Your ideal clients secretly want this…

Hello Christina,

What do your ideal clients really want?

I decided to pull up a prompt from my first ever Challenge: The Get Seen Visibility Challenge to help you figure out exactly what your ideal clients secretly want.

Challenges have since become my favourite list building activity. They’re interactive, fun and I get the chance to get to know my subscribers.

In case you’ve been MIA and missed the memo, challenges are a free course over a certain number of days that can be used to promote a live training, program or just simply to build engagement in your Facebook group and list.

Challenges have become all the rage these days. I was asked by one of my mentors, Emily Williams, to be interviewed as a guest expert for her group program about using challenges for building an email list. I have seen been invited to be interviewed, to speak at conferences and be part of multiple tele-summits and giveaways on this very topic.

Ok, so time to get a taste for a challenge. The focus today is to get clear on exactly what your ideal clients are secretly after. Here’s the very first prompt of my first ever challenge to help you find out what that is.

…Today I want to get started stirring up the emotions that you and your brand convey.

Why is this important? Because it’s what will create consistency in your messaging and how you leave people feeling.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

What three words best describe your brand?

What makes you different?

Why are your ideal clients attracted (or will be) to you?

How do you want your clients to feel after they’ve read your post, browsed your site or consumed your newsletter?

When your clients get the results you offer, what else changes for them?


What do your clients secretly want to feel?

Ok, now for today’s prompt.

1. Choose one emotion that you want your clients to feel or experience as a result of working with you. What is the one emotion they are longing to feel?

2. Write a post about it or post a picture that best conveys this emotion.

Here’s a sample post I did that was one of my most engaged posts.


What is the one word your brand stands for. The deepest desire of your people?

I used to think my word was FREEDOM. That’s what I desperately wanted when I first transitioned out of corporate into entrepreneurship.

–> Freedom to work my own schedule.

–> Freedom to work from anywhere.

–> Freedom to do work that lit me up.

–> Freedom to spend time with my family.

But the further I moved along (and got stuck), I realized what I really needed (and secretly desired) more than freedom….was CONFIDENCE.

It was kinda my deep dark secret (that I lacked confidence).

Truth be told most people that knew me wouldn’t have known it.

Confidence is key to achieving success.

And every time my business gets stuck (and I dig deeper) it’s the one thing I know I’m lacking in that moment.

Lack of confidence is a freedom blocker.

You see as you grow and stretch yourself, you up your game (and your confidence might not match that new level yet). And although you may have been confident and successful at one point or in other areas of your life…. it’s not a permanent fixture.

It’s a work in progress. Reaching new highs and new goals, requires a new level of confidence.

Because, if you’re not confident in…

…Your ability to help others.

…Value you uniquely bring.

…What you stand for and stand against.

…Proudly telling people what you do.

…Sharing your story, vulnerabilities and all.

And, if you’re not confident in being visible.

Then you’ll stay on that hamster wheel, just going going going until you blow up or give up.

I remember feeling frustrated with my results or lack there of in the beginning.

The truth was I was staying safe because I lacked confidence.

I made excuses to not ‘go for it’ completely because I lacked confidence.

I didn’t truly believe I could be a successful business women in my own right.

Yes, I had been successful in corporate, but I was part of a team.

Yes, I had been successful in building wealth, but I had a partner.

This time, with my own business it was…well just me.

What scared me the most was thinking if I failed….after giving it my all…then I would be a failure.

Before, I could have blamed failure on other factors….market conditions, bureaucratic restrictions, timing or (I hate to admit this but…) other people.

Now I was full on accountable to me and my own results.

When you’re a bright, driven women whose had the fortune of being a quick learner and successful in your career, it can be challenging getting thrown into the abyss of the unknown with starting your own business.

But what I know is this. That when I’ve owned my rawness and made friends with my lack of confidence I’ve had massive breakthroughs.

Clients started coming in, opportunities popped up and people started reaching out to me as an expert.

So what I know now is that my one word that I want my tribe to feel and own is CONFIDENCE.

With confidence comes the openness to jump on new opportunities. Otherwise you will unknowingly keep pushing them away.

And the truth is just about every client I’ve worked with has said their main problem was lack of clients, consistent revenue or marketing know-how. They say they want a business that will give them freedom.

But…every time I dig deeper and look, I see that even if you had all of the clients you wanted, the right business structures in place and regular monthly paychecks rolling in…what all of that would give you is…


…your own unique brilliance

…knowing what you’re capable of

…ability to help others

…standing strong with your own voice and beliefs

…worth of being recognized

…money decisions

…ability to blast through limiting beliefs

…being happy right where you are

…knowing that you’re enough just the way you are

…feeling like “I’ve done it!”

So tell me, what’s your one word. What’s that one word your brand stands for? That one emotion your people secretly crave to feel? Come on over and post it in the sassy group here.

It’s a long weekend in Canada and it’s my birthday tomorrow so I’ll be checking out from social media and spending time with family and friends.

Hope you have a great weekend!


P.S. Have you been thinking about how you can use challenges in your business? Or maybe you’ve tried them but were disappointed with the sign ups, engagement and lack of sales. I get it. It can be tricky to figure out.

My most recent challenge had over 800 sign ups. And I’m giving away my exact challenge toolkit (templates, timelines and follow up sales funnel) that you can use in your own business to build an army of people who can’t wait to buy what you’re offering. You can check out the details of this bonus here. The payment plan and bonuses disappear at 11:59pm PST on May 27th.



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