[ 6 Steps ] How To Get Raving Fans

I’ve been in sunny Palm Springs for the last week and have been spending time with my family. 

The best part has been that while spending quality time with my husband and my two kiddos, my Facebook group surpassed 5,000 members. And I had a constant stream of leads, referrals and sales coming in on auto pilot. 

It wasn’t long ago where it felt like an uphill battle to make a sale. 

Do you find yourself constantly wondering where your next client would come in? 

Wouldn’t you love to have a process for getting referrals and making sales that is predictable and repeatable?

If you’ve been in my community for a while, then you know how much I like to talk about getting the right referrals.  

One of my mastermind ladies celebrated a new client that came in as a referral from a fellow sassy mastermind sister this week. 

It’s been incredible seeing the level of support between these women. I’ve made it a priority to encourage them to foster their relationships with each other and it’s evident they have.

This got me thinking…

Your business is like planting the seed of an apple tree.  Yes, it’s exciting to pick the fruits of your labour in the end, but what has to happen before it bears fruit?

You start by talking to other farmers who are already successful. You ask them questions. You see what they did and you decide that you’re ready, willing and able to do the same. You get excited at the possibility.

Then, you source out the best seeds and suppliers and research the best place to plant your seeds (validating your business idea and starting to build relationships).

Next, you prepare and fertilize the soil and plant several seeds because you know not every seed will turn into a tree (creating your business foundation, initiating your business plan and continuing to build and nurture your relationships).

As time passes you continue to nurture, fertilize and watch as your trees grow (give value, build relationships, make offers).

People start to notice that you have some juicy apples and want to know how you did it.

You look back at what you did and see that you took a series of actions that led to bearing fruit. You realize not everyone did it the same way. Not everyone got those juicy apples.

Most people didn’t build a solid foundation. Most people just wanted to get started and didn’t pay attention to making sure they sourced out the best seeds and most fertile ground. Most people didn’t capitalize on the power of community and connection with the right people to not only get off on the right foot, but to continue to grow.

But you were different. You made every effort in nurturing your relationships by giving without expectation or attachment. Just like helping your neighbours grow their crops, you shared your tips, tools and insights.

The key to a successful business is to deliver more value than the cash value you take in return.  That doesn’t mean discounting your prices, it means raising the bar on what you offer and delivering an incredible product or service.

It’s orchestrating a “wow” client experience. It’s sharing your knowledge and giving back. Building strategic partnerships, doing consistent outreach and being of service. Supporting and helping others because you believe in them. Just like my sassy mastermind ladies did.

Let’s say the market for your apples were young families with children.  Think of it like providing organic, hand picked fruit with a selection of pies, spreads and kids snacks in your store front, with a playground, petting zoo and mini-train ride that makes the entire experience enjoyable for your community of families. 

That’s what creates raving clients and fans that are excited to tell others about you.  

When you say how great you are, it’s bragging. When others say it, it’s proof. People listen.

Your 6 Action Steps to Building a Raving Fan Base & Referral Network: 

  1. Allocate 15 minutes each day for the following.
  2. Make a list of 30 people who could potentially impact your business in a positive way.  You should have a mix of potential clients, referral partners, influencers and people you know who have the ability to introduce you to somebody that could open doors for you.
  3. Put one name in each day of your calendar for the next month.
  4. Each day, reach out to that person on your list.  Offer a free resource, share a tip, provide a connection, give a referral or just simply pick up the phone or hop on a Facebook video call and connect with them.
  5. Then rotate them to the bottom of your list and/or add them to the beginning of your next month outreach.
  6. Each day add a new name to your list with a goal to eventually have 5-10 direct outreach connections per day.

Tip: Consider this an extension of your existing Facebook Group strategy of commenting and engaging in groups with solutions, tips or connections. Don’t have a Facebook Marketing Strategy? Get my 4 week Facebook Marketing Strategy by clicking here.

If you keep this up, the people on your list will hear from you on a monthly basis and you will stay top of mind.

You have to be consistent to be successful. Dipping your toes in, trying this or that out briefly and then moving on to the next shiny object won’t get you anywhere. Stick with it. Do the ground work to set yourself up for success. And take the time to build those relationships.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Join me in celebrating the 5000+ members in the Sassy group. I’d love to hear what you would like to see for a celebration. I’m all ears. Share your feedback in the group here.

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