You Know You’re Supposed to be Posting in Your Facebook Group….

But some days the idea of coming up with new content can feel like pulling teeth.

You wonder what can you say that hasn’t already been said?

You get excited when you start getting some traction.

You feel deflated when you hear crickets and take your foot off the gas.

Trouble is when you stop and start, you have to build your visibility all over again. It’s like an uphill battle on replay. You end up in a hamster wheel of highs and lows and wonder what you’re doing wrong.

You look at what others that are doing well and you wonder why them, not me?

It especially strikes a nerve when you see someone less qualified than you bringing in consistent engagement and income.

Here lies the difference.

The entrepreneur rising to the top knows these principles.

:: Believes in herself and her ability.

:: Is honest with her limiting beliefs and fears. She accepts them. She consciously chooses more empowering beliefs. She knows that pushing those old limiting beliefs aside will only make them grow stronger, so instead, she listens, accepts and lets go.

:: Knows her current comfort zone is her current income zone. So she follows her fear and knows she’s on the right track when she gets those butterflies.  It means she’s growing and stepping out of her comfort zone.

:: Knows God’s delays are not God’s denials and her turn will come if she keeps believing, staying fully committed to the outcome and taking consistent action.

:: Creates versus consumes. She knows it’s easy to get deflating watching what other people are doing, so instead, she puts the focus on herself, asking each day how she can add value to her people.

:: Talks to her people. She reaches out. She hears what they are saying and gives them what they want. (She keeps a running list of questions and desires of her people so she’s got a bank of topics to write about)

:: Focuses on revenue-generating activities, consistently, and lets go of the busy work. Sure some busy work needs to get done, but it’s at the bottom of the priority list.

:: Never quits. She knows what she wants and knows it will be hers. She will find a way.

:: Knows when she needs help or support and will ask for it.

:: Isn’t afraid to admit when she’s wrong or when something isn’t working and shifts course when necessary.

:: Knows when she’s feeling overwhelmed it’s because she’s lost her focus and is lacking clarity on what to do. She takes a time out, gets centered, acknowledges her feelings, looks a little deeper, makes a decision, asks for clarity and re-prioritizes what matters.

:: Knows done is better than perfect.

:: Knows that consistent marketing and consistent offers mean consistent revenue and she isn’t afraid to make an offer.

:: Takes 100% responsibility, 100% of the time. When she catches herself complaining or blaming (because she’s human and it happens), she looks inward to find out what she’s avoiding responsibility for by complaining and why she sourced the undesirable outcome rather than just accepting it as the way it is.

:: And most importantly, sees rejection, lack of engagement or less than stellar results, as a trigger to get curious and ask, “What can I learn from this?”

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