What’s your morning routine?


A fun question I love to ask is, “what’s your morning routine?”

You get so much insight into a person just by knowing what they do the moment they wake up.

Do you roll over in your bed and snooze 15 times before getting up at noon?

… Or do you get up before the alarm goes off at 5 AM, jump straight into your athletic wear and go for a run?

… Or do you slow the world down, meditate and set yourself up with positive affirmations before you begin the day?

No judgment here!

I used to see myself as the first type of person, where I would snooze my alarm until I HAD to get up.

The funny thing was when I first met my husband at the office (years before our first date) – he was the kind of person who’s already ticked off at least 7 items from his to-do list by the time I got up. I thought he was crazy!

But after kids, my body clock adjusted to jump out of bed before the crack of dawn without an alarm because that is when the house is at its quietest!

Yay to quiet time! And uninterrupted work getting done!

Over the years, I’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money in working on myself and learning how to manage my mind.

I’ve researched and tried all the routines out there to see what worked best for me in the morning.

Some did wonders, and some led me to feel pretty meh.

But what helped me the most was when I realized that:

Your morning routine begins the night before.


What does that even mean?

What you think about before you go to bed will be what your subconscious mind goes to work on while you sleep. That means you need to choose wisely what you focus on before you fall asleep.

Think about it: If you’re watching a high-packed action drama movie with lots of gunfights and thrills just before you fall asleep, you may end up feeling frantic and panicky. You may even star in an action scene in your dreams which may lead to bad sleep!

But, if you listen to a guided meditation or calming hypnosis as you fall asleep that talks about success, love, and gratitude, your subconscious mind will be searching for ways to create more of this in your life, and you’ll wake up with inspired ideas and be excited to take on the day.

Make sense?

Since listening to guided meditations, affirmations or hypnosis tracks before going to sleep, the anxiety and stress that once woke me up at night, melted away.

Instead, I found myself calmer, energized, and excited to take on the day as soon as I woke up.

I’m always brimming with new ideas to implement in my life, family, and business from the moment I wake up. This shift alone has given me the clarity to solve problems and come up with new creative solutions and ideas.

So my piece of advice to you this week is to try it out for yourself, and let me know how it goes for you!

But….a side note. Find an audio you love and then commit to listening to the exact same audio for at least 30 days straight. That’s when you’ll start to see your thoughts shift and a new calm set in.

Tell me… How you usually start your mornings? And if you’ve already been listening to awesome hypnosis or guided meditations, what have you been listening to? I’d love to know! 😉

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