The ultimate program for coaches and course creators who want to build a super-connected community that converts like crazy – in 60 days or less!

Learn to lead a free Facebook Group that creates real raving fans who can’t wait to buy – EVEN IF NO-ONE KNOWS YOUR NAME (YET!)

Hosted by Christina Jandali

“If the sales don’t come soon, I’ll just have to quit this whole online business dream… 
HOW do I reach more of the right people?!”

If you can relate

… then you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re an online expert who…
…KNOWS that a Facebook Group is the fastest (and easiest!) way to create a super-engaged, connected audience that converts like crazy … but you just can’t figure out where to start
…has a Facebook Group already … but it’s flatlining and you have no clue how to revive it
…gets plenty of “likes” and comments in your group … but they just don’t translate to sales when you launch an offer
…feels totally overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the latest marketing strategies out there … you just want a simple plan that will actually make you money!
…is already making some sales and impact (yay!) … but can’t work out how to SCALE
… I guarantee, your people ARE out there waiting for your genius (in their thousands!)
– and you’re the answers to their prayers.

So tell me, if you had the chance right now to transform your business

…by mastering a simple step-by-step system to easily attract, engage and convert hundreds (thousands!) of your ideal customers inside your free FB group – without stress, overwhelm or “icky” sales tactics …

Would you take it?

Or would you stay …

struggling and overwhelmed, trying to figure it all out on your own – piecing together a bunch of random free tips and tactics, with no clear idea what you’re even aiming for?
frustrated and stuck, spinning your wheels in an endless time-suck of content creation – that seems to get no traction at all
exhausted and broke, telling yourself you’ll invest in expert help once the biz is making good money – and meanwhile watching your bank balance shrink month after month?

If you’re ready to trust in yourself, and take the chance to transform your business (and life), read on – because THIS is for you …

“From 0 to 1500 members! (AND they love my paid offers!)”

I wanted a Facebook group that was helpful for my clients – AND I wanted to create fans.

I went from zero to 1500 members in such a short amount of time. My group is highly engaged and my members are excited about my paid offers now!

Leslie Seidel

Helping successful women find true love partnership

So… it’s no secret that the world has changed a little bit lately.

(Yes, I am a Jedi-Master of Understatement!)

And now, with so many of us forced to stay home, feeling isolated and disconnected…

People are craving interaction and authenticity MORE THAN EVER.

Which means that the community and connection you create when you host your free Facebook group in the RIGHT way…

Will bring you more raving fans, and translate to more sales, than you’ve ever imagined.

Aha! But I know what you’re thinking …

“It’s soooo much work, hosting a Facebook group Christina – I just don’t think it’s possible for me”

I get it, trust me! In the beginning, although I knew I wanted to start a group, I was super resistant. If you’re anything like me, I bet you’re thinking…

“Leading a Facebook group means saying a big fat ‘sayonara’ to my nights and weekends – because I’ll DEFINITELY need to be posting 24/7 to get any traction”
“Plus the algorithm is always changing (I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds BAD!) – there’s no way I’ll EVER get my head around all that tech stuff”
“What if I host-and-post like crazy but just get stuck in the ‘friend zone’ – with everyone going dead silent as soon as I mention any offers? I’ll just be wasting my time!”
“And anyway, I’m nowhere NEAR enough of an ‘expert’ to create a wildy engaged and profitable Facebook group of my own (even if I knew how)?!”

But what if NONE of that is TRUE.

What if YOU could easily get 800+ new members in your FB group and bring in $30K in sales in your first month …?!

How would that feel?

As it happens, I can tell you from experience… it feels pretty darn good!

And that’s why I’m here to help you break the belief that “it’s not possible for me.”

To show you exactly how YOU can start and scale your free Facebook group, to grow a super-engaged audience full of dream clients and customers that can’t WAIT to buy from you …

WITHOUT needing to give up the rest of your life to do it!

I know this, because I’ve done it!

AND I’ve helped 100s of other online experts like you do the same.

This is how …

Get ready to
Attract, Engage + Convert like Crazy!

When I started out, I spent countless weeks (and a heck of a lot of cash!) searching for the perfect formula for Facebook group success …

Because I KNEW that Facebook groups were the best, fastest and easiest way to:

Create real connection and trust with ideal clients and customers
Build massive authority and showcase your expertise
Scale your business with way less stress!

