What to do when your income takes a nose dive?

There’s talk all over the internet about how to start an online business and how to scale it, but nobody ever talks about…

the breakdown.

It’s when things are going really well. You cross BIG income milestones and you think you’re all set and then


The applications stopped flooding in.

Your email list engagement drops like a hot potato.

A refund or a not-as-expected testimonial comes in.

Your clients are finishing up their contracts.

The launch payment plans are coming to an end and you’re in a slight panic about where you next clients or sales are going to come from.

A little more time goes by and that mild panic turns into “Oh shit! What am I gonna do?”

Your cash flow looks bleak.

You spiral into doubting yourself. Wondering if anybody will ever buy from you again. Completely dumbfounded as to what just happened. I mean how is this possible, right?

Things were going great…

That’s exactly where my client was just a few months ago when we started working together. Let’s call her Cindy.

Cindy had created some great success in her company.

She’d made a huge different in her clients lives.

But she was stuck.

She stopped trusting herself.

She starting questioning all of her decisions after making a few bad ones and she was scared.

Cindy was the bread winner in the family so it was all on her to not only put food on the table but to also fund their cushy lifestyle. That was a lot on her shoulders and she was stuck.

She knew she needed to get help to pull out of this, but she was scared to invest and make the wrong decision.

In just a few months of working together, Cindy did a complete 180.

She took her last year’s annual multi 6 figure annual income and made it in less than 6 months of working together.

She got crystal clear on her vision and where she was headed.

We unearthed exactly what was keeping her stuck and cleared out the underlying blocks.

Cindy gave herself permission to go BIGGER, in spite of judgement from loved ones and old beliefs around money.

She released all the guilt and shame and tapped into her truest unfiltered desires and let go of thinking things were “good enough.” No longer censoring herself with limitation but opening up the possibility of more. Much more.

Cindy zeroed in on her zone of genius. Fully tapping into her one BIG thing that she was gonna be her million dollar maker….not ten.

We built out a marketing plan, and I held her accountable to her vision every step of the way.

I saw in her unearthed potential seeking expression.

She saw in me complete faith in what was about to unfold in her life and business, and it gave her peace of mind.

It was so beautiful to see her step into that vision and watch her reality completely transform into…


Consistent ideal clients

Leveraged sales and cash flow

and most of all, trust in herself once again.

Cindy’s tracking to hit 7 figures and I know that it’s only the beginning.

Beyond all the financial success was her peace of mind, leadership, predictability of cashflow and the transformation into this newer, brighter version of herself where anything is possible.

To go from scared to on top of the world.

From wondering where her next clients would come from to a waitlist of perfect-for-her clients.

From flopped launch to a stress free business model that brings in the consistent moolah.

I couldn’t be more proud.

If you’re feeling stuck like Cindy was, then I want to invite you to have your breakthrough moment.

Are you ready to break free from the roller coaster and say buh-bye to the tiny trickles of cash coming in?

If you feel it’s your time to step it up and hit your income goals for 2022 with peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re gonna make then let’s get you on the calendar and talk to one of my biz breakthrough coaches!

Cindy created true freedom in her business.

She trusted in herself, once again. Trusted in what she was able to accomplish. Trusted in raking in boat loads of money while making a huge difference in her clients lives without busting her butt spinning in circles getting nowhere.

Cindy became full of joy. She followed the plan we mapped out for her and she saw results which gave her more faith and brought back her manifesting mojo.

And I know it’s possible for you too!

Let’s create your fast track roadmap to scaling for consistent moolah, freedom and manifesting mojo.

Click here to book a call with my coaches!

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