The less I do the more I make

The first time I heard the phrase, “Working hard is lazy thinking” every ounce of my body was ready to argue against it to death.

But before I opened my mouth, I thought what if that were true?

And does that mean I’m a lazy thinker?

I mean c’mon, you’ve got to step up to the plate to make things happen, right?

If you’re not willing to put in the work, things won’t just magically land on your lap.

Maybe some opportunities will, but without action, you’ll never actually seize that chance.

So I thought maybe there IS something I am not seeing…hmmm.

I knew I might be onto a major breakthrough so I got quiet and sat in the question.

“What if working hard is lazy thinking?”

I reminded myself that many of my greatest successes in life came from the least amount of effort. The least amount of control.

I thought back to my old mantra, “the less I do, the more I make”

Woah! How did I forget that?

You might be able to hustle your way to your first 6-figures, but that will not get you to a million dollar business.

Busy work is often disguised as working hard, when it’s not. It’s lazy thinking.

And just this week, I had a major ah-ha!

I remembered one of my favourite words and ways of being was expansion.

Where have I lost myself to lazy thinking? Where had I ignored dealing with the real problems? When was I powering my way through to mow it over, only for the problem to pop right back up like a weed?

But enough of thinking about what has happened.

How can I finish off this year in a place of ease, flow and expansion?

How can I open up to miracles and fresh perspectives?

How can I create epic results by doing less, working less and allowing more?

Off I went, crossing things off my calendar….singing to myself…”the less I do, the more I make”

I felt like a little giddy school girl who just saw her crush walk by in the hallway.

*heart beating* *thump* *thump* *thump*

That wave of excitement.

Lazy thinking is getting an overhaul! I am saying sayonara to any lingering busy bees and opening up to strategic, expansive thinking.

Are you with me?


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