Are you creating lasting impressions?

I watched a live training in awe.

The man was speaking my language. He talked about goals, developing a plan that was broken down into specific actionables and measuring progress with clearly defined metrics. I was like hallelujan, i like this man!

So maybe I lost you there, but if not, you and I might just be a match made in heaven 😉

He basically spoke about creating long-term goals, breaking it down into short-term goals, then into 30 day chunks with one focus. He spoke about itemizing each action item that would need to happen, and breaking it down into specific steps. Then creating milestones to measure progress along the way to make sure the entire process was working like a well oiled machine.

This was over a year ago.

Since then I’ve gone from feeling like a fish out of water, to settling into to my own rhythm. From lows to highs and back again and finally breaking consistent multi 5 figure months.

Now that I’m ready to take an even bigger leap in my business, I went in search for a marketing mentor who could help me scale up.

Guess what?

The first person that came to mind was the man that I watched on a training over a year ago.

I knew I wanted someone strategic, with extensive business and digital marketing experience. I wanted someone who would help me map out a big picture plan, starting with the end in mind. I wanted clearly defined metrics to measure along the way, so I could tweak where necessary. I knew I didn’t need hand holding but craved strategy.

I was looking for substance. Not the blind leading the blind epidemic that’s spilt all over the internet.

Well I just signed the contract to work with my new marketing mentor. It’s the biggest investment I have ever made in my business to date and I’ll admit I’m a little scared. But I’m also bursting with excitement knowing that I made the right decision.

It got me thinking about what Seth Godin says, (I’m paraphrasing here)… first impressions are the most important, but online you never know when that first impression will be. So if you want to create lasting impressions, make every touch point with you a reason to create a lasting impression.

A “not ready” now, doesn’t mean a “not ready” forever.

But when the time is right, those lasting impressions will keep you top of mind, especially if you keep nurturing the relationship.




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