They were wrong, here’s how I know…

Wind blowing, gutters overflowing (shoot I forgot to get them cleaned, again!) and I’m cozied up in my big wrap sweater reading stories with my kids this Saturday morning.

What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

So, have you ever heard people saying, “The money is in your list!”?

I’m sure you have, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or haven’t spent a nano second in the online space.

I hear it all the time, but I beg to differ. Here’s why…

Did you know that the industry average is only about 10%-15% open rate for emails?

Yep. That’s it?!

Shocking, I know!

So for every 100 people on your list only 10-15 will actually open your email. And if you’re lucky and they don’t get distracted with a ping notification to go to another website, then you might get 1% who click through and actually engage with your email.

So maybe you take the approach that size does matter…

But what if it was more about the quality of the relationships.

Just think, if instead you delivered great value, built lasting relationships and engaged with your people, then you could potentially double your open rate.

And that would be much easier than doubling your list size, wouldn’t it?

…and a heck of a lot cheaper!

Plus it would give you the same result.

Check this out:

10% open rate on 2,000 subscribers = 200 opens

20% open rate on 1,000 subscribers = 200 opens

Best part is that by increasing your open rate, you’re attracting perfect-for-you ideal clients who are actually interested in what you’re saying.

Getting the right people on your list and in our community from the start is IMPORTANT but keeping the honeymoon phase alive is equally as important.

You want to attract people who are interested in what you have to offer. People who say, “HECK YEAH! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!”

So instead of focusing on just on size and measuring your success from the outside looking in. Stop and ask yourself how can you build stronger relationships with your existing followers?

Here are a few ideas…

:: Send an email to the last 5-10 people who joined your list, thank them for being part of your community, let them know that you noticed them and ask them what had them join your list

:: Host a special, no strings attached, Q&A call for your tribe

:: Survey your people and ask them what they want, then give it to them

:: Host a giveaway

:: Host a challenge that solves one of your ideal clients pressing problems

So tell me, which one will you do?

…there’s nothing like a little public accountability 😉

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