You won’t feel like a REAL business owner until…

You did it.

You set your business up, you got the website ready.

Your social media is slowly getting traction. Gaining 1 or 2 new followers every day. We won’t speak of the days when there’s nobody 😉

You’ve even had a consult call or two with people interested to find out more about working with you.

From the outside looking in, you’re a coach running a successful business.

You know who you want to help, and how you can help them.

But deep inside you — there’s a stinkin’ feeling you just can’t shake. Something that just tells you it’s “not enough.”

A voice at the back of your head keeps saying “I haven’t made it until I _______.”

And until then, you’ll never feel satisfied or good enough.

Can I tell you the truth?

You won’t feel like you’ve made it in biz until you get clients… Paying clients, that is.

The question then becomes, how do you GET paying clients?

I’d love to know what are some ways you’ve tried to get paying clients that haven’t worked for you?

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