What if I can’t get my clients results?

Better late than never. I’m sorry. I’m late with my Saturday morning note to you. I spent the morning with my daughter, Paige, celebrating her pre-school graduation. I was a puddle of tears as they walked out, one by one, in their red gowns, caps and beaming smiles. I laughed at myself, thinking I’m one of those parents!

After four years in a pre-kindergarten program, I was so proud to see how much she’d grown. It got me thinking. As a parent, as much as you want to help your kids, you can’t do everything for them. You have to let them learn to do things on their own. Giving them space to fall, but leading them and letting them be proud of their own accomplishments.

This applies to business as well. I get it. You got into this business because you wanted to help people.

I know that if you’re in my community you want to feel good about the way you’re running your business. And you want to get paid, so you can help more people AND live a life on your own terms.

But maybe you’ve had a moment of doubt and asked the question, “Can I get my clients the results they want?”

This is one of the most common fears new coaches and consultants have. It’s something I hear frequently.

If you’ve ever questioned your ability to get your clients results, I want to acknowledge you for being honest. Truth be told, I’m pretty sure everyone has had this fear at some point. It’s a testament to you caring about your clients.

So how do you move past that fear and feel confident in your ability to help clients achieve results? Here’s how:

1. Know that you just need to be a few steps ahead of your clients to help them.

Your job is to help them achieve their desired result faster and easier than if they were to do it on their own. You don’t need to be light years ahead of your clients to do this.

2. Your clients results are a sum of the strategy and help you provide + their belief in themselves + their consistent action.

Like the saying goes, you can only lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Sure you can help them with strategy and building confidence but you can’t do it for them. They have to be willing to be coached, act on your advice by taking consistent action and be willing to do what it takes.

When a client invests in your coaching and consulting services, they’re investing in your guidance, strategy, support and accountability. They’re not investing in a done-for-you (result in a box) program where they get to kick back and watch on as their business comes to life for them.

It’s a common belief that being good at your craft alone is all you need and that you can hire out the marketing and sales. Wrong. Every business owner must master the art of sales and marketing to be successful.

Sure you’re going to give them everything in your power to help them succeed. That’s what makes you a great coach. But, you can’t do it for them. Your client get to choose what they’re going to do with your coaching, support, guidance and strategy. That’s up to them. It’s not up to you to do the work for them.

Be sure to work with clients who are committed and motivated. A few questions you can ask a potential client are:

“What has kept you from accomplishing these goals in the past? List every excuse you’ve had.”

“What is your commitment to yourself?”

3. Set clear expectations.

Ask your clients what they expect and need from you to get the results they’re after. Ask them what they’re willing to do themselves. Here are a few questions that I like to ask…

“What will help you stay the course when you meet resistance or when things don’t go as planned?”

“What specifically do you want from me during this program? What do you want me to do if you fall off course or fall behind on your goals?”

“How will you know if you’re getting your money’s worth out of this coaching program?”

So next time those doubts creep in, come back to this email and confirm that you’re living up to your end of the deal. Be the coach (parent) who leads the way with support and know-how but gives space for your client to grow, take action and be proud of their own transformation.

Yours in success,



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