And you know what?

That’s why I’m here now to help YOU grow a wildly engaged and PROFITABLE Facebook group of your own …

  • in WAY less time …
  • for WAY less money …
  • and WITHOUT the headache of trying to piece it all together yourself.

Using my signature YES! Method (developed over years of my research and experimentation!) I break down everything you need to know and do, into a simple, actionable task list for each day …

So by the end of 60 days you’ll have your very own rock-solid Facebook group full of raving fans, READY TO BUY!

Vanessa 10x’ed her revenue with the YES! Method!

I went from a $1,050 launch piecing it together on my own to $10,815 in sales using Christina’s 3-Step YES! Method! Thank you so much Christina for all of your guidance!

Vanessa Collins

Helps authors write, publish and sell their books

Wait what? A 7-figure launch – DURING A PANDEMIC?!

[su_vimeo url=""]

Selena Soo

Publicity & Marketing Strategist + Creator of “Impacting Millions”

“Ok, sounds awesome Christina –

but who the heck are you again? (And how do I know you’re for real?)”

Fair point! Let me introduce myself…

Hey, I’m Christina – mom, wife, Business Growth Strategist … and when I’m not running my 7-figure online biz, you’ll find me adventuring outdoors, drinking froo-froo Starbucks coffee, or just hanging out with my super-energetic, ice-cream-obsessed family in Vancouver or Palm Springs. (And no matter WHAT I’m doing, you can bet I’m wearing my comfies!)

These days, I’m known by many as the go-to expert on Facebook groups – but I wasn’t always an online business ninja. Back in 2011, I was still working a corporate job, in wealth management.

I had it all – the great job, house, husband, money in the bank … all the boxes were checked!

But a part of me still felt something was missing. (Maybe you can relate?)

I remember, I was on maternity leave with my new baby daughter … staring down into her beautiful eyes in the hospital, and wanting EVERYTHING for her. A whole world of possibilities. To be and do WHATEVER she wanted …

And in that moment it hit me.

I wasn’t living that experience myself!

Who was I to want every possibility for her, when I wasn’t willing to live into my own biggest desires?

So I made a promise to her right there – to step up and go after my dreams.

Because when you go after your dreams, you create space for others to go after theirs.

I’d love to say that everything changed right then! But fear definitely got in the way – I was in the “dreamer” phase for a looooong while!

Then at last, after my son was born, I thought “OK this is it. It’s time.”

I finally got past the fear, swallowed the discomfort, let go of my need for security

And I started my online business!

It was amazing to get my first few clients … but it still wasn’t all rainbows and kittens, believe me!!

I was overworked, underpaid, and constantly exhausted – trying to work around nap times and going to every networking event …

Then I decided I would start my own program. I was so excited – THIS was finally going to be the game-changer for me! I was doing all the right things … but when it came to launch time


Seriously, I couldn’t stop the ugly cry. I was so deflated!

I couldn’t figure it out. Where was I going wrong??

Finally it came to me.

I was missing connection.

I realized a Facebook group was the fastest way to create connection online.

I did a boatload of research to make sure that I did it right from the get-go. I’d seen so many people start groups that were ghost towns with almost zero engagement …

I wanted mine to be not just a reliable money maker, but a place for entrepreneurs to feel heard and supported. The last thing I’d do was just add people randomly – I wanted my group to be “the place to be!”

Finally, I kicked off my free Facebook group.

Guess what? It worked.

This is what my first month looked like, after launching my own Facebook Group:










I mean, I’d had high hopes… but this totally blew them out of the water!

I made $30K in one month – cash money in the bank, baby!

The engagement was bursting at the seams. The group grew to 3000 and then 8000 members in just one year!

By this time (unsurprisingly I guess!) people had started asking how I did it …

So I decided to share all I’d learned.

Enter my 3-Step YES! Method™ for creating, growing and monetizing a super-engaged free Facebook group

What took me months when I started, I’ve now compressed into weeks.

I created and launched Leading a Kick-Ass Facebook Group to deliver the YES! Method™

This program has helped nearly 1000 coaches and course creators just like you to create a connected online audience of raving fans who can’t WAIT to buy!

