3 Questions to Step into Your Possibility

By the time you’re 17 years old, you have been told “you cannot” over 170,000 times.

And do you know how many times you’ve been told: “you can”?


Talk about busting through conditioning!

We’re wired to think we cannot move forward without permission. And when we don’t move forward, we spin. We’re stuck in indecision. Then we start to lose focus on what we’re actually meant to do.

Indecision is a nowhere land and it’s painful to be in. The longer you stay in there the harder it is to get out, because there is more to consider.

So today, I wanna invite you to reconnect with yourself in a deeper way, and think about these 3 questions….

When did you stop trusting yourself?

Perhaps you may have never trusted yourself. Perhaps you lost trust in yourself when you got sick as a child. I want you to sit with that question for a little while and think through it.

Because that moment when you stopped trusting yourself, you made a decision to protect yourself.

To save yourself from disappointment.

To numb out on disappointment. so that you don’t feel it.

Next, what if you have the opportunity to break free from the shackles? 

What would your life look like? Because you get to decide how you powerfully move forward.

There are days in my business where I love what I do, and I get so fired up that I just out of bed every morning. Excited to take on the day.

Whereas there were days when I was in corporate, I could barely drag myself out of bed after like 10 snooze buttons, and still barely drag myself out of bed.

I still have moments of doubting myself, I still have moments of questioning.

Can I really do this?

Am I really capable of this?

What if today goes wrong?

What if you stop making yourself wrong for those thoughts?

That’s the biggest advice I can give anyone who wants to be in biz.

Never talk yourself out of your possibility.

Honor whatever comes up for you, and thank yourself for being open.


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