One Size Doesn’t Fill All

I bet your inbox and Facebook news feed is flooded with “the solution” to your problem. Mine used to be too.

Do this. Do that. Don’t do this.

And it probably all started by hearing experts tell you to niche down.

Why did they say that?

So you could get into focus for your ideal clients and differentiate yourself by getting known as the expert in one area.

Trouble is, the market has been saturated with “experts” that only know how to do it one way. There’s a lack of substance. Know-how.

If there’s one thing that I’ve realized in supporting business owners in over a dozen industries, it’s that as a coach, you need to start with the client in mind before considering which strategies to recommend.

For example: One of the ladies in my mastermind group came to me to get help with her new online coaching business. She spent 6+ months setting up the structures for her business, including her website, freebie, etc but she didn’t have any paying clients yet.

When we spoke about her vision, her strengths and what lights her up, I quickly realized that online marketing strategies would have to take a back seat. She was clearly fuelled by the energy of face-to-face.

So, we put together an offline marketing campaign first. In just a few weeks, she organized a paid workshop, started a meet-up group with 50+ members and signed her first paying client.

What about you?

Take a moment to look at your business. Are you doing activities that play on your strengths or are you just doing what you’ve been told to do?

Consider this…

If you hate writing and struggle to come up with content, but when you speak ideas roll off your tongue?

If this is you, are you recording audios and videos or are you still trying to write? If you enjoy speaking, you can always have it transcribed and have it turned it into a pdf.

If you don’t do what you enjoy, you won’t be consistent with it. And consistency is the key to predictable income.

Do you have mentor in your corner that pivots and plays on your strengths? One that has an arsenal of proven business building strategies?



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