Life coaches, energy workers, faith-based coaches, dog trainers, wedding planners, relationship coaches, copywriters, business coaches, course creators, financial consultants …

Here are some of my students’ stories…

Sadiyya went from Skeptical in South Africa to 80k in Sales

Elizabeth Bloch sold 40+ spots in her new equestrian course

Writing mentor Traci Skuce pivoted online to a $10k launch

Mark Gagnon went from 0 to 500 while working full time


Then step right this way…


New Leads. More Sales. Less Stress.

Let me guess – you’re about ready to give up.

Your Facebook group is like a ghost town – you just can’t seem to get people to comment or engage, let alone post anything themselves …

Or maybe all your members just want to be your biz-bestie – so you’re struggling to sell anything, even to your “Top Fans’”!

Or perhaps you’re stuck in a bubble of overwhelm, and can’t figure out how to get your group off the ground in the first place …?!

You’ve been told you just need to hustle harder, push out more content, spread your net wider … (← not true!)

But you’re totally overwhelmed with all the marketing strategies and advice out there, and desperate to simplify!

I have good news – you can stop struggling!

Because the YES! Method™ is the simple, repeatable system that’s going to get you the leads, engagement and sales you want …

more easily, more quickly, and more reliably than anything you’ve ever tried.

Yes, it starts with a free Facebook group. But just having people join your group doesn’t mean you’ll make money from it.

  • You need to attract the RIGHT people
  • You need to know how to create purposeful engagement and connection with and among your people …
  • And you also also need a reliable, easy-to-use, proven sales system to convert members into buyers.

That’s EXACTLY what the all-in-one YES! Method™ brings you – step by easy step.


Remember, the Yes! Method™ is not a typical system – which means you’re not gonna get “typical” results!

Every step is validated, so that by the time you make your offer, you know it’s going to convert.

Own Your Authority

Step up and stand out so your people can find you easily, with the Instant Expert Formula

Validate Your Idea

…with your 2 must-have, drool-worthy offers

Grow Your Audience

3 rapid growth strategies you can take and implement immediately

Map Out Your Challenge

Map out your entire client-getting challenge blueprint

Promote Your Challenge

Get your audience fired up about your challenge with Megaphone Marketing

Boost Your Engagement

Ask just the right questions to get your members drooling for what’s coming next!

Host Your Challenge

Time for action, with your stand-out challenge

Present Your Offer

Bring the money baby! Cash in with your Sell-Out offer!

Rinse & Repeat

Duplicate your amazing results x2, x5, x10… as you assess, improve and repeat!

Learn the fastest (and easiest!) way to create a super-connected community that converts like crazy, with my proven YES! Method inside …

Leading a Kick Ass Facebook Group

Program Breakdown

Own Your Authority

  • Step into your true authority with the Instant Expert Formula – and make your business stand out so your people can easily find you (even if right now you have no list, no community, and no-one knows your name …!)
  • Get crystal clear on exactly what you want – and WHO you want to attract. (Hint: this might surprise you!)
  • Discover how to create mind-blowing content in minutes! These little-known content creation hacks will have you pumping out posts your audience will adore, even when time is tight

Validate Your Idea

  • Map out your 2 drool-worthy, must-have offers that your people actually WANT to buy – so there’s no need to waste energy trying to convince them of the value. Instead, when you simply own your worth, those dream customers and “impossible” income goals will be drawn irresistibly into your reality!
  • Blast away the distractions, exhaustion and overwhelm that are keeping you stuck. Learn a fail-proof way to maintain consistency and focus, so you don’t get off track or waste hours on things that WON’T grow your bank account!
  • Uncover the top 3 mistakes keeping you from making more sales, and how to avoid them – so you can STOP leaving money on the table (most people skip this part without realizing it!)

Rapidly Grow Your Audience

  • Get 1000 members in 30 Days – learn how to rapidly grow your audience by hosting a free virtual event (even if nobody knows your name!)
  • Discover 50+ ways to fill your group – without spending a dime on advertising! – get my best lead-generating hacks that work on autopilot, and will save you thousands on advertising
  • Get my complete, proven lead generating system designed to capture leads and multiply your conversions (this is how I got 400 leads in 24 hours – with zero ad spend!)

