From overwhelm to clarity, focus and results!

$200k+ in just 4 months

When I was looking for a personal coach I wanted someone who could help support me in up-levelling my mindset and provide a sounding board for my business ideas and growth. I had a big goal for revenue for the first  4 months of the year of $200k and I hit it!

Christina has an incredible way of making you believe in yourself and supporting you in overcoming the BS that is holding you back. She is super smart when it comes to business strategy but equally as excellent at providing a space for the deep inner work and shifts to happen. I have loved our time working together and I’m truly grateful for you being part of my journey.

Noor Hibbert

Success Coach, This is Your Dream


Now I have a thriving coaching business...


Christina has given me vital business advice that has catapulted me to transition from my brick and mortar business and corporate background into the online world.  I now have a thriving love coaching business, filled my first group program and am serving women all of the world--doing what matters most."

Maria Liu

Love Success Formula

0 - $78k sales in 5 months

Susan McVea

Sales Coach

Quick Cash Infusion: $20k in 2 weeks!

Annie Letourneau

After spending almost $20k and 6 months in my biz with $0 income, I knew I needed help.

After working with Christina I signed first paying clients, ran profitable challenge and grew FB group from 200 - 700+ members.

Sara Cruz

Success Mindset Architect & Biz Strategist


From $0 to $15k month in 2 months

Larissa Macleman

Marketing Strategist for Salon Owners

My business has taken off - I grew my revenue 2.5x


Christina was instrumental in my success. She helped me get very clear on where I wanted to go and specifically how to get there. My business has taken off and I now get to work with clients that I love. I grew my revenue 2.5x in 90 days of us working together.

Rachel Cornell

4 Cor Fitness

I've helped my clients...


Build profitable businesses around their unique brilliance


Double, triple and even 10x their revenue in 90 days


Leave their 9-5 and launch their online business from scratch

Build confidence around selling their services in a way that feels good and is of service to their clients (and those clients are so flippin' excited about investing in their services, they can't wait to pull out their credit card)
Dissolve stories, excuses and outward objections to gain clarity on what's really holding them back
Gain access to all I’ve learned from my own mentors and high-level mastermind partnerships

I'm exactly what your business needs...

I was recognized in the top 15% of financial advisory teams 7 years in a row by Canada's top financial institution
I co-built a business to over $1M in revenue in little over 3 years

I was co-founder of charitable event that raised $450,000 for my local hospital

I was a self-made millionaire by the time I was 26 years old (Which I lost and rebuilt: proof that success leaves clues.)

I really wanted to take my business to the next level...


Before working with Christina, I was was unclear about my direction and felt overwhelmed.

I had a successful career working as Marketing Director and quit my job to travel the world and start my online business. I had some success with my business, but hired Christina because I really wanted to take it to the next level!

With her support I was able to build my confidence, come out of hiding, triple my prices and work with high-end clients! What I love about Christina is that she provides real and actionable strategies that get her clients RESULTS (she doesn’t offer a “one-size fits all” cookie cutter approach!)

She offers so much value, a high level of support, accountability and customization. Christina is highly strategic and practices what she preaches! She helped me realize that I could have the life and impact I desired, cleared up my uncertainty and propelled me into taking massive action.

Sabrina Colella

Online Business & Marketing Strategist

Christina helped me TRIPLE my 1:1 clientele!

Before I worked with Christina, I was in a whirlwind of information overload. Too much knowledge and not enough action! I needed help FAST

In 90 Days, Christina has helped me to TRIPLE my one on one clientele and now I have the foundations in place to keep the success strategies I have learned on REPEAT! Thank you, Christina!

Cicely Victoria

Empowerment Coach


Christina helped me further focus my offering


Having just one laser coaching session with Christina was extremely eye opening!

She helped me further focus my offering, identify ways to connect with clients and together we develop strategies that will expand my business in the short term. I'm very grateful for having had this time with her and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a great coach!

Andra Popescu

Success Coach

I made my first $6k & launched a group program

I set an intention 6 weeks ago that it was time to show up in my biz, stop waiting for the right time, and create results so I hired Christina - I went from an empty calendar to 12 appointments booked in 3 days.

I’m getting published on Huffington post, I made my first $6k, spoke for a corporate training, launched a new group program, got booked on a podcast show and will be an expert speaker for an online summit. Thank you Christina!

Keri Stanley

Re-creation Coach


Here's what top influencers have to say...


Christina is a force to be reckoned with.

She has a way of connecting with her tribe and getting them to take action. She knows her stuff when it comes to marketing and has an authentic voice that people can't help but listen to.

Christina is a leader who gets results for her clients.

Jenn Scalia

Visibility Strategist

Christina is one of the smartest women I've had the opportunity to work with. She'll support you in discovering your genius and bringing in more money & clients in your business - and fast!

She's a total go-getter and leading coach in the industry. If you get the chance to work with her - take it!

Emily Williams

Leading Success Coach & Founder of I Heart My Life


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