THIS is the first step to getting paying clients!

Yesterday, I dropped a truth bomb about how you’ll never feel like you made it in business until …

If you haven’t had the chance to read it OR you want to refresh your memory, click here.

Anyway, I also promised that I’ll be sharing how you can get paying clients today… So stick around.

To get paying clients, you have to first remember that it begins with getting a lead.

(A lead is someone who is part of your ecosystem, — ideally, on your e-mail list and also in your Facebook group.)

The point at which someone converts from a lead to becoming a buyer is the transaction. Where you’re getting paid in exchange for some sort of service or value. (I prefer to call this the opening of a relationship, but nevertheless, it is created when there is a transaction.)

Now, the question becomes – how do you get to the point of a transaction?

Well first, your soon-to-be client has to either:

Option #1 – Go to a sales page that explains all the details of your offer and they either invest on the spot or apply to book a call with you.


Option #2 – You book a call with the said soon-to-be client, and have a conversation where you can make an offer, provide the solution to their problem, and take their payment information over the phone.

Personally, I highly recommend you start with Option #2 because you can still convert even if your messaging is still sloppy, which let’s face it will be in the beginning until you build your skill level Plus, it takes off the pressure of having a high converting sales page, which is highly unlikely until you’ve worked with paying clients and know exactly what they want

Or you’ve spoken to enough of your ideal clients to gain insight into what your people are looking for and how you can clearly and simply explain how you can help them. This comes with practice. No magic wand here, trust me!

To recap, this is what it looks like:

Generate Leads ⏩ Invite Lead to Call ⏩ Present Solution as Offer on Call ⏩ Buyer

Your leads turn into buyers by means of a conversation where you offer to solve their problems for or with them. That’s how you get a yes.

So the question then becomes, how are you attracting leads (potential clients) into your ecosystem in a consistent and reliable way?

Stay tuned…

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