Do you have excuses or the solution?

I’ve heard it all. The excuses, the reasons, the stories why you can’t move forward. Why you can’t take action on the very things you know will be the ticket to what you want.

Heck, I’ve told them to myself.

It’s not working.

Nobody is going to buy it.

I am not enough.

I can’t do THAT!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth is that you CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.

What does that mean? Whatever you tell yourself will reflect back to you in your external results… in what you see… your sales, your engagement, your community.

When you feel down about yourself, when you focus on the struggle, the challenges and the things that aren’t working. Guess what, you’ll get more of it.

When you compare yourself to others and wonder how you can possibly stand out, you’ll keep shrinking yourself into feeling itty bitty and squash that knowing within you. That truth within you that knows you are here to make a massive impact on the world. To be a change maker. A light worker. To lead and spread the word on a cause that you feel so strongly about that it shutters through your veins.

The more you focus on the excuses and judge your worth based on your daily likes, sales numbers or lack thereof…you’re shrinking that dream. You’re telling yourself that you are not good enough.

And guess what? I am here to tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

You can have whatever you want. You are the creator of your reality. You write your own story.

There is nobody, no circumstance, no failure big enough that will put you off track when you lead with the determination that I know you have within you.

Stop paying attention to the likes, the engagement and adapting your message to fit what you think people want to hear. That’s going to fill your community with people who are attracted to something or someone that is NOT YOU.

Be YOU. You don’t look good wearing someone else.

Stop second guessing yourself and learn to trust yourself. Let go of caring about what other people think of you. It doesn’t matter.

Want to know why? There are people just like you. Who believe in what you believe in. Who want what you want. Who also need the courage to be themselves and to find a leader and a tribe of others just like them.

There’s one thing I know. You have a message, a purpose and something to share with the world that is incredible, life changing and goose-bump worthy.

But instead of standing there proudly from your soapbox and shouting to the world about things that matter, you’ve shrunk into the excuses, the not good enough-ness that’s smothering who you really are.

Isn’t it time to shine?

To break free…

To lead for a cause that you believe in.

I hate to say it, but excuses are just the things you tell yourself to keep you safe. To keep you playing small. To keep you in the struggle.

It’s the stories you tell yourself to feel better about your lack of results. And hey, if that works for you, keep it up.

But my guess is that you want more. But you’re stuck in this rabbit hole and don’t know how to get out.

It takes courage. It takes that fire in your belly. And it takes you ditching the BS that has kept you stuck.

If you create your reality then take a look at what you have. Check in with where you are and decide NOW. What is going to be your new reality? What is going to be your story?

Then start writing your story the way it was meant to be.

You are enough.

You have a pin drop, goose-bump, standing ovation worthy message to share. You know you do. So stop hiding it.

Pull down the veil of fear keeping you hidden.

Decide what you want and take it. Make it yours.

Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. Forget the short-term BS that gets in the way. Stay the course. Do the work. Get seen and be YOU.

And watch the magic unfold.

Here’s what I want you to do. Hit reply and tell me, what is the message you know you were born to share? The first thing that comes to mind. Uncensored, what is it? Share it. Tell me. I’ve got your back. I’m here to support you.

Maybe your message is a diamond in the rough and you have more work to do to let it out and build your belief in yourself so you can set free the magic within you.

But I don’t care, it’s not about perfection. Start here. Start right now. Start where you are. You deserve this. Heck the world deserves this.

It’s time to be unapologetically YOU.


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