A simple daily ritual to keep you on track for success

A question I get asked a lot is, “What is your morning routine?”

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve personally invested a lot of time, energy and money with working on my mindset.

I’ve researched, tried and tested all sorts of different mindset hacks and morning routines to see what worked best for me.

I found a few simple routines that worked wonders for me, and then over time I got over-confident I didn’t need to do them anymore or didn’t think I had time for it anymore and then….things slowly fell apart. Without realizing it, I got off track and I could see it was important to stay humble and maintain some kind of routine if I want to stay high vibe and out of my head.

I had a similar conversation with a new client a couple weeks ago. She had explosive results in her business in her first year but felt stuck now. After digging in we realized she stopped doing the very things that helped her stay high vibe, ultra-focused and in a state of flow. She went back to creating a routine and BOOM! Sales started coming in.

I’m all about action and strategy, but your mindset is your most precious asset. You’ve got to nurture it if you want it to be strong and the best way to do that is with your morning routine.

When designing my 2018 year, the first thing I wrote down for my non-negotiable was to have time for a morning routine, even when I’m traveling with the kids.

Back to the question, what is my morning routine?

And I’m gonna throw in a curveball. Your morning routine begins the night before. What do I mean by that?

What you think about before you go to bed will be what your mind goes to work to solve or work on while you sleep. That means you need to choose wisely what you focus on before you fall asleep.

Consider this…watching Narcos on Netflix before you go to bed will likely have your mind spooling about fighting, drug lords, and corruption. You’ll probably wake up in the middle of the night thinking about a scene in the show.

On the flip side, if you listen to a guided meditation as you fall asleep that talks about abundance, love, and gratitude, your subconscious mind will be searching for ways to create more of this in your life and you’ll wake up with inspired ideas and be excited to take on the day.

Now that we’ve covered setting yourself up the night before with a clear intention by your own design, let’s talk about your morning routine.

There are five things that I do every single morning:

  1. Flush out any to-do items
  2. Write out any doubts, fears or thoughts of unworthiness
  3. I free write a few affirmations

    The less I do, the more I make.
    Opportunities come to me each and every day.
    I am worthy.
    I always have enough.
    I am always supported.
  4. I look for evidence that I am on track

    A like on a post. (notice how I didn’t say hundreds of likes)
    A new sale.
    When someone messages me that I was just thinking about.
    When I put something on my desires list and someone else achieves it.
  5. If I’m feeling really stuck, I write a letter giving thanks and then I ask for help.

    I write a letter and I address it to God, Angels, Guides and my dad.

Now it’s your turn. Start with one thing you’re gonna try to do daily as your morning routine. What is it? Try it right now and schedule it in daily first thing when you wake up for the next 7 days.

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