Map Out Your Free Experience

  • Nail down your irresistible challenge topic and get in your ideal customer’s head with the Challenge Naming Blueprint (a captivating name is one of the best ways to increase conversions!)
  • Get the 11-Step Checklist for a profitable challenge that will have your group members begging to sign up, share it, and show up live to engage each and every day
  • Unwrap my proven step-by-step process for mapping out the perfect length, steps and hashtags to make your challenge unforgettable (no more guesswork, dropping 1000s on shot-in-the-dark Facebook ads, or worrying you’ll end up teaching to a room of one)
  • Get the inside scoop on persuading big-name influencers to donate to-die-for challenge prizes that will have your audience drooling madly, and playing to win

Promote Your Challenge

  • Get the word out and pack your challenge – with Megaphone Marketing that calls in tons of ready-to-invest dream customers, just waiting for your genius!
  • Build your list and grow your group FAST – with my simple Get Seen Formula … even if you’re just starting out, you HATE putting yourself out there, and you have no clue what to say
  • Uncover your unique selling factor and what sets you apart from the crowd – so you can finally answer the question “Why choose me?” with magnetic confidence

Boost Your Engagement

  • Get your members excited, and create demand for your offer – by asking just the right questions to get into their minds and hearts
  • Make your group “the place to be” – and create loyal, engaged members who are marketing on your behalf, with your step-by-step Engagement Mechanism Process
  • Dial in your engagement – to become the talk of the internet, boosting your impact, AND freeing up more of your time to focus on what you do best – helping people, rather than fighting for their attention!
  • Get the No-Slow Engagement Boost – simple and often overlooked hacks to keep new, eager people signing up for your challenge (even after it starts), building unstoppable momentum all the way to your offer

Host Your Challenge

  • Claim your tried-and-tested templates for your daily challenge prompts – exactly what to include and what to leave out to show off your expertise, increase your know, like and trust factor, and give massive value
  • Discover how to get your challengers to spread the word, fill up your FB group and build that raving fan base of potential buyers
  • Learn how to seed your offer, and get the exact words that will guarantee your offer is sell-out worthy (this step alone can start the cash flowing, even before you announce it!)
  • Get the behind-the-scenes secrets to keep challengers engaged, motivated and getting the best results possible (thanks to you!)

Present Your Offer

  • Master the Perfect Pitch Formula – convert tons of raving fans into loyal paying customers without being spammy
  • Craft your winning webinar for quick and easy sales that come in a totally leveraged way
  • Get your take-it-and-go sales follow up sequence to skyrocket your sales, bust any potential client objections, and completely sidestep online marketing overwhelm
  • Simple debrief check-in to set up your relaunch to scale your profits x2, x5, x10 … as you assess, tweak and repeat your launch, time and time again!

This single mom made more than $70k in months – from scratch!

[su_vimeo url="" width="460" height="300"]

DeKesha Williams

Virtual COO & Biz Strategist

Leading a Kick-Ass Facebook Group is THE program for you, baby!

See you inside!

Select Your Track

When you sign up for Leading a Kick Ass Facebook group, you’re going to get all of the information and guidance you need to grow your group.

You’ll gain deeper connection and support on your journey with…

Live, Interactive (and Personalized) Strategy, Mindset & Business Coaching
… to fast-track your results in creating a wildly engaged and profitable Facebook group.

Over 60 days, you’ll have 4 intimate live “hot seat” style group coaching with personalized, in-depth feedback as you work through the program.

I’ll help you pinpoint the hidden obstacles standing in your way, clearly identify what you need to do in order to move forward and give you the support you need every step of the way to your success.

You really don’t have to do it alone.

You’ll also be supported inside our highly supportive and engaged Facebook group where my team and myself are there to support you ever step of the way.

The group is filled with current students like you and alumni students who’ve already knocked it out of the park, giving you the wisdom, support and success stories to fuel your growth faster than ever before.

Susan’s now getting consistent $20k months!

In just a few months after starting my group from scratch I was able to host two challenges that resulted $13k in sales EACH.

Now my group is hopping with engagement and has consistently allowed me to stay fully booked and create a wait list for my 1:1 allowing me to bring in multiple $20k+ months.

