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15:35 Dr. Cheryl Wood – Unleash and monetise the power of your voice

36:20  Amanda Berlin -The Only Three Things You’ll Ever Need to Do to Be Seen: Three Pillars of Visibility that Bring More Clients, Credibility, and Fame

1:04:36 Rachel Ngom – How to Double Your Leads in the Next 30 Days with Pinterest

1:31:31 Lucy Griffiths – Create 6 months of content in 1 Day

1:54:36 Breonna Queen – Leveraging the Power of Youtube

2:17:49  Christina Jandali – Supercharge your E-mail list with Joint Venture Events

2:35:03  Lisa Simone Richards – Get on the Podcasts Your Clients Are Listening to

2:54:30 Nicole Culver – 3 secrets to creating content quickly that actually helps you sell your programs

3:14:01 Abby Herman – Ask your audience: Delivering what your audience needs and wants

3:30:12 Rachel Whynot -LinkedIn Expert Selling System

3:55:50  Q&A


12:52 Molly Ann Luna – STEP UP: Turning Your Expertise Into A Money-Generating Machine

30:50 Allie Bjerk – How to Turn Tiny Offers into High Ticket Clients

54:10 Desirée Dunbar – How to Trust Your Gut & Kick Perfectionism & Self-Sabotage to the Curb!

1:20:24 Ryann Dowdy – When is it Time to Hire a Social Seller?!

1:41:41 Christina Jandali – Monetizing Your Free Pop Up Groups

2:03:49 Colin Boyd – Webinars That Convert Like Crazy

2:32:00 Ken Honda – Are you a Friend of Money?

2:51:58 Daniel Mangena – Unlocking Your Money DNA

3:12:20 Shamina Taylor– Activate Your Wealth Consciousness

3:32:41 Stu & Amy McLlaren – Passion to Purpose

3:47:55 Q&A


11:25  Sara Connell – How to Write a Bestselling Book That Starts a Movement

29:22 Roberta West – Funnel is the New Black

45:33 Alecia May – Creating A Highly Impactful Virtual Event Experience

1:10:10 Samantha Vlasceanu – Tiktok for Coaches? Only if you Want Mo’ Money!

1:30:40 Dr. Shannon Irvine – 3 Must have Coaching Skills for Lasting & Permanent Results and Transformation  

1:48:57 Sarah Turner – Conscious Copywriting: How to Attract a Loyal Audience

2:05:45  Kim McCarter – Creating an Inclusive Coaching Community

2:30:07  Bobby Klinck – The “Legal Stuff” For Your Coaching Business

2:46:33  Monica Monfre-Scantlebury – Start at the End: Create a Course That Delivers Results

2:58:00  Rebecca Cafiero – Owning Your Magic: 5 Steps to Create Online Brand Credibility Fast

3:14:40  Kimi Evans – How to Gain Media Visibility

3:34:07  Q&A

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