Have you hit an income plateau in your biz?

You’ve set up your business foundations. Check.

You’ve made money. Check.

But you’re feeling a little stuck

You can’t seem to breakthrough your current income glass ceiling.

You want to be grateful for where you are, but you know you’re meant for bigger numbers.

Why people get stuck hitting an income plateau that they cannot breakthrough.

One: Spending time on busy work, posting, planning, creating, tweaking.  But where they should be sending time is on activities that are pre-thought out to lead to sales, such as booking calls or getting more traffic to a well converting sales funnel. 

Two: Spending time on activities that they could here out. You want to focus on your 10x activities and delegate the rest as you are able to. Pay attention to what activities come natural to you. Play on your strengths and you will explode your results. Sometimes the first things people like to hire out is extra childcare or housecleaning and use that time on their 10x activities. Just think if you paid $10/hour for a babysitter and you made a $200 sales in 1 hour by creating a no-brainer offer. You’re net $190 in profit.  

Three: Not starting with the end in mind and not having a clearly defined “yes” ladder. Let’s say you create a freebie because you think you should. You give it away and then nothing. No follow up, no effective sales funnel = no sales. 

Now think this way. You come up with an offer, maybe a mini course. Then you create a freebie that would be a natural lead up into your mini course. Then you take it a step further and create a challenge that continues on where the freebie left off while strategically shining a light on the gap. Then you make an offer for your mini course at the end that bridges the gap. Now you’ve got a YES LADDER in place, much like bread crumbs leading to the sale.

Four: Not knowing where your clients are coming from. So you’ve signed up some clients, but do you know exactly where they came from and what they responded to that had them sign up with you? You want to measure every step of your sales process, so you can put on repeat what worked. 

Maybe you have a stale funnel that worked at one time, but isn’t working any longer. How can you fix it if you don’t know what has changed or where the breakdown is? 

Do you need to change your targeted audience, do you need to change your offer, revamp your freebie, adjust the wording of one of your emails? 

All too often people change the entire process, rather than tweaking what needs tweaking. 

Five: Not having a single focus at a time. For me, I’ll admit I have what I call ??? multiple idea disorder ???so I have to consistently remind myself to focus. 

One focus, one outcome, one target = bullseye!

Lastly, they don’t believe it’s possible for them to make that much money without it taking more time or effort!

Have you hit an income plateau? 

If you have, it’s a good sign. It means you could be on the verge of explosive results with a few minor tweaks.

Do you know what tweaks you need to make or are you stuck wondering what needs to change?

Have a great weekend!


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