How to find your voice?

One by one, each person at this 50-person network event stood up  to say who they were and what they did.

As for me? I was stumped. What should I say? I was embarrassed because to be honest, I didn’t know.

Sure, I’d spent years building up a successful career. But here I stood, as a brand new coach, feeling less than and questioning if I’d even earned the right to call myself a business owner.

Questioning if I had the credibility to be doing what I was doing.

Doubting I was expert enough.

I mean, I went from a 15 year career in finance–a woman who totally knew her stuff–to a complete newbie basically overnight. I was totally overwhelmed in this new space.

And as a result, my confidence took a huge nose dive when I first started my business.

Anyway ,back to the network event. When it was finally my turn, I stood up–face beet red–when it was my turn to introduce myself and spewed out a few words in a rush to sit down again. “Wow, I sucked!” I thought.

This wasn’t the only time I dealt with this heart-thumping, “What the heck do I say?” fear. In the beginning, I went to several networking events and changed my “what I do” statement to match the people I was talking to.

And it confused the heck out of me, let alone them.

Meanwhile, I was learning more and more about online marketing and I felt drowned out by so many other coaches.

Maybe you can relate?

I get it. It can feel like an uphill battle trying to stand out and carve out your space.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

At first, I took bits and pieces of what I liked from other people and tried to piece it together in my own message.

But it sucked.

Probably because I didn’t know who I was, who I was helping and exactly how I was helping them.

I said all sorts of things…

But lacked the confidence to really OWN IT.

Maybe you too have had thoughts like…

“Who am I to be teaching this?”

“What if I get found out and people think I am a fraud.”

“I’m missing something, I just need to find the answer….”

That’s normal to have these thoughts.

I thought I could invest in programs and get templates and magically my message would get delivered to me on a silver platter. As though the experts should have the answer for me and I just needed to search for it.

Boy, was I wrong.

That was the recipe for sounding like everybody else and getting drowned out.

I wanted to find my own voice and stand out but I just didn’t know how.

So I went back to what I knew about the foundation any successful business…

Relationships and connections.

So I decided to focus on ???

As I built connections both on and offline, I started to come into focus for my potential clients. I signed my first paying clients and I realized I was on to something.

But it wasn’t until I started my own Facebook group that things really took off.

I went from struggling to hit my first 5 figure month to hitting consistent multi-figure months.

I started to uncover my voice.

I gained confidence.

My message started to come together.

And my community of raving fans was born.

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15 Lessons I learned…

1. Finding your voice is the core of your messaging. This is how you stand out and get the attention of your ideal clients.

2. Lead without a title. Your title doesn’t matter, you just have to be able to explain how you can help someone.

3. Stop trying to speak to everyone and get into focus for just the right person. You are not limiting yourself or excluding potential clients. Instead you are coming into focus and getting seen as an expert in your field.

4. Choose your market based on your unique skills, gifts and experience, not what seems to be working for others.

5. Recognize what comes easy to you and what people come to you for help with.

6. Notice what you are most passionately talking about and would happily talk about in your free time.

7. Look at a past version of yourself as a potential client. This is powerful because you know her inside and out. Remember you just need to be a step or two ahead of her OR have helped someone just like her. Don’t discount the skills and know that you apply in your job, the things that come easy to yet other people always come to you for help with. Even that big life obstacle you overcame. Remember you’re selling a solution. Helping him/her get there faster and easier than they could on their own.

8. Know what your ideal clients are struggling with right now. Speak to solving the tangible results they want. NOT what you know is the fix for their problem. You’ll lose them.

9. Copycatting the voice of others will drown you out. People will not connect to it, even if it’s working well for others, it’s not you or your voice. Find your own voice.

10. Speak to one single person when you write and speak. People want to feel that you’re speaking directly to them in first person. Don’t use words like “he, she, we” and instead use “I, you, me.”

11. Teach lessons and demonstrate your expertise through stories not just facts. This makes you relatable.

12. You are enough. Focus on where you’re confident first, then keep expanding your offerings into who you want to be. It doesn’t have to happen overnight. But one step each day leads to a heck of a lot of steps in one year.

13. Don’t try to appear perfect. People connect with your imperfections.

14. Create rather than consume.

15. Learn and implement, right away. Then teach as you go. This is HUGE. Repeat this line and let it sink in.

Hosting your own Facebook group is a platform for you to develop YOU and your message alongside building your tribe.

It’s a space for…

Building relationships to get inside access into your marketplace while defining your voice.

You to stand out and get seen while calling in perfect-for-you clients.

Making an impact and serving at your highest potential.

Explosive profits when you own that selling is serving and a way to support your tribe in getting the results they want quicker and easier than if they were to do it alone.

If you’re searching for clarity on…

Finding your voice…

How to articulate what you do…

Knowing exactly what you offer that people actually want to buy…

And how to enrol clients with ease…

Then hosting a Facebook group will be a safe platform where you can gather together the people you are meant to serve, uncover your own unique voice, share your message and create stand out offerings that sell like hotcakes.

Want to know how to get started? Get my free checklists that who you exactly who to get your first 1000 Facebook Group Members.


Take one tip from the checklists and implement it today. Clarity comes from action and girl, I know you are an action taker!

You are the woman who gets things done.

You are the woman who has a lot to offer.

You are the woman who has a message that needs to be heard that people are waiting for.

You are the woman who is meant for this life you desire.

That dream life that you’ve been dreaming about is waiting for you, so go get it!


P.S. If you’re serious about finding your voice and building a STAND OUT message and brand, there’s no better way than pulling together your tribe of ravings fans in your own Facebook Group. Get started here.

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