PART THREE: Truth or Lie – The Word on the Street About Facebook Groups

The last two days we debunked a few myths about Facebook Groups. First, that it’ll take too much time to manage. And then about having it all perfect before you get started and what to focus on instead. If you missed it, you can catch Part 1: TIME here and Part 2: PERFECTION here.

Part Three we’re diving into STRATEGY

Myth #3 – Others can do it, but can I?

With hundreds of how to’s and options out there, how the heck are you supposed to figure out where to start or what to do next?

You might be thinking… I just need to ______ first.

Because every guru out there sold you on the “7 Step” magical cure is all it takes.

Which brought you to thinking I’ve got to build my email list first..

Or insert other reason, such as…

… run a webinar

… sell first or next package or course

… get leads from Facebook ads

… set up email sequence

… set up that optin page

… get a photo shoot first

And THEN I’ll be ready to start a Facebook group.

Ayyayay! I don’t know about you, but it gives me a headache just thinking about.

Building a successful business comes from doing the right things in the right order. Not doing everything under the sun just because someone else is doing it.

Peel away all the “to do’s” for a moment and simplify it.

You only need three things to build a profitable business:

Phase #1 – Captivate: Marketing and Visibility to get seen
Phase #2 – Activate: Lead Generation, turning lookey loos into hot leads
Phase #3 – Accelerate: Generating the sale and create repeat buyers


Guess what?

Hosting your own Facebook Group gives you a community to do ALL of that!


Maybe you’ve also been telling yourself…

“I’ve already tried building a profitable Facebook Group before and it hasn’t worked.”

“I don’t know enough yet, what if I run out of things to say?”

“It won’t work for my business, my business is different.”

“Won’t I be giving too much away for free?”

And those my friends are simple cures with the right strategy.

If you tried to…

Build an engaged and profitable Facebook group before with little to no success…

Or you’ve been giving away so much content for free and nobody is buying…

Or you’re not sure what to say next and are worried about being found out to be a fraud…

It’s ok, it’s not your fault.

I teach my students a simple 3 Step Leads to Sales Formula to fix all of that which is relevant for

First you set yourself up for success with market research to captivate your audience by dialing in your messaging, speaking to what they want and learning exactly where to find your ideal clients. This can be started by searching for keywords.

Then start activating the group by releasing strategic content to your community that gets them moving forward AND opens the gap of what they need next. (Don’t worry step one gives you all the ideas you’ll need to write content for an entire year!)

Accelerate your relationship with them from lead to buyer by inviting them to close the gap by taking you up on your offer that solves their problem.

Nail down this process and BOOM!

Cha ching, money in the bank my friends!

Isn’t it time to build a raving fan base of ideal clients who not only think you’re ah-mazing but also happily pull out their credit card and buy from you?

Imagine having full confidence in knowing, “YES, I CAN!” because you have a system that works and you can blast away all those other distractions for good.

It’s ok to feel hesitant about starting your own Facebook group, I know I did. I thought about it for months and watched on as other built epic communities.

Just be aware that some of those hesitations or beliefs are likely based on information that’s simply not true.

Rid yourself of those unproductive thoughts and start building an engaged and profitable Facebook Group with members begging for more!

One last thing, come join me and thousands of other online business owners, by clicking here to join my FREE Facebook Group.

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