OMG ? my dream came true!!!!

When I first got started online, I secretly desired to make headlines. I wanted to be published on platforms that I knew like Huffington Post, Evercoach, Forbesand Business Insider.

I watched in awe as others shared their work and were recognized as industry leaders.

I remember the day that I got approval from Ariana Huffington herself  to write for Huffington Post. I was doing the happy dance  all over the house. Suddenly I felt like I was legitimate.

 Fast forward to several months ago when  I decided I wanted to get published on Forbes and Business Insider.

I cut out the logos and glued them onto my vision board. I imagined what it would be like and within a few weeks I got an invitation to contribute to Forbes. I swear I was looking behind my shoulder thinking they were asking somebody else.  

I whipped out a draft and left it sitting on my desktop. I carried on with my launch and other business and then it hit me.

That BIG dream of mine was sitting on the other side of me taking action. Proofing my draft and pitching it to get published. So that’s what I did. The first round of edits even came back with a note from the editor who said she just loved my perspective on why some coaches see BIG results fast while others stay stuck even if they’ve got more ability, experience and skillset.

Yesterday morning I got a note saying “your article is LIVE on Forbes” and there I was again doing the happy dance. 

Come check out my article and hear about the hidden truth of the coaching industry and why seemingly brilliant and qualified coaches fall by the wayside while hot to trot millennials fly by the seat of their pants raking in the clients, money and freedom.

I believe it’s time to shift the rapid-fire growth of the coaching industry to showcase and reward talent, expertise AND confidence (aka belief in self).

Millennials are at an advantage and you can be too…

Go check out the article and be sure to leave me a comment and share with your peeps!

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