Susan McVea

Sales Coach

Above all, LEADING A KICK-ASS GROUP is a program focused on implementing – on getting it DONE!!

Which means – you WON’T be left behind.

You’re going to stay motivated and accountable, and get your profitable Facebook Group up and running, in JUST 60 Days!

Start TODAY and get over $6,000 in bonuses!

When you join today, you'll get my proven blueprint to a fully booked calendar and sold out programs PLUS over $6,000 worth of bonuses...

Niche Clarity Code

LIVE Training + Workbook

Get Clear on Your Ideal Customer

  • Use the Clarity Code to nail your niche, and fine-tune your positioning
  • Set yourself up for your own definition of success from the start by getting clear on your ideal customer and what motivates them to buy

Challenge Toolkit Swipe Files

Fill in the Blanks

  • Proven template swipe files for your emails and posts so you don’t sit endlessly watching your cursor blink on a blank screen, or lose hours scrolling randomly on FB, because you have no clue what to write!
  • A complete timeline and checklist to keep you on track.

The Kick Ass Viral Facebook Pack

Exclusive Templates by Katya Varbanova, CEO Viral Marketing Stars®️

  • 20 Exclusive Design Templates to go viral and makes sales with Facebook including FB group templates, conversation starter templates and promo & ad templates.
  • The templates are fully customizable with your own brand style using FREE Canva and they come with a video on how to customize them for your own business and save you hours.


72 Hour Launch Lab

  • This 3-day event is designed to unlock the blueprint to launch and scale a course or coaching program to 6 figures and beyond!
  • Interactive, get-it-done breakouts sessions for real time implementation so you’re ready to hit go!
  • Leave with a clear launch plan for ultimate time and money freedom!

Yours Included!

Sleeze-Free Selling


  • Speak and SELL Masterclass - Colin Boyd shows you how to speak, on stage and screen, in a way that actually connects with your audience and converts them to paying customers
  • Sales Page in a Weekend - Anna Powers teaches you a proven framework for a high-converting Sales Page
  • Learn to Think like a Millionaire Entrepreneur - Dr. Shannon Irvine teaches you how to remove imposter syndrome and get the clarity, confidence and focus it takes to become the millionaire entrepreneur you're meant to be!

The 3 Steps to Turn Your Boring Content into Storytelling Selling Machines

  • Discover The Story Stripdown Method to eliminate writer’s block.
  • Use the rules of acting to create stories that pop off the page. (If it works for Meryl Streep, it’ll work you ;-))
  • Swipe story ideas and questions to ignite your creativity and confidence (+ engagement!)

Chats that Convert

  • Discover the easiest way to start genuine chat conversations that become true connections with your people in our quick actionable training
  • No more getting tripped up on when or what to say with swipe files you can copy and paste directly into your messenger!
  • Be a fly on the wall to see actual conversations that turned into clients, broken down into a step by step process.

How to Turn 1 Piece of Content into 30

  • Hop off the constant treadmill of content creation with a simple plan to repurpose your content
  • In as little as 30 mins per week, uncover how to appear “everywhere” by batching your content.
  • Say sayonara to your writer’s block and feeling like you’re running out of things to say!

5 Steps to Adding a Passive Income Stream

Workshop with Lisa Johnson

  • Learn Lisa's CASsH® system helped her have a $2.5m launch in a pandemic, whilst working less than 30 hours a month
  • Get you actionable steps in which to implement them in your business moving forward.

Sales Page in a Weekend

Workshop with Sara Anna Powers

  • Recorded Workshop teaching you a Proven framework for a high-converting Sales Page
  • Your 20-page, easy-reference Guide to Non-Negotiable Elements of your Top-Converting Sales Page
  • Walk-through of Sara Anna's Top-Converting Sales Page
  • 20 Exclusive Design Templates to go viral and makes sales with Facebook including 1) FB group templates 2) Conversation starter templates 3) Promo & ad templates.
  • The templates are fully customizable with your own brand style using FREE Canva and they come with a video on how to customize them for your own business.
  • These templates were created with experts, coaches and online businesses in mind and will save you hours of content creation every month.

