The answer is not to do more….

I remember as a kid driving up the big long dirt road hill, kneeling in the back seat looking out the back window as the clouds of dust swirled up behind the car, feeling so excited that the long drive was over. We had finally arrived!

My parents thrilled that our endless “are we there yet?” song and dance was finally coming to an end.

My grandfather marching out of the house in his wooden clogs to greet us and my grandmother standing on the porch inviting us in.

The next afternoon as we were lounging in the living room getting caught up, my grandmother walked in saying in her deep polish accent “you no work, you no eat.”

That pretty much sums up the belief I inherited growing up.

Work hard.
Earn your keep.
Work harder.

Having a strong work ethic has served me in many ways over the years BUT as a business owner the belief that you must work harder to make more money can cause you to crash and burn and be forever looking to DO MORE.

Looking for yet another strategy…
Creating another product….
Speaking to another target market….
Trying to be everywhere, on every social platform all the time…

It’s exhausting.

And the best part is…

It’s not necessary.

As you come to the end of the year you reflect on where you want to be next year. What you’ll accomplish. What you will create.

As a driven entrepreneur, it’s easy to list off many things that you want to create in ONE year.

Write a book
Start a podcast
Host a retreat
Run a new course
Create a group coaching program

Because you are ambitious.

You’re a leader who wants to reach more people and make a bigger impact.

You want to make a difference in people’s lives and you want to get paid well for doing it.

But check this out…

I was on our first coaching call with students from my Leading a Kick Ass Facebook group program yesterday and explained the 1×1 strategy.

All you need to build a 6-figure, multi 6 figure or even 7 figure business is this…

ONE target market

…that you love, who are willing and able to pay you

ONE offer or product

…that solves a specific problem, giving them a clear and specific outcome they desire

ONE conversion mechanism

…one method to turn your leads and prospects into paying clients

ONE main traffic source

…to generate leads on demand that can be scalable

ONE year

…to focus in, refine, perfect, repeat and repeat again

If you have multiples of these categories, guess what happens?

It leads to confusion, overwhelm, not being able to keep up and left feeling exhausted.

Just imagine if you could simplify your business, what would that do for you?

More focus
More time
Less stress
Relief of pressure

Mastery and the ability to reuse assets rather than always being in creation mode and getting burnt out.

Just to see this play out, imagine this….

You launch a new offer, from start to finish. You make $3k in sales.

It’s not where you want it to be just yet, but hey! you sold it. Well done.

You could choose to look at it this way:

You achieved initial validation of your…

…target market
…conversion tool
…traffic source

Now you can go back to refine, perfect, dial in your messaging and do it again with a larger audience.

A couple months later, you re-launch with your tweaks and you make $20,000.

Wow! You’re on to something now.

A couple months later you do it again and this time you make $50,000.

And on…and on….

That $3k offer turns into your bread and butter and before the year is over it’s your 6 figure course.

You master it.

You get known for it and people seek you out as the expert.

OR you could look at it this way…

It didn’t work, I need to try something else and start from scratch again

…finding a new audience, creating a new product and offer, finding a new strategy as a conversion tool and another traffic source.

Let’s say this time around you make another $3k.

You tell yourself, it’s still not working, back to the drawing board. Repeat from scratch all over again.

Another $3k. More work. More creation. More new strategies. Another $3k.

You don’t really get known for anything. A jack of all trades and master of none.

Then you start to doubt this business of yours.

Can you really do this?

Maybe it’s not meant for you.

Maybe you’ll have to go back and get a job.

Now I want you to look back and decide which path you want to take?

A. start, complete, perfect, rinse and repeat

B. keep trying, keep going, keep waiting

If you answered “A” and you want to gain some clarity on your “1×1 strategy” so that 2019 can be your breakthrough year, then hit reply and type in “1×1 strategy” into the subject line.

Let me help you dial in your one thing, that you can put on repeat and master so that 2019 becomes the year that you get to say, “I did it!”

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