I made her cry…

Ok, before you want to hunt me down for making a girl cry, let me tell you what happened…

When I first set out to build my online coaching practice I spent a lot of time figuring out my messaging, my ‘what I do’ statement and my story.

In all honesty, it felt overwhelming. I didn’t think I could measure up to all the experts that flooded the online world.

I listened to their stories in awe…

… I worked on Tony Robbins team and was personally mentored by him

… I went from 0 – $500k in my first year

… I worked at the White House

… I was sought out by Brian Tracy, Frank Kern and Jeff Walker to help them with sales 

… I was on the brink of death

… I had a $1,000,000 day

I listened and wondered how in the world could I stand out among these experts. 

Maybe you’ve felt the same.

…trying to figure it out. Trying to have a perfect story that others will admire.

What if I told you that your story doesn’t need to be grandios. 

It doesn’t need to be over the top. 

Your story just needs to be relatable. So you can pull your ideal clients in. So they can imagine themselves in your story and feel what you felt when you had your breakdown and breakthrough moments (aka your transformation), so they too can have hope that they can get to the other side.

Your story is about realness, rawness and drawing the people in that you are meant to serve.

Earlier this week, I was a guest expert for one of my past mentor’s group coaching programs. 

I got this message from one of the participants and it hit me.


You can spend way too much time trying to come up with the perfect story and comparing yourself to others, only to be left feeling less than.

But when you share your moment of transformation. The moment you decided that you had enough. The moment you decided you were going to change and nothing was going to get in your way. 

That is the moment your people need to hear about. That’s what they relate to. Your driving force. The reason why you are doing what you do. The message that you were born to share.

For me, it was the moment my daughter was born. 

I looked into her eyes and knew in that moment that my hustling, day in and day out in my corporate career, building the wealth and dreams of others, was not my dream. 

I didn’t want my little girl falling short of her own dreams, to fit into the box of other people’s expectations (like I had). In that moment, I decided I was going to lead by example and pave the way for what was possible for her. To give her the space to dream and to know that she can do, be or have whatever she wants. No limits. That she can make great money following her passion, doing what she loves.

It’s that part of my story that made this woman cry.

You don’t need to have been born into privilege in order to have a compelling story. Neither do you have to have an over the top experience to demonstrate your credibility. 

When you let go of trying to make it perfect, you’ll see that you have all that you need. To craft your own tear worthy story that deeply resonates with your ideal clients.

It’s time to go share your story with the world!

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