Have you been building the wrong audience? [Part 3]

Before you read on Part 3… 

In my last e-mail, I shared that as my Facebook group grew quickly to larger numbers, the level of engagement was dying down.

In a desperate attempt to get my people excited again, I offered new freebies and trainings, left, right and center.

But as I churned out my offers, I noticed 3 people in my group who had raised their hands on every single free thing I’d offer at the point. 

So I brought the conversations into the DM’s, when I realized they had ZERO intention of actually investing to get my help or any “paid” help for that matter. 

They were 100% Freebie Seekers. 

I was so confused! 

Are there any more of them in my group?

Have I been creating the wrong audience all along?

I kept trying to answer… why some groups had crazy high engagement while others fizzled out into a ghost-townsville?

Why were some smaller groups bursting at the seams with buyers while some larger groups were just filled with freebie seekers?

Something must have shifted when my group grew larger. Here are my 3 lessons:

1. When it was smaller, I knew everybody.

I created connections, reached out to my members, asked them questions, and learned about them. Just so I could create ultra-specific content that would best serve them. 

So when my group leaped in numbers so quickly, I lost touch with the members and relied on my posts to do the work for me.

This leads me to my next point.

2. Posting how-to content is not how-to-engage with your members!

People were attracted to the group, like bees to honey. I was giving away so much for free, but it wasn’t eliciting engagement or conversation between members. I certainly wasn’t creating demand for my offer. Somewhere, the feeling of community had fizzled away into a free learning hub. 

The How-To content can also become very overwhelming because the information is cheap. It’s everywhere.

You could google right now how to create more engagement in your group, and you would get 749 million results. 

But all you get is a pile of disjointed action steps and solutions that will leave your audience even more confused than ever before. It will get them wondering, “What am I missing? What do I do next?” or “How does this apply to me?” or “I am already behind in free content, I need to catch up first.”

I don’t have to tell you that a confused and overwhelmed mind does not engage or buy!

3. Most importantly, people do not buy based on your content. They invest because of YOU.

It took me a long time to realize that the content I was producing was not turning my members into buyers. It was the side conversations I was having with my members. 

I genuinely listened to their needs. I heard them. I understood them. I helped them see a way to get what they wanted and how I could help them get there. This is what pushed them over the line.

But when my group scaled, I lost touch with my members. 

It wasn’t until I realized how to create leveraged connections, that my members started to convert like crazy at scale. Instead of one here and one there….20 buyers, 50 buyers, 100+ buyers!

Think about it. Why would someone buy from you over everyone else even when free information is readily available all over the internet?

Because they have a connection to you.

That is how your audience is nurtured into buyers.

A Facebook group is the fastest way to create a connection with your audience and create buyers.

It might start with 1:1 connections as you start to get to know your ideal client, but as you grow and scale, you build leveraged connections with your members.

Each member feels deeply connected to you. They feel you “get” them and they clearly know how you can help them.

It’s not the group itself that creates connection. It’s what you do inside the group that does. 

I’ll be dishing out my connection-based strategy in my upcoming Engage Your Group Training Series.

Uncover the secrets to turning your Facebook Group ghost town into a buzzing community of highly engaged members of buyers.

You’ll discover how to:

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Click here to join me for my training series, Engage Your Group, and let’s turn your ghost town into a supported community!

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