Want the fast track to 6 figures?

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been hand selecting women to participate in a hybrid coaching program with 1:1 support and group mastermind.

In my search for the right people, there have been a few key factors I’ve been looking for.

  1. They’re 100% all in and passionate about what they’re doing. There’s no other alternative at this point. No plan B.
  2. They are action takers and take full accountability for where they’re at.
  3. They have big goals. No mini milestones here. It’s about taking quantum leaps.
  4. They’re willing to do whatever it takes. They have the heart, hustle and passion to stay the course.
  5. They know that they’ll get there faster and easier having a high level of support than they would on their own. They get the value of a mentor who’s been there, done that. They know a support system of peers to keep them reaching their potential is a must.

I’ll be honest  that my business, Deliver Your Genius, took investment, commitment and hard work to create.

When I first started out, I dabbled. It wasn’t until I went all in and quit my plan B (my 6 figure job) and surrounded myself with other entrepreneurs in a group format with a high level mentor that my business really took off.

I set strong boundaries around my family and committed to working part time hours in my business to support my family vision.

But the reality is, I love what I do and it’s been an extension of me. Supporting me and my lifestyle. Giving me freedom of time, money and choice.

What I figured out along the way, is that to take quantum leaps in your business, it requires support. It takes surrounding yourself with people who have the same trajectory. It takes people who believe in you, stretch you and expect you to succeed.

In the beginning, I mistakenly felt I had to do it all myself. But we weren’t meant to do this on our own. We were meant to be supported.

Maybe you’ve been trying to go it alone. Be brutally honest here. How has it worked for you so far?

Stop making it so hard on yourself and surround yourself with the people who will lift you up. You deserve to be supported. To have cheerleaders in your corner and a kick in the butt when necessary.

Sugar coating what’s not working only keeps you stuck. Telling yourself you can and should do this alone, isn’t helping you move forward.

Think about going to the gym on your own. You might skip out of a few reps and call it quits early because you’re tired or don’t feel like it. But going to a class, even if your muscles are shaking and tired, chances are you’ll keep up with the class because you don’t want to be the only one to not keep going.

So let me ask you, how can you build in reinforcements today to keep you performing at your best? To keep you on course and stay high vibe with 100% belief in yourself?

Set yourself for success and create these reinforcements now.


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