How to Write Facebook Posts that Capture Attention

I hopped on a friends livestream yesterday who was talking about capturing attention with social media posts.

Maybe you’ve wondered are long or short posts better?

She was telling people to not write long blog post like social media posts because people don’t read them.

I commented saying, that I used to be that person. Writing these long winded posts. I remember feeling deflated after pouring my heart and soul into these posts. Not to mention spending hours *gulp* to write them with little to no engagement.

After a lot of wasted hours, practice and sharpening my skills….

I found a way to create content that captures attention and sells.

Here they are…

First you need to know that not everyone will read every single word. They will scan and see if it’s worth their time to continue on. Or they will just look for the basic points and carry on with their day.

So you’ve got a quick chance to capture their attention. The best way to do that is to make it easy for them to read and see your points. 

In social media posts, you’ll want to use caps, unique punctuation, short sentences and paragraphs along with numbered lists or bullets points to do this.


It would capture to attention to let people know what the article will be about. 

YOUR IMAGE should also include your HEADLINE to people can immediately see what you’re going to be talking to them about. 

Next you’ll want to share a variety of PUNCTUATION, such as:

—> arrows that switch up the body of test into an easy to read format

::: or a different type of bullet format

Followed by some. To the point. Sentences. That captivate attention.

Do you see how that works?


(see how having a sub-headline captures your attention?)

Get your people used to following your direction. Engage with them and ask them to take one simple action. Comment below. Click the link. Message me. 

Spell-it-out for them. Make it crystal clear what you want them to do.

Before we get into what to write about, I want you to know it’s always about THEM.

Speak in first person, I or YOU not US and THEM.

Speak from their perspective. In their words. Not yours.

Sure using story is da bomb! But only when it relates the reader to  the point or let’s them see how something will be possible for them.


If I just said in the subject line for this article “Write great content” without spelling out the benefit of “that Captures Attention,” you probably wouldn’t have been as interested in reading it.

I mean, why would you want to learn something unless it was going to give you something you wanted. 

Like with this example, Captivates Attention.

If it weren’t an email subject line and instead a post, I’d add on “Of Your Ideal Clients.” That way people know exactly what it’ll give them them.

Do you see, it’s not just what you write, but how you write it.

Now it’s your turn. Try this out next time you write a Facebook post.


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