Rapid Audience Growth


  • Joint Venture: 1000 Facebook Group Members in 30 Days - Learn how to rapidly grow your audience by hosting a free virtual event even if nobody knows your name.
  • Free: 45 Ways to fill your group without spending a dime on advertising! - Get my best lead generating hacks that will save you from investing thousands of dollars on advertising.
  • Paid: Learn how to create, launch and monitor Facebook Ads like a Boss with my own FB ads manager, Lisa Stoops. Get the step-by-step process of creating a wildly profitable ad, and bring in targeted leads on a regular basis for even bigger profits!

Boost Your Engagement


  • Starts with Hello - 5 Step New Member Engagement Booster
  • 90 Day Done-for-you Content - How to plan, organize and execute 90 days of social media posts that get you noticed and create connection
  • What to Post and Where - Finally get clear on what to post and where to post it so it all fits together: your personal page, biz page, FB group, stories or Instagram.

Authority Building Bundle


Your exclusive fast track to having the world know your name.

  • Nail your Million Dollar Messaging with Brandon Lucero.
  • Turn your knowledge into profits with The Framework Formula with Mel Abraham (as seen on Larry King Live) and
  • How to Pitch for Podcasts to build out your celebrity status with Lisa Simone Richards!

Program Design Masterclass
with James Wedmore


14 Ways to Create $1k in the Next 30 Days

with Rachel Ngom

  • Learn how to make money EVEN IF you don't have an audience yet!
  • Uncover little known strategies to boost your bottom line - even when you're just getting started.


1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session

with Program Coach

This special bonus is gifted to the first 10 only!

  • Get a deep dive private 1:1 coaching session to uncover exactly what you've been missing
  • Blast through the distractions and get personalized support for more growth, engagement and profits.



Start TODAY and get Thousands in bonuses:

Live Coaching & Accountability

  • Over 90 days, you'll have 4 live “hot seat” style group coaching calls with Christina with personalized, in-depth feedback as you work through the program, so you're fully supported every step of the way.
  • Get results faster. You’ll be put in a smaller pod, led by one of our accountability coaches who’ve already been through the program to help you stay on track with bi-weekly calls with peers in either beginner or advanced track.

Members-Only Private Facebook Group

  • Got a quick question? Need some feedback? Got you covered.
  • You'll have 24/7 access to our super-engaged members-only Facebook group where you can post your questions for feedback and support.

Leading a Kick-Ass Facebook Group is THE program for you, baby!

See you inside!

So in case you’re wondering if this is the right program for you…

Let me help!

If you’re kinda “ho-hum” about your business…

  • sure, you’d like to be making more money but you’re not sure you have the time or energy to do much about it …
  • and frankly Netflix usually wins hands down over “self development” when it comes to choosing how to spend your time …

… then click away now honey, because there’s nothing here for you.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who:

  • dreams about leading a fun and super-engaged community filled with ideal customers … AND having plenty of money in the bank to reflect your hard work!
  • wants a repeatable, reliable system to follow to rapidly boost engagement and connection in your group … so you can fill your programs with ease
  • is DONE with mediocre, and watching from the sidelines as other people have all the success
  • craves results NOW – and you’re willing to do what it takes to get things done!
  • is SO READY to be that overnight success story posting about your epic months – just 60 days from today!

Lisa put in the work – and got AMAZING results!

Sally was skeptical … then made $37k in 5 days!

I was skeptical and wasn’t sure the system would work for my topic that is a little bit out there. But I followed the system and ran a 5 day challenge and made $37k in sales and counting!

Sally Griffyn

Business & Spirit Coach for Entrepreneurs, Millionaire Yogi

From confusion to clarity – and helping 100s inside a 7x’ed group!

I felt like I was waiting and HOPING people would contact me about my services. I had a confusing messaging and major doubts? Through the Kick-Ass program I was able to clarify my message, grow my group by hundreds of ideal people in just 6 weeks… compared to the 30 stragglers I had before. I’m really helping all these people now!

Sarah Scott

Positive Discipline Educator


Just think – no more guesswork!

Instead, you’ll feel 100% CONFIDENT knowing where to focus your time to maximize your impact and profits…

And attract hundreds (thousands!) of your ideal customers, so you can fill your programs with ease.

