The Secret to Manifesting your Desires

In the early months of my business, I remember feeling perpetually disappointed from falling short of my financial goals.

Bit by bit it eroded my confidence and belief in myself.

Until one day I realized it was time to pick my big girl pants up and own the fact that I was the creator of my life and my business.

I had already uncovered the secret formula to manifesting without ever realizing what it was…. so why was I pretending I didn’t have the answers.

What are you pretending not to know?

I went back to what I knew.

Here’s what happened with one of my stand-out manifesting stories…

It was the summer of grade 11 and I was away camping with my best friend’s family when I got a call, a call that changed my life forever.

My mom spoke in a broken-up voice on the other end of the line saying “dad died.”

I was shocked.
…and completely devastated that my dad died suddenly in a car accident.

I spent months evaluating my life, processing grief and feeling guilty as I recited should-of’s in my mind.

There came a point where I couldn’t take it any more and I put all of my energy into creating a new beginning.

A new me.

A new life.

One that I would be proud of.

One that my dad would be proud of.

I was committed to make something of myself and do something with my life.

I did a complete one eighty.

I made a decision. I was going to buy a house. I was a girl on a BIG mission.

I stopped hanging around friends who were bad news and distractions.

I found a boyfriend who was as driven and committed to a new successful life as I was.

I focused on graduating high school early with the least amount of hours so I could have more time to make money.

I got a second job to save extra money.

I wanted to build wealth and real estate was the only thing I could wrap my head around as seeing as a possibility to do that.

I had no idea how, but I was 100% committed.

My boyfriend and I spent all of our spare time going to look at open houses pretending we were ready to buy now… while old friends went out partying.

I probably looked about twelve years old at the time, but I stood there speaking to realtors with disbelief when they didn’t give me the time of day and told myself that I would NEVER hire them and that they would be sorry for missing out on a potential client.

We scoured neighbourhoods, knocked on doors of homes that were for sale to speak with home owners to learn everything we could about the different areas and educated ourselves on the ins and outs of real estate.

Our decision to buy a home was made, and even though we couldn’t clearly see how we could save enough money for a down payment or how we could get approved for a mortgage, it didn’t matter.

It was going to happen no matter what.

We had 100% faith it would happen.

We lived and breathed as if it was already done.

Pretending to be ready to buy when speaking to realtors.

Stock piling items for the house.

Every other day I jumped on the online mortgage calculator, punching in different numbers to see how it could be possible and how much I would need.

Taking every opportunity to make money to save for a down payment.

Side jobs.

Overtime hours.

Buying and selling a few things off Ebay, we found a trend with pocket bikes so imported a couple containers from China and sold them for a profit while they were in hot demand.

Buying old travel trailers and campers, scrubbing out mould, repainting them and reselling them for a profit.

Two years later, we’d saved enough money for a deposit and were ready to buy.

What a sweet feeling it was when we signed our first deal.

I remember sitting at a bar with the realtors helping us write out our projected monthly household expenses on a napkin as we were negotiating on price.

We literally had $20 extra per month beyond our basic needs budget.

I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a bit scared, but more than anything we were so excited.

Our naivety kept us open to possibilities rather than limitations.

And we knew we would figure it out.

We had zero furniture so we took donations from family members and even picked up a couch off the side of the road. Yeah, I did that! lol

With a shoestring budget, I remember being at the grocery store and having to put items back at checkout if I miscalculated and the total was higher than our weekly budget. How embarrassing was that?

But we did it and it all came together.

Back to that moment when things weren’t coming together for me in my business and I kept falling short of my goals, I realized that I was missing the secrets of manifesting that I had already discovered.

When I manifested anything in my life, including my first home, I followed ALL of these steps.

  1. Uncensored desire.
  2. A clear why. Your motivation factor. Why do you want this? Why is this important to you?
  3. An unwavering decision to manifesting the above uncensored desire.
  4. 100% commitment and 100% trust that it’s already a done deal. Choosing to ONLY ever look at the possibility.
  5. Act and live as if it were already done. BE the person who already has it. All of the time. Not just when convenient.
  6. The willingness to see and take action on every possible opportunity that will move you closer to your desire.
  7. Willingness to bear the storm and keep on going no matter what. Judgement. Fears. Naysayers. Bumps in the road.

When I struggled to create my desires, I realized I was missing one or more of these steps.

And to have this come full circle, I wrote this email to you on the plane to Mexico and do you know what happened when we arrived? We got upgraded to the Presidential suite. It was this oh-so-sweet reminder of the power of manifesting.

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