(Part Two) I fell short of my goals, month after month, until…

Yesterday I started to share my story on my very humble beginnings.

What it felt like when I first began my business.

And the single piece of advice that became a turning point for me.

If you haven’t read Part One yet, click here to read it.

Seriously, make sure you read the full story!

Anyway, back to what I was sharing: Things started to make sense for me when I finally realized that business is about relationships.

All this while, I’ve been checking off the boxes.

Doing what I was “supposed to be” doing.

Hoping for a result that never came.

But I told myself, “enough was enough.”

No more waiting for my inbox to ping, hoping someone read and received my email.

No more obsessing over stats and how well each email or post performs.

No more waiting for my people to come to me.

I knew I had to meet my people where they’re at.

So I asked myself, “how can I build relationships and create connection with my ideal clients online?”

That’s when it hit me – Facebook Groups. a-ha!

Unlike most social media that operates like your store front, a Facebook group was a digital living room. A container for community and connection.

A place to lead and gather my people. The side effect of that? Authority.

Yep. It wasn’t about proving I was an authority, the very fact of bringing like minded people together and leading the group is what created the authority.

It was a safe space to have two-way dialogue and create leveraged connections. Think about it. Everyone is a fly on a wall for the conversations in the group.

It was the answer to everything I wanted.

I could see real people, real faces and interact with them in my intimate environment.

They were no longer just a stat on my mailing list, popping up every time someone opened the email.

It finally worked!

When the group got up and running, I intentionally connected with my members with a keen interest to learn about who they were and how they were getting stuck.

I came from a place of service and genuine desire to learn about my members..

I offered a pair of unbiased eyes to help them see what they needed to move forward and made offers aligned with what they told me they wanted.

Brrring! My Pay Pal link started to boom with the sales coming in.

Gradually, I gained confidence in what I was offering and making offers! Having a safe place to find my voice is what helped me dial in my messaging.

Fast forward today, I love Facebook Groups.

After working with hundreds of successful influencers and kick-ass leaders, the one differentiating factor has always been a connection with their audience.

When you have a deep connection with your audience, your audience is going to be engaged.

And when they’re engaged, they show up for you and for themselves.

And when they show up, you get to demonstrate your value, how you can help them, and then they’re going to want to buy from you.

Because it’s not about being number one in the world, but being number one in your ideal client’s world.

That’s why I’m hosting my brand new training series called Engage Your Group.

While you were reading my story, if there was any part of you that knows you need to stand out in your ideal client’s world…

… To let go of the belief that you CAN’T.

… To finally be seen as a global leader in your field.

The Engage Your Group Training Series will show you the fastest way to leverage that connection, increase your visibility and step into a new level of success..

Will I see you there?

Click here to join me for the Engage Your Group Training Series.


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