When you enroll in the Leading a Kick Ass Facebook Group program, you’ll unlock:

  • 8 Step-by-Step Training Modules everything you need to know and do, into a simple, actionable task list for each day (value $5,000)
  • Scripts, Checklists and Templates saving you hours of having to create on your own (value $1,500)
  • In-Depth Workbooks to help you dig deep and gain the most from your experience (value $1,500)
  • Access to future module updates to make sure you are always current with what’s working (priceless)
  • BONUS Content Creation Workshop where I will personally walk you through the process to map out your next 90 days of content (value $497)
  • BONUS Niche Clarity Live Training + Workbook so you can find and focus on prospects that are most likely to purchase from you! (value $497)
  • BONUS Challenge Toolkit + Checklist Get my proven template swipe files for your emails and posts to host your own profitable challenge! Never again sit endlessly watching your cursor blink on a blank screen, or lose hours scrolling randomly on FB, because you have no clue what to write! (value $1,500)
  • BONUS Done-For-You Template Get my exact slide deck for high converting webinars with a pre-scripted pitch so you never have to wonder what to say (value $497)

So what do our Kick-Ass students have to say to you?

Sara grew to 700+ members – and finally made a profit!

[su_vimeo url=""]

Sarah Cruz

Success Mindset Architect and Biz Strategist for female entrepreneurs

Michelle found her purpose – and made her first sales!

I went from 47 members in my group, feeling like I didn’t have a purpose anymore, to 900 highly engaged members and making my first sales in business ever!

Michelle Munt

Blogger helping brain injury survivors

DeKesha has found a repeatable system to multiply her revenue

Nobody was engaging in my group and I knew I had to do something. I had previously launched a course and made $2500 but with using the Leading a Kick-Ass Facebook Group system I had my first 5 figure launch. Now I have a repeatable system and I know next time I can 2x or even 3x my sales.

DeKesha Williams

Virtual COO & Biz Strategist

Tara easily sold 65 spots in a brand new membership!

I had no plan or strategy and was worried about burnout. My prices were too low and I needed a strategy. I ended up selling 65 spots in my brand new membership program!

Tara Thorne

Functional Nutritionist

Lauren knows this is Good Stuff!

Amy had her biggest ever launch – $51,000!

Got Questions?

I LOVE that about you! And I have answers …

What if I don’t have an existing list or group? I feel like I’m starting from square 0.

You don’t need a big community or huge list to lead a profitable and engaged FB group. In fact, the strategies you’ll learn in this program will teach you exactly how to do that, whether your current community is deserted or you’ve got thousands of people already following you.

I’m not sure what my business is. Will this work for me?

The Niche Clarity Code Bonus Bundle will help you gain clarity on your business idea. We kick off by identifying who you are, what you can sell, and who is thrilled to pay you for it — even if you’ve never made a dollar in business.

My market is a little different. Do Facebook groups work if I don’t serve other entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! Former successful students have been in industries as far and wide as health and fitness, life coaching, finance, self-love, dog training, real estate, copywriting, graphic design, consulting and more. Every business needs customers, and every customer loves receiving value, like the value you’re going to provide inside your FB group.

What if I can’t make it to the live call in the Elite Track?

I get it, sometimes life gets in the way! Each and every call will be recorded so you can go back and listen to them later or catch up if you fall behind.

I’m pressed for time. How much work will be involved?

In my experience as a full-time business owner, mother to 2 small children, wife and daughter, I’ve learned the fastest path to success.

Everything I’m teaching you is designed to work on the tightest of schedules. You’ll receive time-saving templates, checklists, and hacks for infinite growth in a short amount of time. That being said, you still have to do the work if you want to see the results!

I’m embarrassed to be on video. Do I have to Facebook Live every day to be successful?

Facebook Live is becoming a popular and profitable way to share your message, but it’s not the only way. You’ll learn how to do it and do it well, but you’ll also be creating other forms of content that won’t require you to be on camera.

I don’t know what to post about. Will this program help me with ideas?

Yes, you’ll receive swipe files and examples of posts that work across industries and markets, as well as information on how to pump out a ton of captivating content in a short amount of time.

Will this help me get high-end clients?

When it comes down to it, that’s EXACTLY what this program is about: finding your ideal clients, nurturing them with mega-value, and turning them into paying clients. This program will help you sell info products, programs and services to a range of perfect clients at all levels — and attract even more of them into your group, so you can build a lifetime-long relationship.

