Get what you want, now!

I was journaling this morning as I always do. It’s part of my daily mindset practise. I spend time writing first thing in the morning before I check my email, look at Facebook or do anything else…other than feed my kids and make my coffee. 😉

I flipped back in my journal to look at some of my old entries so I could acknowledge how far I’ve come.

I want to share a piece of what I found…

It was me writing as my future self. It’s one of the most powerful exercises you can do. Writing from your future self. The one who’s already on the other side of what you want today. If you’re stuck on making a decision or needing a breakthrough, this exercise will give you the insight to know what you need to do next.

Here’s what I wrote…

The best part is my realness, rawness and openness to share my own journey of the fear, doubt and blame that I had to let go of to be free, in order to have my life now. (I used to be afraid of not being perfect. Of what other people would think. Can you relate?)

That turning point where I took a stand for who I knew I wanted to be. And who I needed to be surrounded by to get there. 

It was my lesson to step up and own my place. 

To never settle. 

To forget people pleasing and dominate my life in a loving way. Owning my potential and stepping into my big girl CEO pants of running a profitable and explosive multi 7-figure business while giving back to the causes I believe in.

My message…it’s never too late. 

You can have it, when you decide you can. When you take what is rightfully yours when you let go. When you embrace your genius and shine brightly for the world to see. 

Yes, you can. 

I did. 

I decided. 

I let go. 

I pursued and took action, but more importantly, I surrendered. I surrendered to something so great, it scared me. But I was ready. 

Are you ready? 

Ready to step into your brilliance? 

Ready to step into your potential? Into that woman you were destined to be? 

It’s right there waiting for you. 

You decide.

Whether it’s this message that you’re meant to hear today or the exercise itself that you’re meant to do. Have an open heart. Listen. Decide. Surrender. Take action. And let the miracles unfold.

I want you to know that today or yesterday does not determine your tomorrow.

You get to write your own story.

Starting today. Make it count.


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