Have you been building the wrong audience? [Part 2]

Before we begin, if you haven’t read part 1, go back and read it first.

It’s super important that you know the tell-tale signs if you have been building the wrong audience… and that’s exactly what I dove into in Part 1!

I don’t have to tell you that, the right audience will tell you exactly what they want from you.

They’ll be excited to hear what you have to share with them.

Kinda like you, diving into Part 2 to hear about how I created my 7 figure business through the use of free Facebook Groups!

Your Facebook Group gets to be a playground where you can do market research, engage with your ideal clients, and foster a sense of community and connection.

After hanging out in so many other playgrounds, I knew what I wanted my own group.

I saw the things lacking for others, and I saw what I wanted for my own.

❇ A welcoming high achieving environment. Everyone respects each other, even if there are healthy debates everyone wants to play big!

❇ Collaboration over competition. Members show up by helping each other, celebrating each other’s successes, and stretching each other to uplevel.

 A container where everyone has the same goal. No noise. No egos. Just confident, sassy, successful entrepreneurs looking to start, grow and scale their businesses and Facebook groups.

And these 3 rules stay true to all my future groups… no, seriously! Check out the rules in any of my groups.

I was so dialed in with my messaging, and I knew exactly what I wanted.

… That means I said “no” to the people who weren’t aligned. (this wasn’t easy in the beginning)

… And it also meant removing anyone who didn’t follow the vision of the container I wanted to create.

You would think that by limiting the number of people inside the group, with strict rules to follow, I would not have had the chance to grow rapidly.

FALSE. I grew my group to 2,000 members in just 3 months.

What, HOW?!

Because I stayed true to my goal – to create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, I attracted the right kind of people looking for the same things.

They didn’t want to be in a group full of promotions and noise.

They wanted to be in a group where everyone cheered and stretched each other through their entrepreneurial journey.

They wanted a place to celebrate their wins and achievements without seeming like they were bragging, or without others feeling like they have to crush the competition to get ahead.

They wanted a place to vulnerably ask for help without judgment.

Soon, the group spread like wildfire.

People started asking, “Christina, what are you doing to create so much engagement and growth? Tell me!”

But before long, although my Facebook group grew quickly to larger numbers, I noticed the level of engagement started to die down.

So I worked harder at it. I spent more time engaging with my members.

I was churning out resources and freebies on the regular, desperate to get my members excited.

I was determined to find exactly what I was missing. More on that in my next e-mail.

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