The first month I launched my FB group, my income more than tripled from just under $10K to $30K. And that was just in month one. Over the entire span of my FB group, it’s brought in dozens of high-end clients, hundreds of buyers and more cash than I can count, and using the strategies you’ll learn in this program, it will continue to do so. Those are the results I want for you too.

If I implement the program and still don’t get results, can I get my money back?

If you’ve participated fully in the program – shown up for the calls, done the work, and implemented what you’ve learned – and you’re NOT happy with your results, then you have a full 30 days after your purchase date to request a full refund. Simply email, show us your completed coursework, and we’ll get your payments back to you.

(Why do we ask for your completed work? Because the program can’t be expected to bring results if you haven’t put in the work – so there’s no refund for non-­participation!)

Holly’s Facebook group has gone from silent to buzzing!

Almost $5k in Kadidja’s first ever launch!

When I first started my Facebook group I didn’t have a clear direction – or a clear niche for my coaching practice for that matter.
My initial enthusiasm started to wane when I experienced a lack of engagement in my group. Following Christina’s framework I created my first challenge with 75 people and enrolled 7 clients into my new program and made $4,985.
Having a Facebook group has been a key component to attracting clients and nurturing relationships.

Kadidja Yansane

Women’s Business Coach

From 66 to 1178 members – and a FULL coaching calendar!

A letter from Christina…

Why Planning For The Future Starts With Your Decision Today

If you’re tired of watching from the sidelines while other entrepreneurs seem to achieve easy success …

If you’re tired of waiting for the right time to go for your dream (you know, that BIG THING you’re here to create) …

And if you’re especially tired of feeling unfocused, overwhelmed and confused, with no real clue what to do first (or second or third) …

I get it.

Things just aren’t happening as fast as you wanted, if at all.

But what if I were to tell you –


I’m here to help you – the entrepreneur, coach, course-creator, service-based professional ready to embrace your own business dreams and create a kick-ass community of raving fans that believe in your mission and can’t wait to buy from you.

A mentor once told me that “success presents itself in the form of opportunity, but it’s up to you to take that opportunity.”

So here I am standing in the doorway waiting for you to jump. Knowing that you can have everything you want – especially when I will be here to support you and lay out the step-by-step plan that’ll lead you, simply and quickly, to your success.

But it starts with a decision – and you’re the only one who can make it.

You can choose to stay as you are …

  • struggling and overwhelmed – trying to figure it all out on your own, with no clear idea what you’re even aiming for
  • frustrated and stuck – spinning your wheels in a time-suck of busyness, but getting almost no traction at all
  • exhausted and broke – telling yourself you’ll invest in support once you’re making good money (when will that be when you don’t know how to bring in the sales?!)

Or you can choose to take a chance on yourself right now, and invest in a fail-proof system to create a profitable Facebook group in 60 days or less, without hustling for every single sale.

Is it YOUR time to be my next success story?

Thought so.

Let’s do this.

My guarantee to you:

Our students are the BEST – they’re the change-makers of the internet, committed to showing up, giving service and getting results.

So I know that once you’re inside this program, you’re going to give it your all – to put in your best work, in order to see the success you want. And I’m 100% confident that the program will work for you, if you do the work.

That being so, if you’ve participated fully in the program – shown up for the calls, done the work, and implemented what you’ve learned – and you’re NOT happy with your results, then you have a full 30 days after your purchase date to request a full refund. Simply email, show us your completed coursework, and we’ll get your payments back to you.

(Why do we ask for your completed work? Because the program can’t be expected to bring results if you haven’t put in the work – so there’s no refund for non-­participation!)

“I love being the leader of such an amazing community!”

Hosting my own Facebook Group has helped me create the community I wanted to create and given me an opportunity to learn exactly what my community needs.

After a failed launch attempt on my own that resulted in zero sales and just a bill for Facebook ads I joined the program and followed Christina’s system and made $1,580 in sales.

Since then most of my clients for my online programs have come directly from my Facebook group with a higher conversion rate than my email list even though it’s smaller.

Ariana Fotinakis

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

Tracy’s group is about to hit 5,000 members!

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