Stuck between making a decision? Read this.

Let’s face it. 

We’ve got a lot of decisions to make in our business. 

We’re constantly making a decision on what we need to do next.

Whether it’s a tiny decision of choosing a brand color, or a large decision like approving a $50k ad campaign, we’re constantly having this syndrome called decision fatigue.

“If someone could just tell me what to do, I’ll do it!”

And before long you find yourself exhausted from making piles of decisions that need to be made because they start stacking up one by one. Which in turn, makes you feel overwhelmed with the laundry list of open loops in your mind.

Maybe you write them all out and pile up those sticky notes with “I’ll get to it  later.”

Or maybe you ignore them, pretend they aren’t there and hope they just go away.

Stuck in the same cycle, and some days even questioning why you ever chose to be your own boss. Perhaps it would’ve been easier to just follow someone else’s orders.

Can you relate?

One of the greatest skill sets you can ever build as a business owner is your ability to trust yourself and make quick decisions.

Over the years, I’ve realized when we sit in indecision, there will never be a right decision. 

But guess what?

Any decision that moves you forward is the right decision for you.

… and indecision is your decision.

Because any decision, regardless of what it is, will eliminate that overwhelming sense of “I need to”.

Think about this: Imagine you live somewhere cold and chilly like Vancouver (that’s where I live btw). Perhaps one day, you decide that you’re done with the cold and want to move somewhere hot and sunny. 

So you could decide between moving to Miami or San Diego.

Now, if you’re indecisive, and are always waiting for “the right moment”, you stay stuck… and soon, time passes you by, seasons change and it’s back to winter again where temperatures are below freezing point, and you’ll still be unhappy, wondering what it might be like to be somewhere sunny.

The longer we sit in indecision, the harder it is to make a choice because we’re adding more pressure to it. 

This could cost you months of time and money. And maybe you’re already experiencing that now.

Indecision equals pain. And it gives you added stress because you’re stuck in the same spot, knowing you want to be somewhere else.

Without trusting yourself to make quick decisions you’ll just float around staying busy with nothing to show for it.

But the moment you make a decision, you create momentum. Movement. You get the wheels running.

As you trust yourself and make faster decisions, you’ll begin to feel more confident, you’ll quickly realize how much faster your business is growing and how much more time you have to do what you love because you’re no longer spinning in circles.

If you’re really serious about growing your business, you have to make a decision right now: you can either keep doing what you’ve been doing and you can keep working way too hard with little to show for it… OR… you can join me for Sold Out Coaching System training next week and let me help you make smart decisions to propel you forward.

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