If I were to start my coaching biz from scratch here’s what I’d do

1. Start an email newsletter. At least once every other week, preferably once a week and sign up with an email provider. They will allow you to create sign up forms to capture names and emails. Pick one and just start. (No cost with MailChimp or low cost with Constant Contact or Aweber)

2. Use the same content from the newsletter above for a blog (no cost on wordpress, but you may want a premium theme) and take snippets for other social media platforms like FB.

3. Start using video consistently with Periscope, FB Live or Youtube and again repurpose the content, but expand on it here.

4. Create interest in Facebook groups (or Linkedin groups) with a stellar freebie offer (no optin) then follow it up with consistent value posts 3x per day until I built a consistent following.

5. Host a challenge that solved an immediate problem for my ideal clients and promote it across social media platforms. This would build engagement and authority.

6. After getting my first three paying clients I would create an outline for a low cost live online group program to sell and offer it to my list and group. If it didn’t sell, I’d figure out what wasn’t working and change it. I wouldn’t start a new project, I would tweak my marketing first.

7. After the course completed, I’d it into an info product.

8. I’d send a sales email to my list at least once a week. With a link to signup for my new program or a discovery call with me to promote my 1:1 coaching. I would post the offers on social media. One offer for every 10 value posts.

9. I’d enrol myself in an online group program relevant to what I wanted to do. I would pick one that would help me with mindset, clarity, business structures and client attraction with a mentor who had what I wanted for myself. But not so far ahead that they couldn’t remember where I was at. If I could swing it, I would also get a 1:1 mentor.

10. I’d stop trying to make it all perfect and would just get stuff done. I’d live by the motto, “done is better than perfect.”

11. I’d just get started, even when I didn’t feel ready and I’d have faith in myself. I’d know that everything is figureouttable (as Marie Forleo says) and I would never doubt myself.

I would give a ton of value to others without expecting anything in return. I’d commit to my decision and make what I wanted non-negotiable. Because when I make it a must, I’ll never give up and I’ll learn what I need to succeed. I’ll get better the more I work on my craft and sales and marketing.

I’d get over myself and treat my itty bitty list like it were already the thousands it was going to be, because in time it would be.

I’d listen to the whispers of desire in my heart, trust my judgement and invest in myself. I wouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when I needed it.


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