective for me. But the truth is, I had all of the knowledge and tools available to me when I was stuck.

It wasn’t until I got raw and HONEST WITH MYSELF and peeled back the layers of my excuses, that I started to see what was really going on.


I didn’t fully BELIEVE IN MYSELF and I wasn’t fully COMMITTED to my DECISION to make my business successful.

What came up…FEAR of failure, fear of success, guilt around admitting my true desires along with a boatload of OLD BELIEFS and patterns.

How do you really find out what’s going on?

== > WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS, then next to each one write out every single excuse or doubt as to why you can’t achieve it. Everything.

In the personal development space, people are afraid to acknowledge negative thoughts and doubts. But it’s only when you give voice to your doubts that they can dissipate from your mental clutter.

After you do this, you will see why you’re stuck. Don’t judge, just observe and get curious.

== > One by one, go through your list of negative beliefs and say out loud that you are choosing to LET THEM GO.

== > REPLACE each one with a more empowering (opposing) belief. Write them out.

== > Find at least two examples that DISPROVE each of your original doubts/beliefs. Write them out.

== > RECORD on your phone the list of new empowering beliefs along with your examples that disprove each of your original doubts. LISTEN to it every morning when you get up, every night before bed and every time you have a doubt creep in.

The truth is you can create a six figure business working part-time hours. What’s stopping you isn’t the physical circumstance. It’s starts with your beliefs.

After you’ve cleared the mental clutter, it’s time to have a PLAN that gets SCHEDULED. So you know exactly what you need to be working on and when. Then there are no mental distractions.

COMMENT BELOW if you would like see Part 2 where we can dive into some of the more TACTICAL STEPS on how to balance at all.

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