Case Studies: Real Client Stories

From no plan and burnout –> selling 65 spots in new membership

Tara Thorne, Functional Nutritionist

$10k launch with
43 challengers

Anita Smith, Mindset Coach

Increased Engagement + $18k on 1st challenge using system

Penny Elliot, Business Coach

From nobody engaging in group to 4x launch. 1st 5 figure launch

Dekesha Williams, Virtual COO + Biz Strategist

From never being on Facebook to $13k launch with 100 members and 6 figures in 6 months

Susan McVea, Sales Strategist

Hobbiest blogger goes from 47 members to 900 highly engaged members and first ever sales

Michelle Munt, Brain Injury Survivor Blogger

From low engagement and a $1-$2k challenges to $10,815 challenge and highly engaged group

Vanessa Collins, helps authors write, publish and sell their books