Live 72-Hour
Launch Lab

Tuesday, August 9 – Thursday, August 11

Unlock the secrets to my million dollar launch system–and map out your next launch in our 72 hours together!

Every day, more and more course creators
and coaches are popping up in the marketplace.
It’s up to you to set yourself apart from the rest.

If you’re an online small business trying to…

Unlock a simple, up-to-date blueprint

for attracting ideal clients and customers quickly, so you can fill your programs fast, with tons of referrals while building your authority as a SOLD OUT coach.

Connect with other coaches and course creators

in our interactive, get-it-done breakouts sessions for real time implementation, so you’re ready to hit go right away and get your offer into the hands of the people who need it fast.

Craft a clear message to create demand for your offer

No more second guessing your way through your launch. Instead, have people lining up to buy from you.


Walk away with a rock-solid launch plan to scale your course or coaching program to 6-Figures and beyond.

What is the Launch Lab

The only high-energy, implementation-based virtual workshop designed to help you launch your course or coaching program quickly so you can bring in bursts of income to your business–now and later on repeat!

3-day, intimate and collaborative workshop where you’ll discover how to successfully launch a digital course or coaching program typically reserved for our high-end clients
Interactive, get-it-done breakouts sessions for real time implementation with my team so you’re ready to hit go when you leave–instead of walking away with a big pile of notes and no clue what to do next! (This level of support is typically reserved for our paying clients)
Opportunity for real time one-to-one coaching support so you never get left behind

Action Plan Workbook to keep your notes organized and map out your launch plan before you leave

Chance to connect and network with other coaches and course creators, who are just like you, making a BIG impact in the world.

Total Value: $5,000


(When we ran this workshop live, in-person, tickets sold for $5,000)

I was able to add 1,000 people to my email list and $10,822 in immediate revenue within 3 months, plus bring in $69,784 worth of contracted client sales within 6 months!

Adrienne Hill

I’ve been typically launching and averaging about $8000 per launch. Last month, I had my largest launch EVER, with a $51,000 launch. I used the techniques Christina teaches and was BLOWN away. I not only revived my community but turned them into raving fans and just resigned from my corporate job a week ago to go ALL IN to serving my community and growing my business.


I joined the program without a course or program to offer. So far with my first launch and a brand new program, I sold over $60k in sales! Now I have a rinse and repeat program for future launches!

Sherell Slaise

My name is Christina Jandali.

I’m a confidence boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategist for coaches, consultants and course creators who want to grow a wildly engaged and highly profitable Facebook group.

I started my business from ground zero while on maternity leave from my corporate job. Within 10 months I crossed my first 6-figures…and handed in my resignation. Woo hoo! 

But truth was… I’d get a few clients here and there and then nothing, a dry spell. I’d stress about where my next paying clients would come from and it took a toll on my family. 

Once I learned a predictable cashflow strategy my business flew past 7-figures (hello scalability) and I was able to work with my dream clients.

Now I’m on a mission to help 1000 entrepreneurs become millionaires!

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Total Value: $5,000


(When we ran this workshop live, in-person, tickets sold for $5,000)

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