I used to have wondering eyes…

Hey Christina,

I used to have wondering eyes…with my freebies.

I had no loyalty. No discretion. I signed up for everything.

In the beginning I thought I won the jackpot.

I was smart. I figured I could piece it all together and voila – business gone wild!

Sadly, I was more confused than ever.

What was I going to do first, second, third?

What would actually make me money.

I didn’t really know.

When I decided to settle down and get serious, I cut ties with most of my flings and hung on to only a few keepers.

I narrowed my focus and when I did, clarity set in.

I wanted to find the one person that would help me, push me and support me to live my business dreams.

I found a connection with a mentor that sparked belief, confidence and expectation in me. Monday started coming in. Consistently. 

I saw the importance of having a deep level of trust and guidance with fewer mentors.

I learned to stay focused with no more wondering eyes.

I felt way more confident, knowing I was on track.

I got super duper clear not only about me but how to make money.

 That’s what I want for you.

What side flings do you need to let go of today?



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