Why Planning, Goal Setting and To Do Lists are Bad Business… Part 2

Last week we talked about A-B-C goals and how a planning mind can keep your safe with goals that limit your true potential.

Plans A and B failed we need plan C Handwritten phrases PLAN A and B crossed out with red pencil PLAN C phrase written below

Here are 10 steps to achieve those big audacious “C” goals.

1. Dream big, set a big audacious goal for the month. Only one goal/focus. That’s it. So let’s say it’s $10k in your business.

2. Plaster this goal on stickies everywhere you can think of. Back of your phone, your password, mirror, dashboard, fridge, nightstand, etc.

3. Settle your analytical mind with by breaking down of how many package or other offerings you would need to sell. Come up with several variations, identify the easiest path. Know your numbers and work towards it but be open to how it shows up. Don’t be married to your way.

4. Create a vision board for the month. Include your goal number, list of your offerings and a list of exactly what the money will be spent on. Add images, words and other reminders. Put it next to your computer so you see it all day. 

5. Dream as if. What were your intentions for the money? Let’s say hiring a VA was on the list. Start putting feelers out there and setting up interviews with VAs to get the ball rolling and get into feeling as if. What there a coach you want to hire. 

6. Each night before you go to sleep listen or read something that is positive, inspirational and that increases your self-worth. For me it’s Oprah and Deepak’s meditation series. Set the intention for your big audacious goal. This sets up your subconscious mind to work on it as you sleep. (I know you’re thinking ya right, but trust me. What you fill your mind with before you fall asleep is a reflection of what your day will look like tomorrow. Choose wisely.)

7. Each morning before you get out of bed, ask yourself what actions can you take that will move you towards your goal. Be open to any inspired ideas. Write out 3-5 things. Complete them before you do anything else.

8. Each day write out “The Universe has my back” list. What is this? Everything that aligns, comes together or surprises you. The right person showing up, unexpected money, a new sale on something you’ve wanted, a touching email from someone on your list, engagement on a post…the list goes one. Focus everyday on looking out for these. Write them down.

9. Ask for help. Whether it’s from a coach, mentor, the Universe or God. 

10. Believe in your ability. Trust it is already yours. Remember you can’t achieve without believing. Remember you don’t need to know exactly how, be open the opportunities that present themselves. But don’t forget to take consistent action. 

For extra support google “Mike Dooley triangle exercise.” Follow the exercise to see how you can take consistent action with what you know how to do now + being open to what the Universe brings to you. 

Success Presents Itself in the Form of Opportunities

It’s up for you to be open to see them and act on them.

So for your planners out there….remember you won’t know exactly how to get there. That’s ok.

Take CONSISTENT ACTION everyday that will move you towards your one goal.

Dream BIG Set GOAL Take ACTION written on notebook page with red pencil on the right

DO AT LEAST ONE THING EACH DAY THAT MAKES YOUR HEART SKIP A BEAT. One thing that makes you feel uncomfortable or gets you out of your comfort zone.

And, stop planning. Put a GOAL SHEET up with your goal number for your business. Each day write down anything that contributes to that goal. So if it’s $10k you want, write down every new sale on a service or product you need for your business, a surprise discount, new sales or anything else that shows up in your business that moves you closer to your goal.

And most importantly remember this. If you tend to set goals that are safe THINK BIGGER. Stretch yourself. If you set a goal for $20k and you end up with $10k, so what. Be grateful. Believe. Trust. 

KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE TESTED. Keep taking action. Keep being open to inspiration. Then you’ll reap the rewards. Don’t give up. Don’t get deterred. Don’t say why me. Don’t make excuses. 

GIVE THANKS. Everyday.

If you make your goal too achievable you may stop taking action because you think you have it in the bag. But then it falls apart. That is precisely when you need to step on the gas just a little more.

All too often things fall apart only to come together in the final hours. You have to stay the course to see it come together.

P.S. The results are in! Did you hear? My case study on what makes the different between those who go from 0-$10k + months —> versus —> 0-5k months —> versus —> 0 – no $. Check it out by clicking the image below.

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