How to hit your goal – every time!

I’d love if that were true. That every time you set a goal, you hit it. But, it’s not. At least not always right away. Sometimes it takes a course correction, a few fumble balls or some tweaks to nail it. Other times it comes with ease and grace.

What I can tell you is if you follow these steps below, successfully reaching your goals will become inevitable. So instead of wondering “if” the question will become “when?”

  1. Have a clear GOAL or outcome that is non-negotiable: # subscribers, # new clients, $ income. What if you tripled that income goal and went bigger? When you go bigger, it opens you up to release the “how” and forces you to keep going.
  2. Have a PURPOSE for your money goal. Meaning you know exactly where the money will go. Every dollar of it, and there is something in that list that excites you…not just paying bills.
  3. REVERSE ENGINEER your goal. Ask yourself how can I get there? Write it all down. Everything you know that you can do to get there.
  4. Take ACTION on what you know will get you closer to your goal. Be consistent with your actions. Be open for inspired ideas and act on those too. That’s often where the magic happens!
  5. Know WHERE you want to lead people. Be clear on what you will OFFER. Have a purpose for your free content and where it will lead a potential client.
  6. MEASURE and track everything. Income, opt in rate (new and existing subscribers), conversion rate (prospect or lead into buyer), raised hands on FB posts.
  7. REPEAT WHAT WORKED from the last month, be honest with what didn’t, and stop. What didn’t work can be tweaked. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and start over. Pay attention to where things broke down and focus on improving it.
  8. CHECK IN. Don’t be married to your ideas. Ask yourself, will this get me closer to my goal? If not, it’s a distraction.
  9. BUILD A COMMUNITY. Step up as the leader, demonstrate your expertise but even more importantly connect with your audience and stay consistent.
  10. CELEBRATE and track your wins, no matter how small. Keep an evidence file of every single win. Create a star chart for your mini milestones and get the satisfaction of marking off your progress along the way.

Lastly, expect good things to come. If miracles don’t happen everyday, something is wrong. Be on the lookout for them and rest assured they are on their way.

Yes, you will be tested and hit some bumps in the road, but keep going anyway. If it was that easy every one would be there already.

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