3 Reasons Coaches Struggle for Consistent Clients

As more new coaches are popping up in the marketplace, I’ve noticed a significant shift.

Many new coaches see the end results of success and want that for themselves, but they have no idea what it really takes to build a business.

Perhaps this is familiar for you…

Have you ever looked at seemingly overnight success stories, rags to riches highlights and industry leaders traveling the world and having all the freedom, impact and income thinking that it must have been easy for them?

I know I did.

I expected things to take off right away. The truth is it does take hard work and time.

Developing a personal brand and becoming an entrepreneur takes a much different skillset than being an employee.

You absolutely can package up your knowledge and expertise and monetize it, but first you’ve got to learn how to market yourself, your expertise and your brand. You have to learn how to sell.

It breaks my heart to see such talent go to waste. There are loads of brilliant coaches out there falling by the wayside, not getting all the clients and cash that they want.

…and I’m on a mission to change that!

Here are the TOP 3 Reasons why Coaches Struggle to get Consistent Clients and Cash and how to avoid them…


1. Feeling icky about sales and self-promotion.

I remember thinking I just wanted to coach and be good at my craft. But I soon realized that as a business owner, coach or not, you are in the business of sales and marketing.

I’ve seen so many talented coaches not make the money they deserve as they waited to be discovered. I get it. I’ve always preferred being understated, but truth is there is an art to self-promotion.

Once you let go of old beliefs around sales, and instead learn how to articulate your amazingness and the value you provide, it won’t feel like sales at all.

2. Trying to figure it all out themselves.

I was that stubborn girl, arms crossed, sitting on my high horse of figuring it all out on my own. Piecing together this and that program. Watching every webinar. Reading every free PDF that promised to teach me what I was missing. Trust me, it didn’t get me that far that quickly.

Let’s be honest. Massive success comes from a team. There is freedom in structure and a step-by-step plan that actually works. You’ll save blood, sweat and tears in the long run. It’s also important to be honest with your current ability and know-how. Be aware of where you need to ask for help. Know where you need to sharpen your skill set.

3. Lack of focus.

With so many distractions, and no clearly defined and measurable plan, it’s easy to get lost in shiny object syndrome. Not just for the next silver bullet solution, but for trying too many things at once versus perfecting one first before moving on to the next.

Want to know what you should be focusing on?

Check out this daily marketing schedule that has helped thousands of  entrepreneurs get fully booked.

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